Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/31/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/31/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, a reporter gives the camera the scoop. Police Commissioner Roman Brady was brutally stabbed by fugitive Andre DiMera. Bo walks in. Several reporters shove mikes in his face. He pushes his way through the crowd.

At the docks, Chelsea feels really sorry for herself. She is all alone in the world. She hates all of them: Nick, Jett…and mostly herself. Jett walks up. He admits he followed Chelsea to the docks. He wants to explain. She isn’t interested in explanations. He insists that he just has to set her straight.

At the pub, Steve wishes he had a margarita. Kayla tells him he needs to be on his best behavior, as they are meeting Stephanie and Jeremy for dinner. “They’re late,” he grumbles. Kayla wants him to respect Stephanie’s decisions about her love life and play nice. Steve tells her he had Bo run a background check on Jeremy. If he’s a wolf in sheep dip, Steve will find out.

At Sami and Lucas’, Sami sits on the couch and shivers. She is cold even though she has a huge blanket wrapped around her. EJ suggests Sami go to the hospital. Lucas says she’ll be fine as long as EJ doesn’t open another briefcase. Sami wants her mom. Lucas says Marlena is on her way. He’s filled her in on what happened. Sami isn’t even sure what happened, so Lucas fills her in on everything that happened after he and EJ woke up from the dose of ether and sulfur chloride.  EJ doesn’t understand why Stefano let Sami go unharmed.  She doesn’t know either, but she sure wishes her dad would call.

At the police station, Roman has been loaded onto a stretcher. Bo tells him it was his turn to buy beer for their bowling league tonight. He sure picked a fine way to get out of it. The paramedic tells him they need to go. Bo helps wheel Roman out of the station.

Kayla can’t believe Steve would do this behind her back. He assures her he might back off if Jeremy comes back clean. Steve thinks he might be so protective because he missed out on Stephanie’s childhood. He never got to do the “touch my daughter and I’ll kill you” stare down with her prom dates. Kayla doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want another kid then.  She also thinks the name “Patch” doesn’t fit him anymore. They used to call him that because he held his life together with spit and grit. Now he has his family to hold him together. She thinks he must have room for one more love in his heart. Kiss.

Chelsea tells Jett he can go. She must just be clueless. Otherwise, why would he lie to her so much? He tries to explain, but she interrupts and says she doesn’t want to be lied to anymore. He came on to her…was that a lie too? He says: “Fine, the whole thing was a set-up. Is that enough truth for you?”

Sami won’t let Stefano releasing her without the stem cells go. Lucas doesn’t care why he let her go. He’s just glad Stefano did. EJ thinks he may have had a change of heart. Lucas reminds him you have to have a heart to begin with to change it. EJ thinks he must have thought of the grandchildren. Maybe he appreciated the advantages of having Brady/DiMera babies in the future. Lucas thinks EJ inhaled more gas than he or Sami did. Nick is at the door. He says he has to talk to them. It’s about the babies.

Jett tells her he, Danielle, and her husband Mark are all friends. She wants to know if they’re all in the Liar’s Club together. He said it really meant a lot that she tried to warn him about Danielle cheating. He had to lie to her so he wouldn’t get involved with her. He was just looking out for her. She says he needs to be more of a man and less of a jerk. Now she knows why he was able to get along with Jeremy so well.

Stephanie and Jeremy show up at the pub. He gives Kayla a gift of perfume. He got Steve a mix tape of blues music. Jeremy thinks he and Steve got off on the wrong foot. He’s glad he has this chance to prove himself. They’ll see how much he loves Stephanie. Kayla is sooooo glad to hear him say that. Steve is “tickled pink.”

Nick says he came to tell them the truth. Before he can, Kate stops by. They tell her about Sami’s kidnapping adventure. Kate wants to know what Sami is doing there if she got kidnapped. Lucas tells her to have a little compassion; clearly, they let Sami go. They say Nick has news about the babies. The color drains out of Kate’s face and she laughs nervously. “What could a wretched lab rat have to tell you about it?“ she asks.

Steve asks how the airline is going. Stephanie says everything Jeremy touches turns to gold. Jeremy adds that they are currently 20% above projections. Patch wonders how Stephanie is helping. She tries to pass off her skills as unimportant, but Jeremy says she does a heck of a lot more than just pass out pillows and serve drinks. They’re making a name for themselves. Steve thinks a man’s character is important in making a name for himself in business. Jeremy admits that he has made mistakes, but Stephanie always calls him out on them. That’s one of the reasons he loves her so much.

Jett says he had no choice but to lie. He was in way deeper than just messing around with Chelsea. She says he is just like Jeremy. He says, no, actually he is an ISA agent working to bring Jeremy down. He pulls out his badge and shows it to her.

