Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/27/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the casino, Nick asks Chelsea: “What do you say? Wanna tie the old knot?” She looks confused. Nick apologizes for forgetting she’s a traditionalist. He drops on one knee and asks for her hand again. She thinks he’s still drunk. He insists he is high on life. He says they can find a chapel and an Elvis impersonator. He wants her to take a gamble. She says a gamble would be dying her hair orange, not getting married on a whim. She stomps off.

Stephanie walks up to Jeremy and demands to know: “Who is she?” He has no idea what she is talking about. She tells him that Max told her all about his slut at Bo and Hope’s house. She wishes him luck on talking his way out of this one.

Ilsa shows up at a room in the hotel. Max is inside. She starts to leave when she sees him, but he tells her he paid for her for half an hour. He needs to talk to her now.

At the police station, Bo tells Lexie she doesn’t have to worry about seeing Abe. He doesn’t work full-time yet. He tells her Abe finally has his sight back. It would be great for him to see Lexie. She doesn’t want to see Abe. Someone knocks on the door to Roman’s office. Lexie jumps. Bo opens it to find John. John needs Lexie to do him a favor. He wants her to be the bait that hooks Andre.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Lucas tells Marlena what they know about Sami’s disappearance as EJ looks on. He apologizes to Marlena and says he thinks this is just a scare tactic. She snaps: “Were you this sorry when you raped my daughter and shot my husband?” He insists he cares about Sami. Marlena says that if that is true, then he will find his father and make him bring Sami back home. Roman enters and tells them they’re having no luck so far. It looks like Sami and Stefano fell off the face of the earth.

On an airplane, Sami lies unconscious on a bed. Bart tells Stefano and Rolf: “That chick has a right hook like Floyd Mayweather.” Rolf says that Sami is almost ready to make her “donation.”

Max threatens to call Ilsa’s boss if she doesn’t cooperate. She agrees to come in. She slides the strap of her dress down her shoulder and asks if he brought protection. He tells her he isn’t interested in that; he just wants to ask her about Jeremy. She says she doesn’t get paid to talk. He begs her to just listen to him; she’ll see that they are on the same side.

Nick presses Chelsea to marry him. He reminds her of all the money he won earlier. She says she can’t be bought off like that. Nick didn’t mean that; he just wants to provide for her and take care of her. He walks over to the bar and makes a ring out of a cherry stem. He says she can buy a real one-anyone she wants-later. She asks: “Did you honestly think I would say yes?” He tells her he loves her. She tells him to go away. Jeremy wants to know exactly what Max told Stephanie. She tells him it actually wasn’t Max that told her. He told Chelsea and Chelsea told her. Jeremy asks Stephanie if she really thinks Chelsea is trustworthy or if she actually believes either of them over her own boyfriend. She tells him she does believe them. She just can’t believe she defended him to everyone. Jeremy insists Max is confused. He’ll tell her what’s going on.

Bo says there is no way they are using Lexie as bait. John says it’s the only way. Bo doesn’t want her to put her life on the line. Lexie says she has to help. When she was down in that tunnel, she had a lot of time to think about how much she hurt people. She wants to make it right. She’ll do anything they need her to do.

Lucas wants to know if the Salem P.D. is still batting zero. Lucas lays into Roman. They need to find Sami, NOW. Tony interrupts his tirade by knocking on the door. He says he has news on Sami.

The camera pans in on an unconscious Sami. Stefano reminisces about wasted youth. He wishes he could go back. He strokes Sami’s hair and wonders if he will ever be able to forgive him. “Who?” asks Rolf. “Him.” Stefano says as he looks heavenwards. He wonders if he is sacrificing a place by his side for just a few more years on earth.

Max wants her to start talking about Jeremy Horton. She tells Max she met him at a bar. “What bar?” “Why?” Max asks. He wants answers. He wants to know where she is from and how she got here. He threatens to call immigration if she doesn’t talk.

