Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/1/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/1/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Stephanie yells: “WHAT’S THIS?” Steve tells her he had a background check done on Jeremy. Jeremy starts to explain: “Sir…” Steve interrupts him and tells him to cut the “sir” crap. Steve encourages Stephanie to at least look at the report. Jeremy has been convicted of both fraud and identity theft. He thinks she needs to throw him out with the rest of the garbage.

At the docks, Chelsea insists she is not a snitch. Jett apologizes for asking her to do this. She insists he’s not sorry; in fact, he probably loves his job. He says he does love it; he loves helping people. He wants to know if she is going to help Stephanie or leave her to be burned by Jeremy.

At the hospital, Nick tells Kate she’s late. She says she didn’t know she was on the clock. He cheerfully tells her to shut up. He’s doing the talking. He told his boss at the lab about everything-the hairbrush fiasco, the fake lab report, etc. He was fired. Kate asks if he wants a new job or money or what. He laughs. “You think sooner or later, everyone has to stoop to your level, huh?”

In Roman’s hospital room, Sami blames herself for what happened to her dad. She tells Belle that now that they don’t need her babies, the DiMeras are going after every member of her family. She has to stop them.

Jeremy insists he paid for his mistakes. Yes, he scammed the system quite a few times. But he cleaned up his act. Steve thinks Stephanie had the right to know about his past transgressions before her and Jeremy started dating. Stephanie tells Steve she did know about his record. Steve’s head comes close to exploding.

Jett tells Chelsea that Stephanie could be in for a hell of a ride. Chelsea is just worried Jett is lying to her again. He tells her that if she doesn’t help, Stephanie is going to go down with Jeremy. He probably has her involved with the smuggling, and she doesn’t even know it.

Kate tells Nick she can put in a good word for him to Chelsea. He says that isn’t what he wants. He hands her a box and tells her to give it to Chelsea. “Sponges?” she asks? She opens it to find a large stack of bills. She wonders if he is doing something illegal. He says there is close to fifty grand in there, and no, he did not do anything illegal to get the money. He wants Kate to deposit the cash into her account and write Chelsea a check.

Steve can’t believe Stephanie knew about all of this. She tells him sometimes people need even third and fourth chances. She learned that from Kayla. Jeremy pipes up and says he has learned many lessons from serving time in jail. He says he really has turned his life around. Steve begrudgingly admits his story has a ring of truth to it. Jeremy leaves so Steve and Stephanie can talk. Stephanie reminds Steve that he has a checkered past himself. No one still reminds him that he stole John’s kidney, or held a knife to Bo’s throat on that island.

Nick tells her he won the money playing blackjack in Vegas. Chelsea needs the money for college, and Mythic is in the toilet. Nick even has a receipt to convince Kate he isn’t laundering money. She doesn’t understand what he is going to get out of all this. He says she could never understand this, but it will give him peace of mind- a thing he hasn’t had in a long time.

Belle tells Sami there is no way she can go after the DiMeras alone. Sami says she can’t live in fear, so she has to go on the defensive. Belle insists it is dangerous. Marlena walks in. She tells them Roman’s condition has been changed from “critical” to “stable.” Sami says it doesn’t matter. Stefano can get to Roman anytime he wants, even if there is a guard posted outside. The police department is powerless. They have to pick off the DiMeras one by one if they want any peace.

Steve reminds Stephanie he did all those things while he was brainwashed. Stephanie thinks being young is the same thing. And besides, Jeremy has changed. Steve says she’s stubborn just like him. She retorts that she is nothing like him. He thinks he has the right to try to protect his daughter. She says she’s a woman now and has the right to a personal life without his interference. Jeremy has paid his dues. Steve still thinks she’s going to get hurt badly.

Jett just needs Chelsea to get Stephanie to talk. She really hates this. He reminds her he wouldn’t ask if he had another option. She agrees to help, but she says she will only do so if she can quit Touch the Sky. She doesn’t want to work with Jett or his dirty partner anymore.

Kate says Nick must be the patron saint of co-eds. She is not interested in helping him. He says that’s fine; he’ll just call Lucas. He gets on the phone. Kate stops him. She agrees to help, but she reminds him of that old saying about a fool and his money. He says he is doing this for Chelsea so she doesn’t turn out like Kate. He leaves.

