Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/26/07


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At the casino, Jeremy chases Ilsa and drags Stephanie along behind him. She wants to know who he is looking for. He tells her he’s looking for a client. While he’s distracted, she brings dinner with her parents back up. He agrees to have dinner and shoos her off.

At a blackjack table, Chelsea tries to get Nick to quit. He has lost a lot of money. Unless he wants to max out his credit card and go for broke, he’s got to stop. She tells him no one really wins at these things. He points to another man at the table (played by Jerry Springer) and says: “He does.” He has two hot blondes on either arm. He tells them “winning is everything” and distributes some of his latest take.

At the pub, Kayla walks up the bar, where Steve is working. Shawn and Caroline are at the movies. She tells him she just stopped at Hope’s and saw Ciara. She shows him a picture of the baby and a teddy bear. She asks him what he thinks of them having their own--” He interrupts: “Teddy bear?” No, she meant a baby.

At the beach, Belle thought she and Shawn were going to talk things through and wait a little while before they got married. Shawn says they have done enough waiting. They kiss. Shawn said he’s going to take that as a “yes.” Belle stares.

Jeremy has cornered Ilsa in the hallway of the hotel. He tells her to stay out of sight and do her job. Max walks up just as he finishes the last statement. Max says he would really like to know what exactly Ilsa's job is.

Belle said she has dreamed of this moment for a long time. She has imagined them on a gondola, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and even in a rain forest. She says in some ways it seems like they have been together for a long time. In other ways, it seems like it hasn’t been very long at all. Shawn wants to know if this is a “not right now” kind of answer. He says he can live with that.

Steve thinks Kayla is going through a baby “phase.” She thinks they would be very lucky to have a second chance to raise a child. He thinks this second chance is for them. He says that having a baby is a lot of responsibility. The discussion ends there. Kayla can’t accept that. He tells he would give her the world. She says she just wants a baby. He thinks this is because of Stephanie. She says he missed out on so much. He says must not be a good dad; after all, things are not going well between him and Stephanie right now.

Chelsea thinks that guy will be losing again by tomorrow. She asks Nick if he is acting this way because of the bump on his head. He thinks she’s a lot like a nagging wife, and they’re not even married. She says she doesn’t care if he loses his shirt gambling and stomps off. The man tells his hot blondes to go cash in the chips and wait for him in the hotel suite. He’ll be up soon. They leave. He sits by Nick and tells him he noticed his “hottie” took off. He thinks women usually disappear when you start losing. He introduces himself as Pete. His friends call him Lucky Lucifer, because he must have sold his soul to the devil to win so much. Nick says his enemies call him Nick the Geek. Pete tells him he needs to grow some hair if he wants to win some money.

Chelsea finds Stephanie at the bar and tells her Nick is losing and won’t quit. Stephanie wants to know why Chelsea even cares, since they broke up. Chelsea says Nick is nice. Stephanie makes fun of him. Chelsea asks Stephanie if she suddenly knows what nice guys are like. Stephanie thinks that is a dig aimed at Jeremy. She says Chelsea is just jealous because the only guy she has slept with is Nick.

Jeremy tells Max he is just surprised to see Ilsa. It’s just a coincidence she is here; after all, it is Las Vegas. Max wants to know why she is here. Jeremy says: “To party.” Ilsa runs off. Jeremy tells Max he hopes he doesn’t have this effect on all the ladies. Max tells him this isn’t over.

Nick is insulted by Pete’s remark about his hair. Pete just meant Nick needs to learn how to play. He tells him that you can influence the forces of the universe, but you have to play big. Nick says he’ll just keep playing the way he has been. Pete tells him he’s going to let him in on a little secret. He has a good luck charm. He pulls a glass eye out of his pocket and places it on the table. He tells Nick it belonged to his Pappy.

