Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/2/07


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At the pub, Stephanie makes a call on her cell phone. Jeremy walks in jus then. She wonders where he has been. “I got tied up.” Stephanie got in a huge fight with her dad after Jeremy left the pub earlier. He guesses he and Steve won’t be grabbing a beer or shooting pool anytime soon. She tried to tell Steve that Jeremy had changed, but he thought he needed to earn his second chance. He basically forbade her from seeing Jeremy. She says she is so out of there. He agrees that it’s time for her to get her own place. She has an even better idea. They can move in together.

Nick shows up at the docks. He tells Chelsea that he wants to fix whatever is wrong. She comes over and says she’s wasn’t going to jump, she just took her shoes off. “I thought you’d be on your honeymoon with that slut.” He says the whole thing was a blur, but he is pretty sure he’s still single. Chelsea tells him she called because she doesn’t want him to make the same mistake she did-trusting Jett.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ asks Stefano if he can get the newspaper for him. Stefano thinks he is being pretty solicitous, which is a huge change from earlier when EJ was allied with their enemies. EJ insists he had to protect his children. Stefano yells: “They’re not yours! You’re an embarrassment!” He tells EJ to go away and mourn his lost twins. EJ forlornly says they were his family and future. Stefano says he didn’t care about them, he just wanted Sami. EJ reminds him that even if it were true, it wouldn’t matter now anyway. He has nothing left. SLAP! Stefano hits EJ in the face. “Act like a man! Have some self-respect!”

At the hospital, the doctors work on Roman. One of them yells that they have to get him to the OR right now. Per hospital policy, the family hovers in the doorway, watching the proceedings. Sami is hysterical. The doctor comes over to Marlena and tells her Roman is suffering from pericardial tamponade, or in layman’s terms, he has fluid around his heart. They have to operate right away. Sami starts yelling that the DiMeras killed him. Marlena and Lucas try to convince her that he will be fine, but Sami won’t hear it. They don’t know that he will get well; anyway, the DiMeras will just come after him again even if he does. She’s not going to stand around and wait. She’s going to do something.

Stefano mocks EJ. “O woe is me! Whatever will I do?” he fans himself. EJ is a disgrace. EJ says Stefano has just forgotten what passion feels like. Stefano laughs. A man of passion is a man of action. “What am  I supposed to do? Drag her away by the hair?” Stefano says if that’s what it take, yes. EJ complains that Lucas is always around. Stefano tells him he has to take him out of the picture.

Lucas and Marlena try to calm Sami down to no avail. As they wheel Roman out, Sami yells that he’ll be ok, and she’ll get the DiMeras for him. Marlena pulls Lucas aside and asks him to call John for her. She’ll be in the OR with Roman. She tells him to keep an eye on Sami. She walks off. Lucas looks around. No Sami. She’s gone.

Nick asks her what she means about not trusting Jett. She makes him promise not to tell. Jett is an ISA agent working undercover. Nick wants to know who he’s investigating. She tells him it’s Jeremy. She thought he was a good guy, but he was just using all of them to get dirt on Jeremy. Nick wants to know what Jeremy did. It’s got to be bad if the government is involved. Chelsea tells him Jett wants her to get Stephanie to spill her guts about Jeremy.

Jeremy laughs. “You had me going there for a second!” He grabs a newspaper. There’s a great apartment by the water with a washer/dryer and a fireplace. She hates to do laundry. He says they can camp out in front of the fire and be naughty. She says if they live together, they can be naughty all the time. He reminds her he doesn’t have a fireplace. She says there’s no sense in paying two sets of bills. He just doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Nick can’t believe Jett wants Chelsea to spy on Stephanie. “Was he pissed when you said no?” She says she couldn’t say no; he pushed her to agree to do it. He said Stephanie would go down unless they could prove she was innocent. Chelsea thinks that  Jeremy would throw Stephanie under a bus to save himself. She is still worried Jett is just using her to do his dirt work, though.

Stephanie tells him couples live together all the time. Jeremy reminds her of their friends Sadie and Ryan. When they moved in together, it was the beginning of the end. He thinks they might be rushing things. She doesn’t care about all his little bad habits; she just doesn’t want him to bring a girl home. He tells her they cleared that up; Max was confused. She’s special and he wants to take it slow. She pouts. “Pleeeeeeeease.” He wonders if she is doing this to make her dad mad. “Do you really want to make an enemy out of him for life?” He wants to move in with her as husband and wife.

Lucas runs around pell-mell, yelling for Sami. Marlena runs up. He tells her Sami took off. “I think we both know where she’s headed.”

