Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/30/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Brady pub, Chelsea sits by herself. She flashes back to Las Vegas. She tells Jett she’s having problems with Nick. She slips getting out of the hot tub and falls into Jett’s arms. Nick sees them. Nick asks her if they’re over. She says they are. Chelsea comes back to the present and walks toward the back room. Jett and Danielle enter the pub.

Nick is asleep on the hotel room floor. Men and women’s clothing lies around everywhere. He wakes up and rubs his head. He groans. He wonders where he is. He remembers he won fifty grand and finds the money stuffed in his underwear. A knock at the door interrupts his celebration. He opens the door to find what’s left of Max. Max’s face looks like he met the business end of a lawnmower.

At the docks, Bo preps Lexie to meet Andre. Bo is certain he will show. Lexie just hopes Andre has the ability to stop Stefano. She’s a little nervous, but she has to help. After all, she is family. Bo assures her that they won’t let anything happen; Abe would be mad if they did. Bo goes to hide. Lexie paces: “OK, you S.O.B., come and get me.”

At the police station, Lucas wants answers, NOW. Roman says they are doing the best that they can. They are attempting to make radio contact. A cop hands Roman a radio. He says they have Stefano’s pilot on the phone.

On the plane, Stefano tells Rolf that his life is in his hands. The pilot enters to tell them that air traffic control has a call for Stefano. Stefano has the call put on the intercom. It’s Roman. Stefano thinks this is an unexpected surprise. Roman says they know where he is. If he hurts Sami, he won’t live to see tomorrow. Stefano looks at unconscious Sami and sighs.

Jett tries to convince Danielle that he is in too deep to blow it now. She says she wan an idiot for letting Chelsea overhear her conversation with Mark. She’s afraid Chelsea will see them together again and get suspicious. Jett thinks that’s impossible. Chelsea is off somewhere licking her wounds because she and Nick broke up. She’s too busy moping to be out in public. Danielle excuses herself to make a call. Chelsea walks in from the back and tells Jett she was thinking about him.

Lexie walks back and forth nervously. Tony or Andre shows up. He wants to know why Stefano didn’t call him directly. Lexie says he wanted it that way. Stefano wanted them to talk. Lexie looks around desperately. Tony or Andre wants to know what is going on. He says she acts like she is expecting someone. He thinks she is setting him up. She says she isn’t. He doesn’t believe her.

Stefano says Roman’s threat left him speechless. He’s just on his way to see a specialist; he doesn’t know anything about Sami. Roman says he knows all about Stefano’s plan to take Sami’s stem cells while he flies around up there. Stefano laughs heartily. He thinks it’s hilarious that Roman thinks he would have serious surgery on an airplane. He says he was actually just going to watch The Departed. Lucas grabs the radio and threatens to kill Stefano himself if he hurts Sami. “Dio mio! Another threat!” He say that even if he were up to something, they couldn’t prevent it. Roman says he’ll be waiting for Stefano wherever his plane lands. EJ gets on the radio and tells Stefano that he wouldn’t harm his children if he loved him. Stefano wants to know why he should care about a son that stands with  his enemies.

Max tells Nick that a couple of guys took him away at gunpoint and beat him up. Nick says that they need to call the cops and take him to the E.R. Max doesn’t want to do that. Max just needs to find out what’s going on. It has to do with Jeremy, somehow. He explains his little side venture with Jeremy. He knows Jeremy is involved with more than just fake designer clothes. He thinks this guy that Jeremy deals with named Rawlings is involved with his being beat up. Nick says the name sounds familiar. Max mentions Ilsa being involved. Nick thinks Jeremy must be running drugs with the Russian mafia. After all, Ilsa is a Russian name.

Chelsea say she wanted to apologize for the way she treated him in Vegas. She had a problem with Nick and took it out on him. She says she thinks he and Nick have been over for a while, but she just realized it in Vegas. She’s been thinking about her near kiss with Jett. She wants to talk about it. Jett says he can’t do this right now.

Lexie insists she is not setting Tony or Andre up. He doesn’t believe her. Bo finally steps out of his hiding place along with the other cops and arrests Tony or Andre. He wants to know why he is being arrested. Bo tells him: “You’re going away for a long time, Andre.“ Tony or Andre says: “I’m Tony, not Andre!”

Tony or Andre (the other one) walks into the police station as EJ argues with Stefano.  EJ says he would never betray Stefano. He raised him ,after all. He says he’s going to protect his kids just like Stefano protected him. Why cant Stefano understand that? After all, his heirs are the reason Stefano built this empire to begin with. Stefano says that if EJ is the father, they won’t be real DiMeras. EJ tells him: “You won’t see out the week if you hurt Sami or the twins. “He tells him he doesn’t have to worry about Roman or Lucas, because the last face he sees will be EJ’s. 

Tony or Andre struggles with the cops. He swears he’s Tony. Bo chides him for threatening Lexie after he locked her up in the tunnel. Tony or Andre says he didn’t know about any tunnel; he’s been on an island for twenty years. Tony or Andre says he thought Lexie was setting him up for Stefano. The last he remembers, Lexie was helping the DiMeras. Bo wants to know how he got the text message sent to Andre. Tony or Andre says Andre forwarded the text to him. Tony insists Andre set all of this up .He wants to occupy the police. Then he can attack them and their families.

EJ tells Stefano how selfish he is. Stefano thought EJ was different. He had a lot of potential but he turned on his family over a woman. A Brady, no less. Lucas jumps in to remind Stefano that Sami is his wife. She doesn’t care about EJ. Stefano tells him she won’t be his wife for long. EJ has decided he wants Sami, and EJ always gets what he wants.