Belle tells Shawn she loves him. He thinks their marriage will be great for Claire. Belle tells him he has nothing to prove. She asks if this is about Phil. He says it isn’t really, but he does want him out of their lives. He wants to know why she is hesitant. He says he’ll do whatever it takes for them to be happy. She says she needs to be sure. He snaps: “I thought I wan the one who needed to do some growing up, but I was wrong!”

Shawn apologizes and says that came out wrong. Belle says it’s ok; the proposal just surprised her, that’s all. Shawn asks if she needs advance notice so she can circle it on her calendar in red marker. She tells him not to make fun and reminds him that she hasn’t said “no” yet. They kiss and fall to the ground.

Jeremy thinks Max should join the family business and become a cop. Jeremy instructs Ilsa to tell Max why she is here. She says she came to party. She has friends here. Jeremy says to let it go. Max doesn’t like the way Jeremy makes money. Jeremy wants to know why he keeps taking cash from him, then.

Stephanie wants to know why Chelsea just can’t be happy for her. Chelsea hems and haws. Stephanie tells her to spit it out if she’s got something to say about Jeremy. Chelsea tells her he is cheating.

Nick holds the eyeball. He thinks it’s gross. Pete tells him his Pappy lost an eye in a fight. He had a marked deck of cards. His Pappy found the eye in a St. Louis pawnshop. It brought him a lot of luck. He gave it to Pete on his deathbed. Pet has carried it around ever since. He tells Nick to try it, so they can see if he can grow some hair.

Kayla tells Steve to stop blaming himself about Stephanie. She tells him not to worry, and that she will come around soon. He thinks she just wants a baby so they can have a second chance to get it right this time. He doesn’t need a baby to be happy, anyway.

Shawn won their wrestling match on the blanket. Belle wants a rematch. Shawn asks if she wants to dump him. She says no, she just wants them to be open and honest with one another. She knows he blew off the job interview in Cleveland; she also knows that he didn’t get on the plane.

Kayla says she doesn’t need a baby to be happy, either. It will make their lives richer, that’s all. Steve reminds Kayla he has holes in his past you could drive semis through. Sometimes he flies off the handle. Besides, he doesn’t know how to raise kids. What if they don’t love him? What if they turn out badly? He says he bets Jeremy’s parents thought they raised a decent person.

Max thinks Jeremy is shady. Jeremy says Max didn’t care much when he was making money off of his illegal activities. Max gives him back his money. Jeremy says if her wants out, that’s fine by him.

Nick asks Pete how much money he has won so far. Pete says he has won 22,400. He tells him the gods are smiling on him. Nick decides to bet the rest of the pile of money.

Stephanie insists Jeremy wouldn’t cheat. Chelsea says Max saw him with another girl at Bo and Hope’s house. Jeremy said she was a one night stand. Stephanie says Max is lying, and so is Chelsea because they hate Jeremy. Chelsea sighs: “Whatever, I just thought you should know.” Stephanie says she and Max are rotten friends and she hates both of them.

Chelsea says she is really trying to be a true friend. Max wanted her to tell Stephanie a long time ago. She was afraid she would be upset-just like Chelsea was when she found out about Nick and her mom. Stephanie says this is different because it isn’t true. But if it were true, what would Chelsea do in her place? Chelsea said she would get up in his face and make sure he never messed with her again: “But you won’t do that because Jeremy would never cheat on you? It can’t be true, right?” Chelsea walks off.

Nick wants a once in a lifetime experience. Pete tells him now is the time to make his move, because the eye only has one more hand left in it tonight. The dealer tells him the table has a thousand dollar limit. Pete asks her to make an exception just this once. She agrees. Nick gets dealt 16. Pete whispers that the eye “told” him the next card is four. If he hits now, he’ll have 20.  Max says it’s just fine with him if he walks away right now. Jeremy worries that he will tell the cops about his business. Max says he will keep his mouth shut, unless he finds out Jeremy is running more than just knock-off designs. Then he will rat him out in a heartbeat. Max walks off. Jeremy scowls .