Kate thinks Nick’s timing is bad. Sami becomes extremely suspicious of Kate. She demands to know what is going on. Is something wrong with her babies? Nick says that her and Lucas’ kids are fine. EJ starts to protest over semantics, but Nick says he meant what he said. The children belong to Lucas, not EJ. He congratulates Sami and Lucas. He says the report he did the first time was wrong. EJ wants to know why they should even believe him. Kate chimes in and says reports like that can be falsified all the time- Sami should know all about it. He says he knows this report is right, because he screwed the first one up. EJ thinks someone must have paid him to say these things. Sami asks how he messed up the first report. He says he was under a lot of pressure to finish the test quickly. So he had the tests run a second time. Sami and Lucas celebrate. Lucas puts his face down near Sami’s stomach and yells: “Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?”  Then he gets mad at Nick: “Do you know what you put us through?“ Sami says a smart guy like Nick doesn’t make mistakes. Someone must have put pressure on him. She trails off and stares at Kate. Kate looks as guilty as humanly possible.

Chelsea wants to know if Jett is for real. He invites her to check out his credentials if she doesn’t believe him. He’s in town to investigate Jeremy. He lied and concocted the story about Danielle so Chelsea wouldn’t get hurt during his investigation. She brings up that  tired “near” kiss again. She wants to know if that was part of his act.

Bo walks into the pub and motions to Steve, who joins him outside. He tells him Roman got a knife to the gut from Andre. They need to round up the family and get them to the hospital. Bo also has the background check on Jeremy. He says it’s not pretty. Jeremy is bad news. Bo just can’t believe is a Horton. Steve says it just goes to show that the name doesn’t make the man.

Chelsea examines Jett’s badge. He admits that he felt chemistry with her. He needed to hide his attraction by inventing a fiancée. That way, he could focus on his job. She wonders why he would even drag Danielle into this. Danielle walks up and interrupts them to say that she is also an agent with International Security Alliance.

Everyone (except Kate) talks all over one another and demands to know who blackmailed Nick. He says no one did. It was just his carelessness and failure to cross check . Sami doesn’t believe him. She wants him to look her in the eyes and tell her that either Kate, EJ, or both of them had nothing to do with this. He tells her to blame him, if she has to blame anyone. Nick leaves. Luckily, Kate the good Samaritan says she’s going to “check” on the poor kid. She leaves. EJ insists he had nothing to do with this. The phone rings. Lucas answers. Sami freaks. She starts yelling about how she can’t take it anymore, she just wants to be left alone, etc. Lucas gets off the phone and tells him it was her mom. Her dad has been stabbed by Andre. Sami freaks some more. She has to get to the hospital. She yells at EJ some more.   She figures Stefano must have let her go because he found out the twins were Lucas’. EJ has no reason to be in their lives anymore. She informs him that he is now irrelevant as she heads into the bedroom.

Danielle tells Chelsea that no one ever saw Jett try to protect someone as much as he has tried to protect Chelsea. Danielle thinks Chelsea must be really special. Danielle leaves. Chelsea mentions talking to Stephanie about this. Jett tells her she can’t tell anyone his secret, especially Stephanie.

Jeremy tells Kayla landing planes is such a rush. it’s much better when the lady you love is by your side, though. Outside, Bo and Steve discuss Jeremy. Steve says he wants them to think he is a happy-go-lucky thrill seeker, but he’s really just trouble. Stephanie and Jeremy make out in front of Kayla.

Chelsea wants to know what Jeremy is up to. Jett is not really sure. They really did serve together in the air force, but they lost contact after that. He saw Jeremy’s name all over some smuggling he was investigating, so he came here to look into it further. Chelsea wants to know what he is smuggling. Jett says that is where Chelsea comes in. He thinks Stephanie knows more than she lets on.

Kayla walks outside to check on Steve. Bo fills her in. Roman is in critical condition in intensive care. Bo and Kayla leave to go to the hospital. Kayla tells Steve to teal Stephanie that she will call her with the news when she knows more. Steve starts to walk back into the pub. He sees Stephanie and Jeremy kissing. He scowls.

Chelsea thinks Stephanie would never cover for Jeremy. She might steal Chelsea’s lipstick from time to time, but she is not a smuggler. What about Max, though? Jett thinks he is cool. Jeremy is probably keeping him in the dark. He begs her to get some information out of Stephanie. Chelsea says she can’t; Stephanie is her best friend.

Steve sits at the table and fills Stephanie and Jeremy in on the news about Roman. Jeremy asks if there is anything he can do. Steve says: “Yea, hotshot, why don’t you tell us about your record, your felony convictions, or the time you spent in jail?” Jeremy practically chokes.

Lucas tells EJ that luckily for them, EJ has no place at the hospital with them. He is not a friend or a family member, thank god, so he is now out of their lives for good. EJ backs out of the door slowly and Lucas closes it in his face. Sami comes out of the bedroom crying. She is just so worried about her dad. Hugs.


Chelsea says to Jett, "I'm just your informant, only I don't get paid and the perks aren't really that good. After you nail Jeremy, I don't ever want to see you again."

Patch tells Stephanie, "Throw this jerk out with the rest of the garbage."

Nick says, "Do what I want and your secret stays safe." Kate asks, "And if I don't do what you want?" Nick smiles, "I expose you."

Sami tells Marlena, "I have to protect my children. The best way I can think of is to kill Stefano DiMera." Lucas looks on.

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