Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/7/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Nick paces at the docks. Stephanie shows up and says she got his message. She asks what’s up. He tells her he needs to talk to her about Jeremy.

At the hospital, Abe tells Roman to hang in there. Jett enters. He needs to talk to Abe. He might have blown his cover. Abe asks what he means. He tells him he told Chelsea he was working as a secret agent to bring Jeremy down.

At the pub, Kate thanks Chelsea for agreeing to meet her. Chelsea can’t believe what she did to Nick. Kate tells her she was desperate, and wrong for what she did. She asks her if her job on the shuttle to Vegas is fun and they talk about Chelsea’s upcoming semester at school. She complains about how much it costs. Kate pulls an envelope out of her purse. “Will this help?” Chelsea opens it and pulls out a check for $50,000.

Lexie lurks outside the pub. She pulls the hood of her cloak up to hide her face. Celeste walks up. She tells her she has to stop hiding. Lexie isn’t hiding. Celeste reminds her it’s 90 degrees outside. She’s wearing a cloak. She’s still afraid all the time from her stint in the tunnel. Lexie knows Andre is out there somewhere. Celeste suggests she go to Abe. He can protect her. Lexie is afraid of Abe most of all. He hates her. She just can’t face him yet. Celeste says she may as well go back to the tunnel and live in the dark.

Jett isn’t sure what happened. He just couldn’t keep lying to Chelsea. Abe is dumbfounded, “You’re supposed to! You’re undercover!” Jett says she was going to get hurt. Abe asks if they are involved. He says there was an attraction. She and Nick aren’t even together anymore. “So you blew your cover so Chelsea wouldn’t get her feelings hurt?” Jett says that was partly it, but Chelsea was also sniffing around and suspicious about Danielle. Abe asks him if he’s sure Jeremy is up to no good. Jett says he just needs proof-that’s another reason he told Chelsea. He’s having her talk to Stephanie to see what she knows. Jett says the ISA has him under review right now. He has to go defend his actions to them.

Stephanie groans. “Not you too!” She goes into a tirade about how she loves Jeremy no matter what and how she’s sick of her friends badmouthing him. Nick stops her. He tells her that’s just it; he’s not her friend. That’s why she should listen to him above anyone else.

Chelsea says she can’t accept the money. She asks Kate if she’s trying to buy her forgiveness. Kate tells her the money has no strings attached. She can take the money and disown her if she wants, but she needs it for college. Chelsea wonders why college is so important to Kate. Kate doesn’t want her to end up like she did. “What, a successful business woman?” Well, Kate used to struggle. She had to do a lot of things she wasn’t proud of to eke out a living for her and her children. Chelsea doesn’t know when she could possibly pay this back. She tells her she can pay it back by finishing school. “Remember, you’re a Brady and a Roberts. That’s one hell of a combination.” Kate says Chelsea doesn’t seem happy about the money. She is happy. It shows her Kate cares. She’s not sure how things are going with the rest of her family. Kate says she’s just adjusting. Chelsea says she knows Bo and Hope don’t regret finding her. They’ve forgiven her for the way she used to act and they love her now. But- sometimes, it still doesn’t feel like she belongs. She sits next to Kate and tells her she’ll never forget this. They hug.

Stephanie thought they were friends. Nick tells her they are more like acquaintances. He actually does like Jeremy. That’s why he came to Stephanie. He wants her to help him understand something that happened in Vegas. Some guys came up to him and started asking all sorts of questions about Jeremy’s business. Stephanie asks if he knows who they were. Nick says they were cops, and they implied that Jeremy was doing something illegal.

Abe chastises Jett for letting personal feelings get in the way of his job. After all, he took an oath. Jett tells him he was his hero growing up. Abe always taught him that people come first, not work. “If you don’t have anyone to go home to, you have nothing.” Abe says forlornly that all he has now is Theo and his job.

Celeste tells Lexie she could have her old life back if she would just talk to Abe. “What, and ask him for a third chance? No, he’s better off without me.”

Jett tells Abe he should just call Lexie. Abe says Lexie doesn’t want to see him. The last time they saw each other, he told her he wanted her out of his life for good. And he meant it.

Celeste asks Lexie if she knows how bad Abe feels. He knows Lexie is back in town and won’t see him. She thinks he would have called if he was interested. Celeste thinks he was afraid of being hurt. At any rate, one of them has to make the first move.

Chelsea asks Kate if she’s sure she can’t do anything to pay Kate back for the check. Kate muses. They were talking about forgiveness earlier. Would it be possible for Chelsea to forgive her mother?

Stephanie demands to know what Nick told the cops. Nick says he didn’t tell them anything. She starts to go. She has to tell Jeremy what’s going on right away. Nick says she can’t tell Jeremy. The cops told him he couldn’t tell anyone. “You told me!” He wanted her to know. He didn’t want to upset Jeremy for nothing. He asks her if she knows anything about Jeremy’s business. “NO!” Nick is sorry; he was just trying to help. Stephanie thinks Nick is her friend. Maybe the only one she has right now.

Kate tells Chelsea that Billie didn’t mean to hurt her. She made a mistake, but she loves Chelsea very much. Chelsea says she loves her too. Kate tells her that the only thing worse than hating yourself for a mistake you made is when your child hates you too. Chelsea wonders if they are still talking about Billie. Kate says they are, and tells Chelsea that all she has to do is to forgive Billie. Then she’ll start to get over what happened more quickly. She adds that Nick is a great guy, and that Chelsea should hold on to him, too.