Max presses an ice pack to his face. Nick is just sure drugs are involved. He says Max needs to do something; after all, Stephanie and Chelsea work for Jeremy. Max wonders how Ilsa is involved. Nick thinks they need to call the cops. Max looks around and wonders where everyone else is. Nick thinks they must have headed back to Salem. Max says: “Nice, leave us stranded.” Nick wonders if Jett is involved. Max wonders why Nick is so obsessed with Jett.  Nick tells Max what happened between him and Chelsea after their date the night before and the bomb explosion. Nick says he needs to find her and fix this.

Chelsea sarcastically insists that she didn’t mean to intrude. Jett tells her he didn’t mean to blow her off. He definitely wants to talk later. He says he’ll call. Danielle walks up and asks about her beer. Chelsea says she has been an idiot.

Bo doesn’t believe Tony or Andre. Tony or Andre reminds him of the time that he went to the opera with Bo and Hope. He picked out the opera because he though everyone would like it, but Bo complained the whole time. Bo says Andre had twenty years to learn that little bit of information. The cops haul Tony or Andre off while he loudly protests. Lexie wonders if it is possible that that is Tony. Bo wonders how Andre could have known the details about the opera. Lexie wants to know where Andre is if that was Tony.

EJ wonders how two innocent babies could be disappoint Stefano. Stefano says he has to go. Tony or Andre(the other one) looks on. He takes the radio and tells Stefano he is helping the police. Stefano tells him he will be a failure, just like he always has been. Stefano says that it has been fun. They all need to get together after he returns. He just knows he will feel like a new man. He disconnects the call and sighs. “Where did I go wrong?”

Bo tells Lexie one of his men will take her back to Celeste’s. Lexie says he wants to find out if that was Andre or Tony. Bo says he will call her as soon as he finds anything out. Bo needs to call Roman and warn him Andre still may be on the loose. Lexie wonders what Andre will do if he finds out she tied to set him up.

Lucas says he needs to make some phone calls. He needs to tell Marlena and other what is going on. EJ says he has to drive him since they rode to the station together. Tony or Andre says he will do whatever he can to make Stefano pay. Luca thanks him and he leaves with EJ.  A cop comes in to the office and tells Roman has a call from Bo. Tony or Andre secretively opens a switchblade.

Bar rushes in to the cabin. He yells at them to stop. He says he was looking a Sami’s medical records and noticed that EJ is not the father of her twins. They won’t be a match for Stefano. Rolf snatches the paper and looks at it. He agrees with Bart, the tests show EJ is not the father. The stem cells won’t help Stefano. Stefano demands to know how this happened. Rolf is not sure, but this test is conclusive. EJ is not the father. Stefano burins his head in his hands: “Oh, GOD!” he sinks into a chair. Bart wants to know what they’re going to do about Sami.

Jett says it’s not what Chelsea thinks. He and Danielle are just friends. Chelsea is incredulous: “After what you did?” she asks Danielle. She asks them both: “OK, what is going on and how kinky is it?”

Bo says the Tony or Andre they arrested claims to be Tony. He even knows details about the past that only Tony would know. Roman says he’ll find out. He looks at the other Tony or Andre and says: “Andre?” Tony or Andre walks over and stabs Roman in the gut. Roman grunts and falls to the floor. Bo asks: “Roman?” Andre sighs.

Max says Nick and Chelsea will work it out. Nick says he wishes he could just start the day over and do it again. Max things all girls should have twins; that way, when you mess up with one, you can start over again with the other one. Nick says: “Twins? That’s why I called Sami and Lucas!” Nick briefly explains what happened with the paternity test. Max wants to now how Nick could have done that. Nick says he doesn’t have time to explain- he has to get to Salem right away.

Jett and Danielle explain that they were never engaged. In fact, Jett is friends with Danielle’s’ husband. Chelsea says she doesn’t care to hear the whole story and huffs off. Danielle tells Jett he has to explain the whole story to Chelsea before she goes and blabs what they told her to everyone else.

The cops bring the real Tony into the station in cuffs. They tell him he has a twin. “So I’ve been told.“ A cop walks in to the inner office and finds Roman on the ground. He yells that there’s a man down. Tony walks in and ask Roman if he can hear him. Roman says: “Damn you, Andre.” Tony tells him that he is Tony. Roman tells him he has to stop this.

At the docks, Bo is on the phone talking to someone about Andre. A cop runs up and tells him Roman has been stabbed.

At the pub, Lucas talks to Marlena on the phone. He tells them none of them are giving up- including Sami. He hangs up. EJ says they’ll find her. Lucas’ phone rings. It’s Sami. She has woken up in a strange hotel room. She doesn’t know where she is. She says her head hurts, but she thinks she is alright other than that. Lucas needs to know where she is so he can come and get her. Andre spies on Lucas and EJ through the window.


Jett says to Chelsea, "The whole thing was a setup and Danielle was in on it. Is that enough truth for you?"

Patch, Kayla, Stephanie and Jeremy sit at a table in the pub. Jeremy says, "Stephanie reminds me of the man I want to be. It's only one of the reasons I love her so much."

Bo tells Patch, "I got that jacket you wanted on Jeremy. It ain't pretty."

Lucas tells EJ, "The bottom line is... you're out of our lives." As EJ backs out and closes the door, Sami and Lucas hug. Sami cries.

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