Jeremy tells Stephanie that Max saw the girl at Bo and Hope’s and jumped to conclusions. Jeremy says she’s just the friend of a client. He had to make sure she made it to Las Vegas safely. Jett comes over and tells them Nick won 50,000. He is not having as much luck convincing Chelsea to marry him. They all watch as Nick takes another crack at convincing Chelsea to elope.

Nick tells Chelsea people get married on a whim all the time. Like Britney Spears. Chelsea sarcastically replies: “Good example!” He says they love each other and it’s time to take the next step. “NO!” she yells. She doesn’t want to marry anyone. Nick tells her she should be flattered he even asked her. “Please tell me you did not just say that.” She tells him he needs his head examined, for real. He tells her he’s getting married with or without her. It’s her decision.

Jett says it looks like Chelsea shot Nick down again and heads over to talk to them. Stephanie tells Jeremy that if she finds out he’s lying, he’ll be sorry. He suggests she get the whole story from Max. He has to go take care of some business right now. He walks off.

Max starts to call immigration. Ilsa stops him. She says she is from Slovakia. She met Jeremy in Salem. She was told about a job opportunity.

John tells Bo and Lexie that he managed to get hold of a phone with the exact same number as Stefano’s, but he can’t tell them how he got it. He plans to send a text message to Andre telling him to meet Stefano. Since it will look like it came from Stefano’s phone, Andre will fall for it, and they can swoop down on him.

Tony tells Marlena, Lucas, EJ, and Roman that Stefano’s plane took off in Illinois. The flight is scheduled to be airborne until Stefano recovers from surgery. Marlena wonders how anyone can perform surgery on a plane. What about turbulence? Tony says Stefano doesn’t have much choice-in fact, he is going to have the plane re-fueled in mid-air so he doesn’t have to land. Tony thinks it will be a while before anyone sees Sami.

Nick drinks at the bar. Jeremy walks up and congratulates him on his winnings. Nick says he did OK. Jeremy wants to know why he is bummed. He tells him that it’s over with Chelsea. Nick says that’s alright though, because he has 50,000 dollars to spend. The night is young. Jeremy tells him he needs to invest that money, not waste it. He knows a way Nick can double his money in two weeks.

Jett asks Chelsea how she is doing. She tells him she said “no” to Nick’s marriage proposal. He was very persistent. Jett says Nick is just a guy that knows what he wants. Chelsea knows Nick knows what he wants, but what about what she wants? She wants to finish college and start a career. She doesn’t need a husband tying her down.

John says he tossed in a “euro” word every now and then to convince Andre he is talking to Stefano. Bo leaves to round up some back-up in case their ruse works. John thanks Lexie. He knows that she and Sami don’t get along. Lexie says that pettiness seems like it was over a long time ago. She wants to put the past behind her. The phone beeps. John smiles. Andre bought it.

EJ thinks Stefano has to be in contact with air-traffic control. They just have to figure out a way to get him to land the plane. Roman starts to head back to the police station. Both EJ and Lucas want to join him. He agrees. Roman promises Marlena they will find Sami. They leave. Marlena cuddles a picture of Sami. Tony puts a comforting arm around her.

Rolf tells Stefano not to feel guilty. He is just doing what he has to do to survive. Stefano didn’t want it to be like this. He wanted to wait until the babies were born. Rolf reminds him they don’t have the luxury of time. Stefano leans over Sami and apologizes to her.

Chelsea tells Jett she should have listened when people told her she and Nick were too different to make it work. She needs someone who is less insecure. Jett thinks she should sleep on it. After all, Nick hit his head. He is clearly not himself. She thinks she has given Nick enough chances.

Nick is interested. He can double his money? Jeremy says it’s a pretty sweet deal. The only reason he can even offer it to Nick is because one of his investors backed out. Nick wants to know what exactly he is investing in. Jeremy tells him clothes; designer stuff, jeans, etc. Nick isn’t sure he wants to do it. Jeremy tries to persuade him, but Nick says he has to go. Nick walks over to Stephanie, who is sulking on a couch. He asks her if it’s been “that kind of night.” She says: “Yeah. You too?” He says yes, with the exception of winning the fifty grand. She wants to know what he and Jeremy were talking about. He says Jeremy has an investment opportunity for him, but he wouldn’t buy a used car from Jeremy. He doesn’t trust him. Stephanie walks off. A svelte young woman asks Nick: “Is this seat taken?” He says no. She seats herself and asks him if he wants to buy her a drink.