Celeste says she also had problems with trust and intimacy because of her years with Stefano. Lexie says that was different. Celeste did what she had to do to protect herself and her child. Lexie has hurt so many people. She lied to Bo and Hope about Zack, she allied herself with Stefano, she cheated on Abe twice. She deserves what she gets. Celeste asks: “Do I?”

Jett asks Abe what he would do if Lexie walked in right now. Part of him wants to wish her well and walk away. The other part wants to grab her and hold her and apologize for not believing her about what happened the night of John’s shooting. Jett asks, “Which part is going to win out?” Abe doesn’t know.

Stephanie is alone on the pier. Jeremy walks up and asks why she called. She tells him the police are investigating him. “Who told you that? Your old man?” No, it was someone else. Someone who wouldn’t lie. Jeremy turns white. “Tell me who it was.” She refuses. She tells him to call the police and straighten it out. He throws a fit. He screams kicks over a pile of crates. Stephanie wants to know what he’s not telling her.

Jett says he wants to see Abe and Lexie back together. He has to go to the “inquisition” now, but they will talk later. Abe stops him. What he said before about his job was wrong. Sometimes you just have to go with your heart. Jett smiles.

Nick enters the pub. Chelsea runs up. She has great new. She shows him the check. He thinks it’s great. She tells him it is just amazing how much your life can change in a day. 24 hours ago, she was worried about school and bills, Jett lied to her, she and Nick were over… Nick asks if they are still over.

Lexie says Celeste did what she had to do. No DiMeras were controlling Lexie when she did those awful things. Celeste tells her to talk to Marlena, Hope, Sami, or Billie about the DiMeras and their mind games. They all have to get together and put a stop to it. They can’t let the DiMeras control their future.

Kate enters Roman’s hospital room. She launches into her monologue right away. She bets he wonders why she’s there. Well, she wanted to apologize. She didn’t know Sami was raped for a little while, and then she didn’t believe her when she found out. But she would never wish that on anyone, even Sami. She and Chelsea were talking about making mistakes today. She made a big one. She’s not sure if she telling him this because he’s unconscious, or because she always felt he was her conscience. She slept with someone for money. It was Stefano. Roman opens his eyes and whispers: “You did what?” She gasps, “You’re awake?” She goes to get the doctor. Roman stops her. He wants her to tell him that he either dreamed or imagined what she just said. She doesn’t say anything. Roman groans, “Katie, Katie, Katie.” She just wanted to get it off of her chest. She tries to change the subject, but Roman asks her why she did it. She says she saved her company. He reminds her she’s selling herself again. Life is too short to go backwards. He should know.

Celeste says the Brady family and DiMeras are waging a war against each other. Unless thy pull together, they’ll be in the middle with Theo. He has DiMera blood, just like a little boy named Elvis Banks. Lexie says Abe will protect Theo. Celeste says Theo needs Lexie too, though. “Come out of the dark and join the land of the living before it is too late.” Celeste leaves.

Chelsea just wants to take things slow. Did he talk to Stephanie? He says she acts like she doesn’t know anything. Chelsea is surprised she didn’t just ignore Nick and jump to Jeremy’s defense. Nick says he worked her pretty good. She’ll keep her eyes and ears open. He did feel bad about lying to her, though. Chelsea says that’s because he’s such a good guy; just like her grandma said. “Caroline?” Chelsea answers, “No, Kate.”

Stephanie asks if this is about his side business. He is just so secretive about it. He doesn’t want to jinx it. He narrows his eyes. “Your dad is probably just spreading lies.” She insists he isn’t. The source came straight to her. He demands to know who it is. She says she won’t tell him. She can’t deal with him when he is like this. She starts to leave. He grabs her arm and squeezes it. “You’re not going anywhere!”

Kate says Roman always believed in her. He says she needs to believe in herself. She’s come a long way, and she had self-respect. She insists that she still does. She got what she wanted. Roman reminds her Stefano did too. She thinks it is different now. He doesn’t have control of her anymore. She used him. Roman says if that helps her sleep at night, that’s fine. As she walks out, she says: “You know I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.” As she walks out, she tells a doctor Roman is awake. Abe overhears and asks Kate how Roman is doing. “He’s the same old wise guy.” He tells Kate he is heading to the pub to tell Shawn and Caroline.

Stephanie cries out, “Get off of me!” Jeremy screams, “NOT UNTIL YOU TELL ME!” She sobs. It was Nick. She trusts him to tell the truth. Jeremy wants to know why the heck his cousin would tell Stephanie about this, but not him. He leaves. He’s going to straighten all of this out.

Chelsea tells Nick he is her hero. She tells him to meet her at the beach in an hour, and they can talk more about whether or not they’re still dating.

Outside the pub, Lexie uncovers her face. Abe walks up. They stare at each other.


Belle says to Shawn, "This time I want the truth. Did you go to Indianapolis that day?"

Abe tells Lexie, "You're not a DiMera, dammit. You're a Carver."

China looks at Nick and Chelsea. She says, "And you... tsk... tsk... tsk... Not even married a month, and you're cheating on me."

Billie holds a file and says, "I got it. It's a baby. Tyler Kiriakis." Phillip sighs. Shawn and Belle look on.

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