Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/9/07


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Shawn is sitting alone on the beach. Belle walks up. She thought she would find him here. He apologizes for running off. She says she didn’t mean to accuse him of anything. He insists he had nothing to do with the phone calls Phillip has been receiving. She knows that already. “Good, because if you don’t, we don’t have a chance.”

John and Marlena share a booth at the Brady pub. Bo and Hope come in. Bo’s arm is in a sling. He got into a motorcycle accident with a drunk driver. Jim, the police department’s expert on locks, is sitting with John and Marlena. He has looked at the key, and determined it came from Rome. More specifically, it came from the Vatican.

Sami and Lucas visit Roman in the hospital. Sami asks him about all the pretty nurses. “My nurse’s name is Rob,” Roman growls. He needs to eat something smothered in chili and onions. Sami admonishes him for not wanting to eat healthy. He says the only thing that will keep him healthy is ending this vendetta. Sami asks for news on the key. Roman says Stefano must have thought it was pretty important if he kept it around his neck all of these years. Sami is ready to take Stefano on. Roman asks what good it is if the twins get hurt. She just has to face the fact that her life and her children’s’ lives aren’t worth it.

In the warehouse district, EJ shuts the door to a truck. He says that Lucas is going to have a little accident. He takes out his phone and sends a text message. “That should do nicely.” He smiles.

Belle says he’s not going to pull that “if you don’t trust me, we can’t be together” card. If they have a problem, they talk, not walk.  She asks him about going to Indianapolis. He thought she wanted to be a nurse, not a cop. She says she just wants to understand what is going on. She promises she won’t be mad. Shawn says she might not understand this time.

Jim says the key opens a tabernacle. Some were used for sacred purposes, like holding communion wafers, and others have secular functions. Apparently, only priests have the ability to open them. They all agree they have to find the tabernacle this key opens.

Roman and Lucas think Sami is like a one woman army. She wishes they would quit making fun of her. Lucas gets a text message from Kate. It’s urgent; he has to go meet her at Restaurant Row. Sami needs to stay put and visit with Roman. Lucas promises to be back soon. He leaves. Roman asks Sami if she is OK. She seems nervous and jumpy. She tells him she has good reason. After all, she was just kidnapped and Roman was shot. She doesn’t like Lucas going off by himself. He assures her Lucas can take care of himself. She thought her dad was safe at the police station, too, but she was wrong.

Shawn says he was getting ready to go to Cleveland, but Mimi called. Belle is suspicious. “Why?” She just wanted to let Shawn know their divorce was final. When she told him that, he just felt like cutting all of his ties to his old life, including Phillip and his job offer. He had to think about if what he was doing was right. All the time he would have to spend away from home just seemed all wrong to him. He swears he did not go to Indianapolis. He stayed on the other side of town and drove around. They hug. Shawn sees Lauren peeking out of the bushes, and suggests they go the pub for dinner. Shawn tells Belle to go ahead and get a table. He’ll be right behind her. Belle is really glad they talked. She leaves. Lauren comes out of the bushes complaining that Belle wouldn’t leave. She needs Shawn’s help- again.

The group is desolate. That tabernacle could be anywhere. Jim holds the key up triumphantly. “Notice the shape of the key?” It’s a shamrock. Hope gasps, “That’s it! You’re a genius!” Jim leaves. John raises an eyebrow, “Any guesses as to where our mystery church is?”

Sami tells Roman he has no idea how it felt for her to see him rushed into surgery. Roman tells her the family takes care of each other- no one flies solo. They all made a promise to end the feud. Sami thinks they need to hit the DiMeras back as soon as possible. “The second you’re willing to stab a man, or shoot a man in cold blood, you become just like them.”

Lucas drives up to the truck and gets out of the car. He hears a voice decidedly unlike Kate’s calling, “Bill, somebody, help me, please!” He looks around. “Mom?” Again, “Please, somebody help!” He looks around and calls out for Kate. He looks at the truck. EJ peers over the top of some boxes a few feet away.

Hope says the tabernacle has to be at Saint Malaky’s. If it isn’t, John reminds them that they always have the jet. Marlena doesn’t want to leave Sami alone right now. Bo says he will go instead of John. Hope will go too, since Bo is hurt. They ask him to keep an eye on Roman, “Don’t let him run sprints around the police station.” They leave, promising to unlock the secret.