Marlena tells Sami she is a mother now. She has to put protecting her kids before anything else. She needs to leave this to the police. Lucas enters. Marlena tells him Roman is stable and Sami is trying to become a hit man. Lucas thinks she must be upset. Sami says she’s perfectly calm. She is going to protect her children by killing Stefano.

Stephanie reminds Steve he was wanted for murder when Kayla met him. “But I was innocent,” he says. She reminds him the Bradys aren’t perfect. They make mistakes all the time. How could he hold this against Jeremy? When he told her he never wanted to see her again while he was in the mental hospital, she cut him a break. He should do the same for Jeremy.

Jett tells Chelsea she can’t quit. Jeremy would be suspicious. After all, he is a world class liar. He’ll recognize Chelsea as one right away. Chelsea says Jett is using her- just like Jeremy uses Stephanie.

Kate says to herself, "You win some, you lose some." She pauses, "And you win some again."

Lucas and Sami argue about whether or not she’s going to kill anyone. Belle and Marlena head outside for coffee and leave those two to duke it out. Sami is sick and tired of living in fear. She doesn’t care that Billie is installing a security system. They either have to fight or hide. She wants to fight.

Steve says he never would have made it back without Stephanie. She says he’s not back. Steve says there is really only one thing that bothers him about Jeremy. He points at the report. She says: “Fraud? That’s just another word for stealing, right?” Steve tells her Jeremy set up a fake charity for children with cancer. He took money from honest people who thought they were helping sick kids and bought a sports car and  condo with it. Stephanie doesn’t care. She loves him. This is right. Steve says Jeremy doesn’t come off as a guy who wants a second chance, but a guy who thinks he’ll never get caught again. Stephanie says the conversation is over and leaves.

Marlena says it’s too quiet in there. Sami is scary when she is quiet. She says Sami is so frazzled, she didn’t even notice Belle’s engagement ring. Marlena thinks they should have a party for Belle and Shawn. If Sami helps, maybe she won’t be so homicidal. Belle doesn’t want a party. Marlena thinks something must be wrong between her and Shawn. She can tell; she has mom radar.

Sami says things have to change-look at what they did to her father. Lucas says things have changed alright; Roman is doing better and Lucas is the father of the twins.  He says this isn’t the time to break out the Uzis. They’re going to win this time.

Stephanie calls Chelsea in tears. She wants to meet her to talk about what happened between her dad and Jeremy. Stephanie tells Chelsea to stay put; she is on her way to meet her. She hangs up. Jett reminds her not to spill the beans to Stephanie. Chelsea says she won’t. He wants to talk about what’s going on between them after all of this is over. She tells him after she does his dirty work, she never wants  to see him again.

Belle tells Marlena that things are tough right now. Shawn likes his job at the garage, but they still have to get change out of the couch cushions to buy groceries. She wants her own place. Marlena tells her she needs to help out. Lots of women with children have to go back to work. When things are tough, you pitch in, she says. She thinks Belle needs a job.

Lucas rubs Sami’s shoulders. She feels better. Lucas tells her that the best revenge they can get on the DiMeras is for them to live a full and happy life. Suddenly, the machines monitoring Roman go nuts. Sami screams: “Daddy!” Lucas runs out to get help.

Stephanie tells Chelsea how much of a jerk her dad was. She says she doesn’t get it- Jeremy even brought her parents gifts. Jeremy may have a record, but it’s all petty stuff. Stephanie says she has to move out of her parent’s house. Chelsea tells her to let her know if she needs anything and to remember that Chelsea is on her side. Stephanie knows that already. Stephanie leaves. Chelsea calls Nick: “So, how much do you hate me?” He practically drools; he doesn’t hate her at all. She asks him for his help. He asks her to tell him where she is; he’ll do anything he can to help her.

Then doctors use a defibrillator on Roman. The doctor tells Marlena that Roman has fluid around his heart. They have to operate right away. Sami runs off in tears, yelling: “They killed my dad!”


Jeremy tells Stephanie, "When we do move in together I'm kind of hoping it's as husband and wife."

Chelsea asks, "You would do that for me?" Nick says, "I would do anything for you. Don't you know that by now?"

Marlena asks, "Lucas, what's the matter?" Lucas says, "She took off." Marlena asks, "What do you mean she took off?" Lucas says, "She's gone. I think we both know where she is headed."

Sami points a gun at Stefano and says, "I decided it's time for justice so I'm going to start with you, Stefano DiMera."

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