Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/6/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Steve and Kayla leave Roman’s hospital room. Kayla worries because the doctors said Roman should be responsive by now. Steve tells her to be patient. She laughs. This is coming from the guy that rushed to do a background check on his daughter’s boyfriend. Stephanie walks up with some bags. Steve asks: “Are you taking a trip?” No, she’s moving out.

At the DiMera mansion, paramedics swarm around Bart’s corpse. Stefano asks Rolf about the key. Unfortunately, it was not found on Bart. Is Stefano sure Andre doesn’t have it? Stefano says he swears he doesn’t. Kate walks in. An officer protests, but she breezily informs him that she has “clearance.” Rolf excuses himself as she walks up to Stefano and asks what happened. He fills her in on Bart’s demise. She asks how he feels. He says he is not doing too well, as Bart was a faithful and dear to him. He asks why Kate is there. She says she came to see how he was doing. He begs her to leave the empty pleasantries. She says they know each other well. “Yes, too well.” She needs his help. No one else can come to her aid.

At an Irish beach, Santo tells Colleen to go. She insists that she stay and tend his head wound. He tells her to go ahead and leave; he’ll be fine. She says what she’s doing is only Christian charity. Her kindness is only going to get her in trouble, he warns. She says it isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last.

At the pub,  Hope sighs and says things would have been very different if Colleen hadn’t rescued Santo. Bo thinks that was really too bad for the family. Sami says it didn’t matter that she caught him. They were fated to be together. There is no escape from fate. The camera pans to Doug and Julie, and then John and Marlena. Lucas raises his eyebrows.

Steve asks Stephanie to not punish her mom because she’s mad at him. Kayla begs her not to move. They’re family. “Since when?” Stephanie says they all fight too much and someone always ends up storming out of the room. She liked Steve better when he was a made-up bedtime story.

Stefano says it’s just like old times, with Kate wanting his help. She apologizes for the bad timing. He asks her to stay anyway and make a drink. He heard Mythic has hit hard times. She says that’s a bit of an understatement. “The SEC can be a formidable foe, but it’s worse when your own child betrays you,” muses Stefano. She dodges the question and asks if he has heard from EJ. Stefano claims to know no one by that name. She says he was drunk and crying over Sami. She heard the two of them had it out. “He wasn’t the man I thought.” Stefano counters with another question about Lucas turning her in. She admits that he did and Stefano sighs: “They are both bitter disappointments.” Kate says she came for a loan. She intends to pay it back once she gets back on her feet. He says loans don’t mean much to a dying man. She protests. He’s not dying. He says the doctor’s say different. This act that all is well may be his last deception. He wonder why she doesn’t ask Phillip for the money. She says she didn’t want to ask her children for money. Suddenly, Stefano becomes angry. He sheltered Kate and her son for years. He has been in town for weeks, and she hasn’t been by to see him once. She says she has to leave. As she walks out, the apocalypse strikes, “YOU’RE GOING TO LEAVE WITHOUT A DIME? ARE YOU NOT EVEN WORTH THAT ANYMORE?”

Colleen pats Santo’s head with a cloth. She says he is lucky, but he thought that was just for the Irish. She laughs and says it is. He thinks she is trying to poison him with her spit-mud paste she is putting on his head. She says he brother received the same treatment his whole life. But she can go get a real nurse. She starts to get up .Santo pulls her back down on the ground with him. Only one thing can cure him. She kisses his wound. He takes her face in his hands. KISS.

Sami knows just how Colleen feels. She had to keep her options open, but she had to make a decision fast, and fate caught up with her. Lust sealed her fate. That’s something Sami knows a little about.  Yes, Colleen was done in by lust.

Stefano begs Kate not to leave. He is just having a stressful day because of what happened to Bart. He apologize profusely. She thinks they can help each other not feel alone. He takes her hand. She promises to come visit again soon. They move in slowly. KISS. They break and Kate gasps, “That’s not the kiss of a dying man!” Stefano chuckles: “I was hoping you would notice.”

Julie reads on. Colleen’s kiss was a promise to Santo that they would have a new life together. The scene fades back to the beach. Colleen and Santo lock lips. Colleen stops him. She says he is a man of the world. He doesn’t belong with her. He said if he could honestly ever love another woman, he wouldn’t put her through all this. He only wants one thing- her to be free from doubt, to be his. To be his woman. KISS.

Kayla tells Stephanie moving out is  a big decision. After all, she has school and expenses. Apartments are expensive. Stephanie says she’s got it covered. Steve sneers: “You’re moving in with Jeremy?” Adrienne walks up. “No, she’s moving in with me.”

Colleen laughs. “You want me to be your woman?” She thinks he should be in actor in Dublin. They would love his fancy talk. He could be a big proud peacock in a play. She says that since he asked her to be his woman, she wants him to get rid of his peacock and be a man. Her man.

Kate and Stefano kiss. She asks how is blood pressure is. He says, “Rising.” Should they stop? They do have an audience. She gestures to the cops and medics in the foyer. He says he doesn’t see anyone, but he does love the scent of a beautiful woman. He sits down and starts to write her a check. He doesn’t want her last memory of him to be an angry one. She isn’t sure when she can pay it back. He tells her to consider it an open account. “Thank you, old friend”, she says. Kiss. She thinks he knew she came for this. He says he and Kate are what they are. He really wanted to feel strong on a day like this, anyway. Kate walks over to the officer and tells him Stefano is not feeling well. Can she take him upstairs? He gives her the ok. She asks Stefano if he’s sure this is alright. He says he can’t think of a better way to go.

