Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/3/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Sami arrives to find John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope already there. She wonders if it is possible that Grandpa Shawn could have killed Colleen. Bo says he still refuses to talk. Luckily, Doug and Julie show up with more translated letters that were written by Santo and Colleen. Apparently, there are many more that have not yet been translated. John and Bo talk about Andre, who is still on the loose. Bo says they still haven’t found him, but they will. They talk about Roman and how tough he is.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf tries to convince Stefano to take some medicine. Stefano would rather live in pain than a drug-induced haze. Rolf tells him things are only going to get worse if he doesn’t take his medication. Rolf leaves. Stefano stares at the hypodermic needle, mesmerized. Tony spies on him from behind a curtain.

At the docks, a drunken EJ takes swigs from a bottle of whiskey. He flashes back to his conversation with Stefano about Lucas. Why shouldn’t he get rid of Lucas?

Tony starts to come out of his hiding place, but approaching voices scare him back behind it. Rolf tells Bart to keep an eye on Stefano. He should call Rolf if Stefano is in a lot of pain. Rolf leaves. Bart looks at the needle and says it would probably kill the pain in his foot. Just then, Tony rushes out and puts Bart in a choke hold. He injects the needle’s contents into Stefano. Stefano awakens. He thinks Tony is Andre. Tony asks him to relax as he searches for the key. He rips open Stefano’s shirt and finds it around his neck.  Stefano’s speech is thick and slurred: "If you do this, I will destroy you with my own hands. I swear to God." Tony thinks God quit listening to Stefano a long time ago. So did he, for that matter. He rips the key off his neck.

Back at the docks, Lucas arrives. EJ called him and told him it was a matter of life and death. EJ says Lucas’ life and marriage to Sami are over. Lucas rants. He wishes Sami had killed EJ at the cabin when she had the chance. “O, really?” EJ pulls a gun from his coat. BANG! EJ pours liquor all over Lucas’ lifeless body. He drinks some too. Suddenly, EJ returns to the present. He has been fantasizing.  “Kill Lucas…“ EJ says that Samantha is his wife. He grumbles about Lucas and keeps drinking. He imagines Sami devastated over Lucas’ demise. He comforts her. He’ll help her find the murderer. He promises her he will be there for her and help her raise the twins. They both move in. KISS.  EJ’s fantasy is interrupted by Kate. She asks if he is alright. He says he’s fine.

Julie reads aloud from one of the letters. Colleen says it was wrong of her to meet Santo again. She told herself she wanted to see if she could resist temptation, but she honestly just had to see him once more.

At the beach, Santo walks up to Colleen. She prays, "Dear God, give me strength."

Stefano grabs for the key. Tony dangles it just out of his reach. Stefano finally grabs it and gives it to Bart. Tony gets a sword off the wall and threatens Bart with it. He tells him to hand over the key. Bart yells at him to stand back. "Give it to me now, Bart! One... two... three..." Bart swallows the key. Tony howls.

Kate tells EJ they were supposed to be having a meeting about Mythic. They need to discuss what’s going on. “Easy come, easy go,” EJ slurs drunkenly. She slaps him. “Snap out of it!” she yells. She tells him to be a man. EJ explodes. He grabs her and shakes her around like a rag doll. He wants to know what that means. Then he tells her a whore should be treated like a whore. He threatens to throw her in the river.  Kate demands he let go of her.

Colleen thinks Santo is acting inappropriately, since he is married and has children. Santo tells her his wife died three days before. She had previously been in a lot of pain. He wishes he and Stefano could have had a chance to say goodbye. Colleen thinks it would have been more fair is she had died instead of Santo’s wife. The grieving widower tells Colleen he couldn’t live without her. Colleen prays for forgiveness. Santo says he hasn’t done anything wrong, but she thinks she has. She has committed her life to the church. Her feelings for Santo will pass, eventually. He wants one last kiss, but she refuses. He begs. She relents. KISS. Colleen breaths heavily. Santo asks her if she is going to come with him or go back to the church. She says dreamily: “Stay here.”

