Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/8/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Billie and Phillip examine an envelope. Billie gets a closer look at the postmark. Phillip grows impatient. “Just open it already.” He grabs it. Inside is a picture of a baby and a note. The letter tells Phillip he is the father of the baby, and he needs to start contributing to its upkeep. Billie sighs. “And the extortion begins.” Phillip says it’s impossible. The kid just isn’t his. This woman isn’t getting a dime out of him.

Outside Roman’s room, Belle gives Shawn the technical details about Roman’s recovery. Shawn can’t believe how  much she knows about this stuff-Shawn just wanted to make sure he was out of danger. Belle is so amazed by doctors and nurses. She thinks she would like to go back to school and get her nursing degree.

At the beach, Chelsea and Nick talk about her good fortune. She gushes. She just can’t believe Kate gave her fifty grand. She doesn’t even deserve it. She’s decided she’s going to stop being a bitch, especially to her mom. “Are you forgiving her because you want to, or because Kate asked you to?” Nick mutters that there were supposed to be no strings attached. “What are you talking about?” He just meant that gifts shouldn’t come with favors attached to them. Chelsea says it’s not that. She has been thinking, and she needs to forgive her mom because she is family. That’s what you do when you love people. Nick wonders if he is forgiven, too. He moves in to kiss her. She backs off. “STOP!  I’m not making that mistake again!”

Outside the pub, Abe tells Lexie how good it is to see her again. She puts her hood back on and turns away.

Phillip insists he hasn’t been in a relationship since he split with Belle. Billie asks him if he’s sure. He pauses, and says that even if it is true, her method makes no sense. Why doesn’t she just show up on his doorstep with a pack of lawyers and demand child support? Billie thinks it could be because more than one person is involved in this.

Shawn is surprised that Belle wants to get a nursing degree now. Just a few months ago, she was saying she needed to stay home with Claire. He wonders what they will do if he’s working late and Belle needs to study. Will Claire just be carted off to the babysitter or a relative all the time now? She wonders what’s wrong with Claire visiting with family. Shawn just wants her to wait to go back to school when things are more stable. Belle thinks she needs to go back to school and get a job so things can be more stable.

Chelsea says they can kiss later. First, he needs to know the rules. “There are rules now?” Well, just one rule: honesty. They both have a history of lying to each other. Nick doesn’t have a problem following that rule. She says they have to start by telling each other all about their lives the last couple of weeks. She’ll start- with Jett.

Lexie asks Abe to back off. He wants to talk. He begs her to take off the cloak. Lexie says she can’t. She says Abe knows who she is and who she pretended to be. She pretended to be Dr. Carver, but she was really a tramp. Abe can’t imagine where she would get that from. Lexie yells: “From you!”

Belle reminds Shawn that he can’t buy a house on his salary alone. He thinks it’s impossible for both of them to work. Belle huffs: “Well, if you had just gone on--” Shawn interrupts, “What, that interview Phillip set up?” He says he would have been away from Belle and Claire too often. Nothing is worth that.

“A secret about Jett?” Nick doesn’t want to know about it. Did they sleep together? Chelsea says no, but that she would have done it if she could have. Nick tries to leave. She stops him. She thought Jett was into her, but he was really just into his job. Nick fishes his self-esteem out of the toilet and asks her why she is telling him all of this. Well, Nick lied to her, and then Jett did. Nick is getting a second chance because his lie was to protect her. Jett’s lie was to protect himself. He tries to kiss her. She backs off. Now it’s his turn to tell the truth. He says he told her everything. She asks how he felt about lying to Stephanie.

Abe can’t believe he made Lexie feel that way. She says he was just trying to help. He was right, she is what she is. “What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh.” He tells he that that is nonsense. She needs to come home. He misses her. In fact, her name is still on the answering machine. He asks to see her face. She declines. It’s her turn to protect him now.

Phil says he has never done anything to anyone to deserve this. Billie reminds him this person is not rational, so he needs to stop thinking logically. Phillip disagrees. Extortion is usually a very rational crime. He sighs. They’ll never find this person. Billie peers at the picture. “Wanna bet?”

Shawn offers to take a second job. He’ll do anything. Then, he can pay for the house himself. Belle refuses. He couldn’t get a house on his salary alone. Belle just wants some stability for Claire. She’s lived in an apartment, a penthouse, a lean-to, a hotel, and a mansion- all by the time she was two. They need to put down some roots for her. Shawn says she is a fourth-generation Brady. She has all the roots she needs.  Belle wants to know why Shawn won’t let her do this. “Is this about proving something to Phillip?” Shawn admits that he doesn’t want Phillip to see Belle going back to school and think Shawn can’t provide for them. Belle tells Shawn to stop thinking about Phillip and start thinking about Claire.

Nick says he only lied to help Chelsea. Is this some kind of litmus test for his honesty now? He insists she just doesn’t trust him. It’s more like herself she doesn’t trust, she sighs. She is pretty sure Nick has changed, but she isn’t positive. Nick promises to earn her trust back anyway he can. He swears that he really did hate lying to Stephanie. He moves in to kiss her again. She backs off. She wants to make sure he has no more secrets. He says he doesn’t. She asks him if he’s sure. He’s sure. KISS.

Lexie insists all DiMeras hurt the ones they love. Abe says he doesn’t need to be protected from her. He just needs her. She shakes her head. Abe saw her for what she really was. She’s glad she has finally realized it, because now Abe will be safe from her. Abe insists it’s her alone that he needs. She thinks he needs someone who actually deserves him- not a DiMera like her. He yells, frustrated: “You’re not a DiMera, you’re a Carver!”