Steve comes to the bar from the back and is surprised Kayla is still there. He jokingly threatens to cut her off. She asks him to look at the pictures of Ciara again. She wonders if that makes him want another baby. He says it doesn’t. She says that lots of kids need a good home. He says they can have one, just not the Johnson home. She plays the “needy kids need a good dad like you” card. Steve says all the things you do with kids-like building sand castles, PTA meetings, etc, - is just not for him. That ship has sailed.

Shawn wants to know who told her about him missing the job interview and flight. “Phillip, of course,” he fumes. She wants to know why he kept it a secret. He says he didn’t want their future-their home and savings account- to be about Phillip. Max has promised him a share of the garage profits, but he knows he won’t be wealthy. He just didn’t want to be in Cleveland all week working. He wants to be with Belle and Claire as much as possible. Belle agrees that she did not want him to take the job either. But she still wants to know what he did all day instead of flying to Cleveland. Shawn flashes back to changing the ticket to fly to Indianapolis. He tells Belle he didn’t go anywhere or do anything; he just drove around. That’s it.

Nick tells the dealer to “hit” him. He now has 20, and the dealer has 19, so he wins 50,000 dollars. He tells Pete that this is all his Pappy’s eyeball’s doing and thanks him. Nick says he is finished gambling and goes to cash in his chips. Pete tells him to go find his “hottie.” She won’t be mad at him anymore.

Chelsea walks over to Stephanie and asks if she still hates her. Stephanie is thinking about it. Jeremy walks over and interrupts. He wants to go hot tubbing with Stephanie. Chelsea asks where Nick is. Stephanie saw him win a lot of money earlier- maybe Chelsea needs to keep tabs on him. Chelsea glares at Jeremy and says: “Maybe we should keep tabs on you.” Stephanie says: “Yeah, maybe we should.” Chelsea leaves. Jeremy says Chelsea is hot, so why is she so hung up on that loser Nick? Stephanie jumps all over him for insulting Nick. He wants to know why she is defending him all of a sudden. He asks if she wants a back rub back in the room. She says those always lead to sex and she is just not in the mood tonight. She huffs off.

Nick counts his winnings. Chelsea comes over and asks if he won all of that. He tells her they’re rich and asks her if she wants to get married.

Pete tells the dealer to put Nick’s winnings on his tab. The dealer wonders why Pete did all of this for a stranger. He says he did it for true love. He guesses he is just a romantic. As he leaves, he stops and returns the eye to a janitor with an eye patch. He tells the man he found it under a table. Pete says should be more careful about his eye. It’s lucky, after all.

Ilsa's date from yesterday’s show opens his hotel room door to find Max. Max wants to know how he can find Ilsa. The man wants to know if he is Ilsa's pimp. He tells Max Ilsa is a prostitute named “Candy Cane.” Max starts yelling at the man to get him a phone number for her. “ I want to find her NOW.”

Steve asks Kayla why she never adopted before. She says she needed her partner to raise another child. She says she is scared, too, but she really wants to do this. He tells her she should be in sales, because she definitely has him considering the idea now. They agree to talk it all through before making any decisions. Steve wants to leave time for other things too. They kiss.

Belle wonders why Shawn drove around instead of just coming home. He didn’t want her to be mad. He’s sorry he messed things up. She says they both did. But, they still have unfinished business. Belle drops down on both knees and says: “Shawn Brady, will you marry me?” He pretends to think about it, but then laughs and says: “Yes.” They hug.
Belles stares.


Chelsea says, "The answer is no." Nick asks, "No – you don't want to get married at all, or is this about some problem you have with me?"

EJ says, "I care very deeply about Samantha." Marlena says, "Get a hold of that so-called father of yours. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here."

Lucas snorts, "You've gotta be kidding me." Tony says, "I wish I were, Lucas. You know, I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha any time soon." Marlena and Roman look on.

Stefano tells Rolf, "I wish it could be different but we must make this sacrifice." Sami lies unconscious on a bed.

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