EJ insists he IS a man. He does not understand why Kate and his father keep insisting he isn’t. She complains about Mythic. EJ tells her to start her own business. She had to file bankruptcy, Chapter 11. They could even go to jail. EJ tells her it is all her son’s fault. He says he’ll be around to pick up the pieces even if Lucas dies. Kate asks what the hell he is talking about.

Tony prays the key is hidden in Bart’s cheek. Bart opens his mouth willingly enough. The key’s not there. Tony says he’ll have to use the sword. Andre steps in and says it’s unfair to just skewer an unarmed man. He’ll kill Tony before he lets him harm Bart. Tony says Andre has his life. He wants it back. They prepare to fight. They dance around, poke at each other, and throw insults. Somehow, Bart gets caught up in the fray. Andre’s sword runs him through. Andre pulls it out. Bart bleeds profusely; he falls to the ground. His eyes roll wildly. He looks at Stefano. “Boss….”

EJ says he wasn’t trying to threaten Lucas. It was just a figure of speech. She thinks he’s just drunk. He thinks he should have thrown her in the river when he had the chance. She tells him that if he thinks Sami would be with him if Lucas died, then he can think again. Sami will never be with him.

Colleen tells Santo she felt nothing, so she is going to leave. She just needs to get her wrap. She asks him to toss it to her, but he says she’ll lose it in the wind if he does. She wants him to leave her alone. She says he shouldn’t open up his heart so casually. He says he hasn’t. He loved his wife, but now that she is dead, he is free to pursue what makes him happy. That’s Colleen. She asks for her wrap again and walks towards him. She slips and falls into his arms.

Andre examines Bart, who begs him to call Rolf. Andre apologizes for stabbing him. Stefano asks Andre to get the key. “You mean THAT key?” Stefano tells him he gave it to Bart. Now he’s noticed he’s on the floor bleeding. He thinks Tony must have done it. Andre admits he did it, but says it was an accident. Stefano comes over and cradles Bart in his arms. Tony leaves. Andre follows. Stefano calls Rolf and begs him to call an ambulance. Rolf examines Bart and says it’s too late. Stefano asks Bart where the key is. Bart says he took care of it- he always takes care of Stefano. He goes limp and dies. Andre returns and says he lost Tony. Stefano is furious. Andre thinks Bart has the key. They search his pockets. He demands that Andre search the room. Stefano moans: "Oh, Bart, dear Bart!"

EJ flashes back to Kate telling him Sami will never be with him. He goes back into fantasy mode. This time, he is in bed with Sami. He asks her if she misses Lucas. She asks, “Who?” and laughs. She is so glad they are together like this. She forgives him and is so excited about raising her children with him. They dive under the covers for more. Ej comes back to the present. What is he waiting for? “It will make her happy; it will make me happy. Today is the day Lucas’ life ends, and mine begins.”

The crowd at the pub ponders the meaning of the letters. Sami walks off. Marlena comes over and asks her what is wrong. Sami sympathizes with Colleen more and more every time they finish a letter. Hope walks over. Sami says Colleen had her whole life planned out, and it came crashing down around her. Marlena said Colleen just saw a new life with new possibilities.  Sami says even though lots of things have changed for women, one thing has not- they are still ruled by their hearts. Julie continues reading.

Colleen and Santo hug. She wants him to let her go. He says it was her choice to stay. She grabs for the wrap. He grabs for her and kisses her. She calls him a libertine and yanks at the wrap. He loses his balance and falls over the side of the cliff. He hangs off of the side. Colleen drags him back up to the top. She says she is sorry. He says it was his fault; she wanted to leave. He tells her to go and not look back.


Patch asks, "Are you taking a trip or something? What are you doing?" Stephanie says, "No, Poppa. I'm moving out." Kayla looks on.

Sami asks, "You know what sealed her fate? Lust. I think Colleen was done in by lust." Lucas smiles.

Stefano plants one on Kate. She says, "That doesn't seem like the kiss of a dying man." Stefano says, "I was hoping you would notice."

Bo points a gun and says, "Start talking before I put a bullet in your head." Tony says, "It's Tony." Bo says, "Well, convince me before I pull this trigger."

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