Santo apologizes. She thinks he is pretentious. He tells her he doesn’t know that word in English. She brightens and asks him to speak to her in his native tongue. He insists that she won’t understand him. She says his eyes will do all the talking. He kneels down and speaks in Italian.

Julie stops reading. They all practice saying: “Ti amo.” Tony bursts into the pub. John flies out of his chair. Bo runs up and points a gun in Tony’s face. Tony yells: “It’s Tony!”  They ask him if he’s sure he’s not Andre. Tony says he isn’t; in fact, he came about the key. Bo says he better convince him that he is really Tony, or he’s blowing his head off.

Adrienne apologizes. Steve thinks she should have at least called and told him. She says she thought Stephanie could make her own decision about where to live. Stephanie says it’s just about Jeremy. Steve insists she needs to see Jeremy for who he really is. She says she knows who he is- the guy she’s going to marry.

John asks Tony about his island girls- Lola & Luli. Tony says: “You mean Lili and Lali?” That’s good enough for everyone else. They smack Tony on the back. Bo says they have to put a mark on Tony somewhere so they can tell it’s him. Bo apologizes for almost killing him. Tony fills everyone in on Bart’s death. He tells them Bart swallowed the key and they have to get it back. Hope says they just have to cut him open. Everyone in the pub chirps: “Yea! Cut him open!” Bo, John, and Tony go off to retrieve the key. Everyone else settles in to finish the letters. Colleen writes that she only tried to insult Santo so that she would drive him away.

Santo asks if he should repeat everything in English. She says, no, and that it was beautiful. He asks what her heart most desires. Is it love, perhaps? She never said that, she reminds him. She didn’t have to. He knows it to be true. He feels for both of them. She says that may be, but he doesn’t speak for her. “Then why are your hands shaking?”

Rolf asks the paramedics what the cause of death was. They say the sword severed Bart’s descending aorta. He bled to death. “Poor Bart,” mutters Rolf. John comes in. He tells Rolf Bart swallowed some “key” evidence and he needs to retrieve it-by cutting Bart open. Rolf says he can’t, but John say Bo is already on the phone with a judge, getting permission. John has the paramedics wheel Bart out of the mansion. He shoos Rolf off as Kate and Stefano enter, laughing boisterously. John wants to know what Kate is doing.

Colleen says she’s fine, but thinks she isn’t behaving like a proper daughter or novice. She’s getting everything she always wanted as a child, and she feels it slipping through her fingers. Santo says something new and wonderful is taking its place. She can’t imagine where it will lead them if she breaks her vows. He says it will lead to each other. She says he has business that takes him all over the world; it’s impossible. He wants her to come with him, but she says she is just too simple. The only thing binding them is sin. He says love is not a sin. She still thinks they will suffer eternal damnation. Santo doesn’t think God is that cruel.

Stefano tells John to get out. Unfortunately, it’s a crime scene, so John has the right to be there. Stefano says his presence is insulting. Kate says she has to leave. John follows her outside. He wants to know what she is doing there. Has she lost her mind? She says it’s none of his business. Stefano has a lot more life in him than he lets on. She leaves him with the parting words: “See you later, old friend.”

Steve says: “’Steal-money-from-sick-kids’ asked you to marry him?” She says not exactly, but he will. They talked about it. Steve says talk is cheap. Stephanie huffs off. Adrienne shrugs and says she thought her place was better than Jeremy’s. Steve asks her to keep an eye on her. She says she’ll keep two, and goes after Stephanie. Steve confides in Kayla. He’s a rotten dad. He’s pushed Stephanie so far away, she’ll never come back.

Stefano tells Bo, John and Tony that Tony and Bart were arguing, and then Bart got stabbed. He really can’t remember, as Tony attacked him with a hypodermic needle. Someone comes in and gives John a plastic bag with Bart’s stomach contents in it. He makes a remark about his eating habits. Stefano tells him not to poke fun at the dead. John said he wasn’t. He liked the guy. Bart made him laugh. “So,” asks John, “What does this key open besides Bart’s chest?” Stefano asks why he must mock his grief. Tony yells that he can end all this now and it can be over. Stefano says that will never happen. John says that’s alright. they’ll find out on their own and just lock Stefano up.

Colleen is back to calling Santo, “Mr. DiMera.” She says they can be friends. He pulls her towards him and asks her to call him Santo. She does. He wants to go dancing. Suddenly, little Shawn, Sr. runs up and tells her Father needs her. She has to go. Santo wants an answer about the dancing. She says: “We’ll see, Mr. DiMera.” Santo inhales the scent of the hanky she leaves behind. At the pub, Doug finishes the last letter. Sami comments that Colleen died soon after all of this happened. She died for love. Lucas asks her about her and EJ. They look just like Santo and Colleen. Does that mean they are fated to be together? She tells Lucas to stop. He’s her fate. He asks her if she’s sure he’s not some bump on the road to her and EJ? She gets angry. He tells her he was just teasing and embraces her. She says she’s going to kill him.


Kate tells Chelsea, "You are a Brady and a Roberts, and that is one hell of a combination."

Jett says, "If you don't have someone you love to come home to, then you might as well not come home at all." Abe says, "My job is all I have."

Kate says, "I slept with Stefano DiMera." Roman’s jaw drops, "You did what?"

Stephanie says, "I need to calm down." Jeremy grabs her and yanks her, "NO! You're not going anywhere!"

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