Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

     At the Brady pub, Phillip plays a tape for Billie. A robotic sounding voice calls for “Daddy.” Billie wants a copy of the tape. Phil has already made her one. She wants to know if any threats have been made. Phil says there are no threats; he thinks a jealous business associate may be behind it. Billie wants him to make a list of people who might have a grudge against him. She thinks this is personal, not business-related.  

      At the hospital, Bo tells Shawn Andre escaped. Apparently, he was faking his paralysis. He asks how things are going at the garage. Shawn says things are going great; in fact, he’s thinking about proposing to Belle.  

      On the hotel room balcony, Jeremy tells Jett and Chelsea to return their seats to their upright and fully locked position. Jett wants to know what Nick is doing there. Nick says he came for the waters. When Jett tells him there are no waters, Nick tell him he was misinformed. He reminds Chelsea that they had a date. She reminds him that their date was over because she had to go to work. Nick doesn’t remember that. Jeremy tells them Nick bumped his head. “What happened?” Nick says a bomb. Nick wants to know what Chelsea and Jett are doing, exactly. 

      At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, EJ asks if his briefcase is beeping. Lucas yells at Sami to get out of the way. Sami yells: “NO, LUCAS!” as he gets near the briefcase. He yells at her to stay back.  

      Bo is very excited about Shawn proposing to Belle. Shawn doesn’t seem as excited, which Bo doesn’t understand. He thinks she’ll say yes; after all, Shawn is not that ugly. Shawn just wishes he made more money. Bo wants to know if his hesitation about Belle’s answer is really about Phillip. 

      Phillip tells Billie he thought the calls were just crank calls at first. Billie tells him crank callers ask for I.P. Daily and Prince Albert in a can. Billie thinks he pissed someone off. Billie is going to call Phillip’s cell phone company and ask them to trace the calls. Phillip wants to know why Billie hasn’t asked him if he has a kid out there somewhere. She says she didn’t ask because she thought he would tell her if he did. Phil says it was the first thing Bo asked. Billie says she trusts Phillip more than Bo does. She hugs him and walks off. Belle walks over. She says she is meeting Shawn there. They have a date at the beach, and Caroline is putting together a picnic basket for them. She says Claire is with Hope. Phillip pulls out a giant shopping bag and tells Belle: “These are for you.” 

      Lucas tries to stop him, but EJ opens his briefcase. Lucas grabs Sami and covers her face as smoke pours out of the briefcase. EJ screams at them to get out.  

      Nick follows Chelsea back into the hotel room. She says their date is over, and she has to work. He wants to know how she ended up in Jett’s arms. She says she slipped. Nick asks why she never told him she was living the high life. She says she isn’t. She huffs off. Jett walks in. Nick tells him he doesn’t think Chelsea is happy to see him. Jett thinks Nick needs to lie down on the couch and take a nap. Nick wants to know if Jett is a betting man, because if he is, the odds are stacked against him.

      In the hot tub, Jeremy sips champagne. Stephanie walks onto the balcony and slips her robe off. She is wearing a slinky bikini underneath. She joins him in the hot tub. He admires a new toe ring he bought her and they kiss. She flashes back to her conversation yesterday with Chelsea. She asks Jeremy if he’s buying her jewelry because he feels guilty about something.  

      Casino/Gambling montage. In the casino, Max plays at a table. He complains about his luck and the dealer tells him to come back later when his luck has returned. He sees a blonde girl chatting with a man. He flashes back to meeting Ilsa at Bo and Hope’s house. The girl in the casino is Ilsa. He wonders what she is doing in Las Vegas.  

      Phillip bought clothes for Belle and Claire. He says he found a catalog that Belle had marked up with things she wanted, and he took the liberty of buying them for her. She thinks this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her, but she really can’t accept. Phillip says: “Every woman should have clothes to set off her beauty.” 

      Bo tells Shawn he has to forget Phillip, because Belle loves Shawn. He is the one in Belle’s heart, not Phillip. Shawn complains that he has a lot of debt. Bo says sometimes young couples go through rough times. He still hasn’t heard the full story as to why Shawn agreed to move in with Phillip, though. Shawn said he did because Claire was missing and Belle wanted to concentrate on that. Bo reminds him Claire has been home for awhile. Shawn wants them to move out, too. Bo tells Shawn that he has plenty to offer Belle, but they need to move out of Phillip’s house. Then he can propose to Belle once they are settled into a new place. Roman comes over and asks to borrow Bo. Shawn says he has to go meet Belle and leaves. 

      Phillip tells Belle to keep the clothes. She tells him he’s done enough. He wants to know if Shawn is the reason she can’t keep them. Phillip thinks if Shawn sees how hot she looks in her new clothes, then he’ll forget all about who bought them. She asks: “On what planet?” Shawn comes into the pub and sits down at Billie’s table, where she is sitting alone. She asks how things are going since he returned from his “travels.” He says everything is fine, but he needs to ask her a question. He wants to know what she would think of a guy that proposed with THIS. He pulls out a small black box. Billie opens it to find a gigantic diamond ring.  

      Nick bobs and weaves. “Come on, Jett. Make your bet.” Jett offers to knock Nick out. Nick says he was just kidding. Jett tells him that he and Chelsea are just friends, so there is nothing to worry about. Nick wants to know what is going on. Chelsea walks in and gets ready to leave with Jett. Nick asks: “Are we done?” She turns around and says: “So done.”