Roman begs Sami to leave the DiMeras to people that are trained.  “You want some pudding?” Sami sulks, “No.” She wants to know why he thinks this is his fight. “Because I’m not pregnant.” She insists they have to take the DiMeras out. “Why can’t you just knit booties?!” Sami contemplates knitting needles as potential weapons. She tells him she just wants him and the twins to be safe. She agrees to play nice for now, but if anything else happens to someone she loves, she won’t sit back and do nothing.

Lucas opens the truck and steps inside. “Mom?”  He pushes sides of beef out of the way. “The hell?” There’s a mannish dummy in the corner wearing costume jewelry. The tape recorder in its lap is responsible for the woman’s voice calling for help. Lucas’ breath comes out in frosty clouds.  Suddenly, the door latches shut behind him. EJ fastens the handle outside with chains and walks off. Lucas starts banging on the door. “Help! Lemme out of here! I’m gonna freeze to death!”

Marlena asks John if it is tough to sit this one out. He says he’ll stay if that’s what she needs. They suck face for a bit. Belle enters and tells them to get a room. She sits down and slams a Salem U. booklet down. She has officially applied for nursing school. She worries about money. John and Marlena agree to take care of her tuition. She thanks them and says she will pay them back. John thinks Shawn must be proud. She said he was worried about Claire at first, but now he is happy for her. Marlena suggests they try living in housing for married couples on campus. Belle doesn’t think a dorm is the answer. Besides, Claire loves living at the mansion. Shawn doesn’t, though. John takes Shawn’s side. They need to move.

Shawn refuses to lie to Belle or Phillip anymore. Why should he help Lauren anyway? She reminds him she carried the kid for him. “It’s not mine, though. It’s Phillip’s, remember?” She says Phil has her number and address. She has to disappear before he can track her down. She asks Shawn to take the kid off of her hands and give it to Phillip. Shawn’s jaw drops. “What kind of a mother are you?”

Sami and Bo run into each other outside Roman’s hospital room. EJ lurks in the lounge. Bo tells Sami he has to talk to her about Lucas. He’s sorry, but they found him too late. He got stuck in a refrigerated truck, and they didn‘t get him out in time. Sami screams, “NO!” and falls into EJ’s arms. He comforts her. The scene fades as EJ comes back from his fantasy world. Roman wants to know what the hell he’s doing there. Sami smirks, “Want me to run him over, Dad?” EJ apologizes about Andre’s actions. A nurse comes over to take Roman down to radiology. Sami jokes about Rob. Roman tells her Rob works the night shift. Will she be OK here alone? She says she will. Roman is wheeled off. EJ tells Sami she looks tired. She retorts, “That’s code for ‘you look like hell.’” He says she is beautiful. Kate comes over. She came to see Roman. Sami asks about Lucas. Kate gives her a blank stare. Sami reminds her of the text message. More blank stares. Sami goes into freak-out mode. “OMG! OMG! IT’S A TRAP! LUCAS IS IN DANGER!”

Lucas shivers and looks around the truck. He sees a vent, and the machine powering the cold air. He tries to turn it off and fails. He takes out his knife. MacGyver decides he’ll cut one of the wires poking out of the machine. That should cut it off. Of course, he cuts the wrong one. Sparks fly. Lucas flies, too- across the truck- and he passes out.

Sami freaks some more. All she knows is that Kate is here, and Lucas isn’t. EJ tries to calm her down. She yells that her family is being picked off like carnival ducks. Kate soothes her. She suggests she try calling Lucas. Sami goes off to do it. EJ asks Kate what she did. Kate hisses, “You’re the one who was talking about killing Lucas. If anything happens to my son, I’ll make you pay.” Sami come back in a panic. She called three times and he didn’t answer. She wants to call the police. EJ tells her that is silly. Lucas is probably fine. She wants to go look for him. They agree to split up. Kate will go look for Lucas, and EJ will take Sami around to do the same.