EJ doesn’t think killing Lucas will win Sami back. Stefano said no such thing. He just told him to get rid of him, not kill him. EJ whines that Sami blames him if Lucas gets a case of the sniffles. Stefano says he’s pathetic. Maybe if he’s lucky, EJ won’t be his son. Maybe he belongs to the gardener. The doorbell rings. Stefano yells for Bart. Bart comes in with a piece of pie, which he promptly drops. He starts to clean it up. “THE DOOR, YOU IMBECILE!” Stefano roars.  Bart answers and sees Sami. “Well, if it isn’t Rocky Marciano.” She pokes a gun in his chest and tells him to get out of her way.

“OMG! ARE YOU PROPOSING?” Stephanie shrieks. No, that isn’t what he meant. She deflates. “Aw, don’t be sad, baby.” She hasn’t even finished college yet. Besides, why should they screw with a good thing? She grumbles about affording rent and tuition. He tells her she spends too much money on frivolous things. But if she finds a place, and pays what she can, he’ll foot the bill for the rest. He wants to hook up later, but he has to go now. He leaves. Stephanie calls Adrienne. She says she has a problem and has to meet her right away.

Chelsea asks Nick what she should do. He tells her to go with her gut, but she says her gut has been wrong lately. Nick knew Jett was bad news. She should have listened to him. Nick says he has lied to her, too. She says he just didn’t want to see her freak out. He says that doesn’t exactly make him the better man.

Lucas is angry. He left her alone for two seconds. What is Sami thinking? She’s got one kid and two on the way. She needs to be thinking about protecting them. Marlena says she is trying to be heroic for a family she thinks she failed. It’s not true, but Sami doesn’t know that. Lucas says she’s going to get herself killed. They agree to go look for her.

Stefano tells Elvis to leave. He’s finished with him. EJ’s not finished with him, though. Stefano says EJ and the Bradys will get their just reward. “I WOULDN’T BE SO SURE OF THAT!” Sami barges in, waving her gun. “Guess where I got this gun?” she taunts. Stefano asks her why he should care where she got that dime store pop pistol. She ignores him and says it’s her dad’s gun. It’s here to see justice served. EJ tries to intervene. He tells Sami not to do something she’ll regret. Stefano tells Bart that Sami is unstable, and orders him to disarm her. Bart heads towards Sami, and she shoots him in the foot. He goes down to the ground howling in pain. She tells everyone to shut up. Her dad is in the hospital; he could have died. She walks around Stefano in a circle and keeps the gun trained on his head. It’s time for justice; she wants an eye for an eye. She figures two DiMeras for one Brady is a good deal. She’s going to start with Stefano.

Chelsea tells Nick to give himself a break. He tried to protect her. He reminds her he lied to Lucas and Sami because of Kate. She tells him he should run the test again. He says he did. Lucas is the father. She thinks that is great, but Nick needs to tell them. He says he already did that as well. He couldn’t live with himself otherwise. She wonders what his boss would say. “You’re fired?” he suggests. She says they would never fire him. He says they already did. He’s thinking about asking Maggie for a job bartending. He asks Chelsea to let him help with Stephanie. She says no. Jeremy walks up and asks: “Am I interrupting something?”

Stephanie hugs Adrienne and thanks her for meeting her at the pub. Adrienne wants to have her over for dinner. The boys would love to see her. Stephanie says it’s going to be just great when Adrienne says yes. “Yes to what?” she asks. Stephanie wants to move in, but just temporarily. She would only sleep there, and she is also a neat freak. Adrienne asks what’s wrong with her parents’ house. Stephanie feels like she is getting in their way. They need their space. Adrienne asks for the real reason. Stephanie avoids the question. She thinks Adrienne needs another woman around. Adrienne starts to say something, but Stephanie interrupts.  She starts to hug Adrienne and thanks her. Adrienne says she has to talk to Stephanie’s parents. Stephanie begs her not to call her dad.

Stefano asks EJ if this is the woman he loves. Sami tells him to can it. “Are you going to let her kill your father?” Stefano thought he raised a man. EJ asks Sami to look at him. She tells him to shut up, or she’ll shoot him too. He begs her not to put the lives of her children at risk. She says she’s going to kill all the DiMeras. EJ says they can end the vendetta. Stefano says they can’t. He submits to no one. He walks forward until the barrel of Sami’s gun is pressed against his chest. He tells her to go ahead and pull the trigger. He’ll make it easy for her. Sami whimpers.