Max asks Ilsa to help her and himself. She won’t regret it. He asks if Jeremy ever mentioned a guy named Rawlings to her. Jeremy walks into the room just at that moment.

Lucas and EJ make calls at the police station. They argue about whether or not EJ is doing a sufficient job. EJ tells Lucas not to worry; they’ll find Sami. He said he used to be a bad guy, but Sami getting pregnant with his twins really put things into perspective for him. He knows Lucas is a good dad to Will. He has no doubts that his kids will benefit from having Lucas as one of their fathers. Lucas tells EJ he has been praying for the safety of the twins as well as Sami, but Sami is his first priority. Roman bursts out of his office to tell them that he has a location for the plane.

Jeremy asks Ilsa if she is alright. He apologizes to her; he did not want this to happen. She wants to leave. Jeremy demands to know what Max said to her. Jeremy shows Ilsa out. He tells Max he’s getting on his nerves. Max feels the same way.

Nick buys the woman her drink of choice, vodka on the rocks. She says her name is China Lee. “Like the wrestler?” he asks. She says she was named for the country. She was conceived there. He thinks it’s a good thing she wasn’t conceived in Uzbekistan. She laughs. She thinks Nick is funny.

Nick takes her over to meet Jett and Chelsea. He introduces her as the future Mrs. Nick Fallon.

Marlena is really trying to stay positive, but she is afraid. Tony reminds her that he is living proof that Stefano doesn’t always prevail. John knocks at the door. Hugs. She is not holding up well. Suddenly, Tony says he has to leave. Marlena tries to get him to tell her what is going on, but he walks out before she can finish her sentence. John has a question for Marlena: “Would you like to see Andre behind bars?”

Bo tells Lexie that they have to leave. She can still back out if she wants. She doesn’t wan to back out. Bo is proud of her. He says Abe will be too.

Max wants to know how many “Ilsas” there are out there. Max is sure Ilsa is involved with whatever illegal business Jeremy is running. Stephanie interrupts. She wants to know what is going on. Max tells Jeremy this isn’t over. He’s going to get to the bottom of this. He storms out. Stephanie wants to know: “What’s not over?” Jeremy says Max is just being a drama queen.

Nick says he has spent enough time with Asia Lee to know that she is right for him. She corrects him: “It’s China.” Nick tells Chelsea he’s sorry, but she lost her chance. He and China walk off. He thanks her for playing along with his story about them getting married. They decide to hang out and have some drinks.

Two thugs grab Max in the casino. They tell him Mr. Colt wants to speak to him. They haul him off. Rawlings lurks around the background, watching.

John and Marlena hope Andre will tell them where Stefano is. If the plan works, he will be in custody by midnight at the latest. They kiss. They come up for air. John wants more. Kiss. They leave. John smacks Marlena on the butt as she walks out of the door.

Roman tells EJ and Lucas that the plane is cruising between the Grand Caymans and Bermuda. They are going to make radio contact. They all hope it’s not too late.

Stefano wants to know if everything is ready. Rolf says Sami is prepped and ready to make her contribution to the DiMera’s. Rolf says he just has to put Stefano under and he can begin. Stefano lies down on a bed next to Sami’s bed. He stares at her. Previews: Max‘s face is bloody and cut up. He says: "Whatever it is, I intend to find out what is going on and see that Jeremy gets what's coming to him." Danielle says, "Chelsea, Hi." Chelsea turns to Jett, "I'm an idiot." EJ says into a walkie-talkie, "If you care anything for me at all, do not harm Samantha or those babies." Stefano yells, "Why should I care for a son who stands with my enemies?" Roman says, "Andre?" Andre rams him in the gut. Roman grunts and doubles over.

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