The camera pans in on an unconscious Lucas. He wakes up on a beach with soft light. Sami is there, too. They missed each other so much. They kiss. Lucas loves her very much. He backs away slowly and releases her hands. He has to go now. “You come too.” Sami can’t come. She begs him not to leave her or their kids. He says he just has to-it is so warm and peaceful. She says it isn’t his time. She begs him not to give up. As her voice fades away, we rejoin Lucas’ corporal self in the truck. He groans and opens his eyes.

John says both she and Shawn have been through a lot. She admits that they lied so much on the run that it almost became second nature. Marlena asks if she is keeping anything from Shawn. “Nothing important.” Marlena wants to know if Belle told Shawn that Phillip bought her that new fabulous wardrobe. Belle squirms.

Shawn asks how he can even be sure the baby is real. He never saw it. Lauren tells him the dirty diapers and feedings every two hours are real enough. He still doesn’t buy it. “It’s obvious you’re trying to scam Phillip. I don’t want any part of it. You’re on your own.”

Belle really wanted to tell Shawn the truth, but she didn’t want to get in another fight about Phillip. Marlena reminds her how much she would hate it if other women were giving Shawn gifts. She agrees and says she will tell him the truth.

Lauren shows Shawn a birth certificate. He says she must be telling the truth, but what she is doing is still wrong. She accepted money to terminate the pregnancy. Besides, he doesn’t want Belle to think he is behind these calls. She says if he helps her, she will leave him alone. He tells her she’s on her own. He has helped her as much as he intends to.

Sami and EJ find Lucas’ car. She freaks some more. Lucas said he would call and he hasn’t. EJ says there is no sign of a struggle or any blood, so everything must be fine. She thinks Lucas is close by somewhere. She walks over to the truck and wonders what it is doing here. EJ thinks it must be making a delivery to a restaurant. Sami reminds him there aren’t any restaurants nearby. She starts banging on the door and pulling a t the chains. EJ tries to convince her she is wasting time. Inside the truck, Lucas stirs and opens his eyes.

Lauren cries. She is soooo scared. Shawn tells her she ought to just find Phil and hand the baby over. She rants. She carried the baby and got fat and had to change her diet. She wants something in return. Anyway, if she comes clean now, she’ll go to jail. Shawn tells her Phillip might not press charges, but at any rate, he’s through with her. She and Bonnie made this mess, and now she has to deal with it. He tells her not to contact him again.

Belle wonders if she is being selfish by wanting to go back to work. Marlena says she loves her work. Belle remembers their quiet time. Marlena would work on her case studies, and Belle would color. She felt like such a grown up. Marlena tells her nothing was more rewarding for her than raising Belle and the twins. Belle agrees that children are rewarding, but she still wishes she could go do fun things like other people her age. Marlena says she can always call if she needs help. Marlena is just so proud of both Belle and Sami. Belle asks how Sami is doing. Marlena tells her that Lucas has her under control. John tells her they also think they may have found the key to the vendetta.

Bo and Hope visit Roman. He is jealous he can’t go to Ireland with them. They tell him to be careful and keep an eye on Sami. Bo says she is a one-woman wrecking crew. Roman tells them she narrowly missed getting in a lot of trouble for her antics at Stefano’s mansion, “Let’s put an end to this thing.” Bo says, “Amen, brother.”

Sami screams in frustration and yanks at the chains. EJ tries to persuade her to look elsewhere. Lucas passes back out inside the truck .Sami wonders where he could be. She tells EJ to make himself useful and call the police while she works on the lock. EJ tries to pull her away. She puts her foot down. She’s not leaving Lucas’ car,  period. EJ thinks they need to talk the merchants in the area. Maybe they have seen Lucas. She cries. She is just so scared. EJ puts an awkward arm around her and leads her away. Lucas lifts his hand slowly. It drops.


Phillip says, "If there was a baby here, there would have to be something left behind. Blankets, diapers, something left behind to prove..." Billie holds up a little teddy bear, "Something like this?" Phillip grabs it from her, "Dammit!"

A social worker holds a baby and says, "You're stuck with me now, huh?" Kayla gasps, "Don't go! I'll take care of him." Lexie looks on.

Shawn says, "I wasn't in Cleveland." Belle asks, "Where were you?" Shawn says, "Indianapolis. Trying to help Mimi."

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