Adrienne says they might be able to work something out if Stephanie tells her the truth. She says he got in a huge fight with her dad. Adrienne guesses it was about Jeremy. Steve hates him, Stephanie moans. Adrienne thought Steve was going to give him a chance. Stephanie says her dad found out Jeremy had a record. Nothing major, just bounced checks, a fake charity, and maybe a stolen car. But he was young. “Grand theft Auto?” asks Adrienne, startled. “Are you taking Poppa’s side? cries Stephanie. No, but Steve’s reputation as a “bad boy” was different. Jeremy had two great parents as role models growing up.

Nick says he and Chelsea were talking about earthquakes. In fact, the largest earthquake happened right there in the Mid-West. Jeremy looks bored. He says it’s fascinating stuff, but he just came by to give Chelsea her paycheck. He says there are rumors going around about him. Chelsea says she doesn’t pay attention to that kind of stuff. Jeremy tells her she needs to get her facts straight before she blabs to Stephanie.

Stefano tells her to go ahead; murder him and follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. Her family will probably give her a medal for bravery. EJ begs Sami to reconsider. Does she want to give birth in jail? Sami tells Stefano to say goodbye. She stars to pull the trigger…but Lucas and Marlena burst through the patio doors. Lucas grabs her. EJ gets the gun. She screams, “NO!!” Stefano looks at EJ and then at Lucas, Sami, and Marlena. He tells EJ to destroy them all. Sami sobs.

Adrienne pats Stephanie’s back. Her dad just wants to protect her. He feels guilty about all the years he missed out on and he’s trying to make up for it. “By not letting me see my boyfriend?” Adrienne tells her she will understand when she has kids. Stephanie sulks. She won’t understand .She’ll listen to he kids. And trust them. Just like her dad needs to trust her to live her own life, and make her own decisions and mistakes.  Adrienne says she can move in as long as she promises to eat popcorn and watch Leno with her every night Stephanie agrees and says: "I have just one tiny favor to ask; will you be there for me when I move out of my parent's place?" Adrienne says, "Please don't make me regret this."

Chelsea apologizes to Jeremy. She just wanted to protect Stephanie. Jeremy says that’s his job. “Let us go our way, and you go your way. We cool?” She says they are and he says: “Don’t go spend that all in one place.” He leaves. “Was that supposed to be a threat?” asks Chelsea. Nick says that’s why he needs to handle Stephanie. Chelsea asks if he would really do that for her. He says, “ I would do anything for you. Don’t you know that?”

EJ caresses his jaw with the gun. Stefano demand that he shoot the three intruders. EJ takes the clip out instead and places it on the table. “And you call yourself a DiMera. You’re a coward.” Bart yells at Marlena, Sami, and Lucas to go home. Sami is dragged out screaming she’s going to make Stefano pay.

Chelsea and Nick hug. She makes him promise to get out if anything suspicious starts happening with Stephanie. He wants to know if they are friends again. She says they are; he just cant blindside her with that marriage stuff again. He asks her out for a cup of coffee. She says that would be nice and he says they can talk some more there. They leave. China Lee steps out from the shadows and lights a cigarette.

Adrienne and Stephanie are both excited. Jeremy comes in to the pub. Stephanie tells him the good news. Adrienne asks about his parents. He says he hasn’t talked to them in awhile. She says that is too bad, since they are such nice people. He’s very lucky. She leaves. Jeremy asks what her deal is. Stephanie has no idea. Jeremy mentions that he has moved out of Bo and Hope’s house because the crying baby in the morning wasn’t his style. Stephanie thinks it is a good thing they wont be around each other 24/7. Now Jeremy will want her more. They suck on each others faces for a while. Stephanie stops him. He says there aren’t any signs forbidding PDAs. They suck face some more.  SLURP.

Stefano tells EJ he has cut the cord. He cant help him anymore. Andre will take care of the rest of the Bradys. “May God have mercy on your soul.” A tear rolls down EJ’s cheek.

Outside the mansion, Sami sobs. Marlena holds her. She tells Sami her emotions got the best of her. Lucas tells her her life could have been over. Does she want to have their babies in jail? Sami wants a family meeting- now. Lucas and Marlena say she needs her rest. Marlena’s phone rings. She answers. Sami tell Lucas she has to figure out what happened in Ireland. Marlena tells them Roman’s surgery is over. He pulled through. Sami bursts into tears, and collapses in Lucas’ arms.


Tony has his hand on Stefano's throat. Stefano says, "If you do this, I will destroy you with my own hands."

EJ leans in and says, "I would do anything for you, Samantha." Sami moves in. KISS.

Tony says, "There is something you have that I would like to have that's in your possession." Andre asks, "What is that?" Tony says, "My life."

Santo says to Colleen, "Stay here. In my arms.

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