Billie points at the picture excitedly. There’s a table in the background of the photo with a prescription bottle on it. It must have a name on it. Phillip can’t make it out. Neither can Billie. She’s going to go upstairs to the lab and blow the photo up. Maybe she can find something out. Once she identifies the name, she can start calling in favors. She leaves. Phillip paces. “Then I find out who is doing this.”

Belle really wants to get this job to help with expenses. Shawn thinks. Has she thought about the fact that school costs money that they don’t have? She was going to ask her mom for the money. Shawn says it’s not right to ask Marlena, especially since she just bought Belle all of those new clothes.

Chelsea mopes a bit. Before Nick met her, he had his life planned out. He had an amazing career ahead of him, and she ruined it. Nick insists he helped ruin it. She thinks his parents will hate her. He tells her that they will probably be pleased. They wanted him to take off the lab coat and get outside more anyway. He asks for job suggestions. “Chicken farmer? Dancer? Dancing chicken farmer?” She asks why he can’t just live off of his Vegas winnings for a while. “You still have it, don’t you?”

Shawn asks if this is how their life will be. Is she going to run to her mom every time she needs help? Belle says she was planning on paying her back. Shawn tells her that when she does stuff like this, everyone in town sees that he can’t provide for his family. Belle appreciates that he is a stand-up kind of guy, but he doesn’t have to take care of everything. “Phil can,” Shawn grumps.

Nick tells Chelsea he gave all of the money away. He didn’t really need it. He had a job at the time. She asks if he gave it to charity. “You think I’m crazy, don‘t you?” She does, but that is also why she loves him. She thanks him for telling the truth. KISS.

Lexie asks Abe to repeat himself. “You’re a Carver.” Abe says they locked Lexie up because her damn fool husband kicked her out and wouldn’t protect her. She tried to tell him the truth about John‘s shooting, but Abe was completely obsessed with playing the cuckold for a second time. She reminds him she has lied and betrayed him before. He tells her that he wasn’t that great of a husband. Husbands are supposed to give their wives their love. Abe just loaned her his. She insists that she is just another DiMera, all twisted up inside. Abe can’t fix her. That is the problem. “No,” Abe says, “the problem is me.”

Belle thinks that if Shawn would quit trying to compete with Phillip, he would quit trying to compete with Shawn. Belle wants Shawn to spend more time with Claire, anyway. She is tired of reading the same bedtime stories, and Claire doesn’t laugh at her sock puppets anymore. Belle grew up with a great father- that’s how she knew a great guy like Shawn was right for her. She wonders why Shawn doesn’t want the same thing for Claire. Shawn finally gives in. Belle can go back to school. She squeals and hugs him.

Phillip talks to Victor on his cell. He tells him that everything is fine, and that he just took the day off. As he hangs up, Belle and Shawn walk over. Phillip fills them in on the latest letter he received. Billie is trying to get the name off the prescription bottle now. Billie walk in just then. She got the name, but Phillip is not going to like it. “It’s Tyler Kiriakis.”

Abe can’t believe Lexie put up with him. Everyday she had to prove she was worthy of him, and that wasn’t fair. He sat in judgment of her. Lexie is speechless. Finally, she says she has to go. Abe begs her to stay. She is the most beautiful and soulful woman he has ever known. He’s sorry that she always had to pass another test to prove her love for him. He understands why she isn’t interested in seeing him. He says she knows where to find him if she changes her mind. She sobs, “Oh, Abe!”

Chelsea and Nick kiss. She stops. She has a funny feeling someone is watching them. Someone IS watching them. It’s China Lee. She looks at Chelsea. “You could use my six week boot camp of love.” She turns to Nick and shakes a finger at him, “And you, you’re not even married for a month and you’re already cheating.” She clucks disapprovingly. “You’re married to her?” Chelsea asks incredulously. Nick has never seen her before. China tells him he saw all of her, actually. Nick thinks she is lying. “Not this time. I have the paper to prove it, too.” He looks at it and says it’s a forgery. He’s going to see his Uncle Mickey. He looks at Chelsea desperately. “I swear, I am not hiding anything from you.”  He hurries off. Chelsea accuses China of lying. She’s not married to Nick anymore than Chelsea is. China Lee tells her she needs to see an instructional video. She hands it to Chelsea. It’s called: “Our Wedding.”

Belle suggests that Phil go to the police. Phil wants to find this person and talk to them first. Shawn thinks Phil should just ignore it. Phil asks Billie if they can get any information from the baby’s name. She says the baby has a social security number. She called a friend who was able to give her an address and phone number. Phil grabs his phone and calls. A woman answers. He tells her he is Phillip Kiriakis and he knows where she lives. She hangs up. Billie and Phillip decide to take a trip up to Indianapolis. They leave. Belle wonders why Shawn looked like he was going to pass out when he heard Billie found the girl’s address and number. She demands to know where he was on the fourth. He squirms. He told her already, he drove around. Her eyes widen. “Did you go to Indianapolis?”

Abe loves Lexie. He loves hearing her read to Theo. He loves the way she looks in the morning. He loves that she is both gentle and strong, and brave and scared all at the same time. He loves everything about her. She doesn’t need to hide anymore. He walks over and pulls the hood off of her face. He says he can see her; he is no longer blind. She sobs. They embrace.


John, Marlena and Belle sit at a booth in the pub. Marlena says, "You told him that you got that fabulous wardrobe from Phillip. You did tell him, didn't you, sweetie?" Belle stares.

Shawn says to Lauren, "It's pretty obvious to me that you're scamming Phillip. I don't want any part of it. You're on your own."

Bo and Hope are in Roman's hospital room. Bo says, "Man, she's talking like a one woman wrecking crew." Roman says, "Let's put and end to this thing."

Sami screams, "I'm gonna stay here and find my husband! Lucas! Lucas!" EJ holds her back. Lucas’ face is blue and frozen.

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