      Jeremy wants to know what it is he is supposed to feel guilty about. He demands to know if Max said something to her. She tells him Max hasn’t said squat. He continues to angrily question her. She tries to change the subject. Jeremy just wants her to know that some people want to spread lies about him, that’s all. 

      The man tells Ilsa that he has to go see someone about a horse. Max uses this opportunity to walk over and re-introduce himself. He reminds her they met a few days ago, and he was Jeremy’s friend. She says she can’t talk. He just wants to make sure she’s not in trouble. She says: “Nice to see you. Bye.” Max stops her from walking away and asks her again if she is OK. Her male companion shows back up and tells Max to back off of his woman. 

      “WOW!” says Billie. “It’s HUGE!” She says Shawn did good. But she does want to know how he paid for it. He says Max gave him an advance on his salary. Max is going to dock his paycheck until he has paid it off. He wants to know if Billie would say “yes” to a man that gave her this ring. She says she’d say “yes” to the ring first, and then “yes” to the guy. She makes sure it is for Belle. He tells her he’s going to propose tonight at the beach. “Good luck,” says Billie. “You have it coming.” 

      Phillip tells Belle he’ll send the clothes back, but he thinks she should tell Shawn and give him the chance to let her keep them. Shawn walks over and asks Belle if she is ready to go to the beach. He sees the clothes on the table and asks: “What’s all this?!” 

      Lucas and EJ wake up on the floor of the apartment. Lucas tells EJ that he told him not to open that briefcase. They both stand up and look around groggily. EJ looks at the briefcase. “Sulfur Chloride. We’re lucky to be alive.” Lucas asks where Sami is. He walks around the apartment, calling her. He walks back in and freaks: “She’s not here!”  

      In the hallway at the hotel, Chelsea and Jett talk. She just can’t believe Nick followed her here. Jett tells her Nick thinks they have a date. She reminds him he interrupted it. He tells her he gave her an out. She didn’t have to come. Chelsea flashes back to their conversation on the beach and his offer to work.  Jett brings her back to the present by commenting that Nick looked out of it. She thinks he’s just pissed she chose work over him. She is sick of him following her around like some lost puppy. She says: “Let’s go party.” 

      Nick opens a suitcase in the hotel room. He holds some clothes up to his chest. He smiles, grabs a handful of clothes, and goes in the back to change.  

      Jeremy explains to Stephanie that he has a new side venture that is making him a lot of money. People that are jealous of that want to spread lies about him and take him down. She wants to know what kind of lies people are might tell about him. He says it doesn’t matter. She wants to know how she is supposed to know if they are lies if she doesn’t know what they are? Jeremy tells her to keep playing dumb if she wants to, but it bores him. He is going to the casino. She wants to join him. He says no and walks off. She wonders what his problem is.  

      Nick emerges from the back bedroom in a new outfit. He dances around the hotel room and admires himself in the mirror.  

      Max tells the man he is just a friend. The man tells Max to be friendly, but not on his time. Max tells the guy he needs to stock up on some of those little blue pills they sell. He’ll need them. The man swings at Max, misses and falls to the floor. Security escorts the man out. Ilsa slaps Max and tells him to stay out of her business.  

      Shawn wants to know where Belle go the money to buy clothes. She tells him Marlena took her shopping. Shawn says he’ll pay her back. Belle says no, because it was a gift, and Marlena would be insulted if he tried to pay her. Shawn says OK, and walks off to go check on the food Caroline is making for them. Belle tells Phillip she feels bad about lying to Shawn. Phillip says it was just a little white lie and not a big deal. Belle tells him he is a girl’s dream come true.  

      Roman and Bo have showed up to Lucas and Sami’s apartment. Lucas explains that they were knocked out. Roman and Bo tell them Andre escaped and is no doubt behind the bomb. Apparently, he took a powerful muscle blocker that numbed his legs and back. It fooled the doctors, and when it wore off, he was able to make his escape. Stefano is missing, too. Lucas is scared Stefano has taken Sami and that he is going to kill the babies. EJ agrees with Lucas. He says his father will sacrifice anyone to save his own life.  

      Jett and Chelsea walk over and greet Max, who is standing at the casino bar. He says his luck sucks. Chelsea says “Tell me about it.” Nick followed her here and he is wasted. Jett says it looks like he hit his head pretty hard, too. Max asks if Jett knows Ilsa. He says she’s the girl Jeremy was with at Bo and Hopes’ house. He tells them she is here. Jett doesn’t think that is weird because  Vegas is a big party town. Max says he gets a weird vibe every time he sees her. Jett tells him to let him know if he sees her again.  Then he leaves to get drinks for himself and Chelsea. Max asks Chelsea if she had a chance to talk to Stephanie. She said she couldn’t. Jeremy walks up and wants to know who wants to party. He’s hosting the bar. Chelsea isn’t interested and leaves. Jeremy hands Max a wad o’ cash--his take from their side venture.  

      Lucas swears he’s going to take the DiMeras down. He’s going to stick a gun down their throats. Roman tells him they broke a window and came in through the fire escape. Lucas wants to know how the guards missed an unconscious Sami being dragged down the fire escape. Roman says the posted cops got a bogus dispatch call and they left. He admits it wasn’t the P.D.’s finest moment. He wants Lucas to stay put. Lucas refuses. Roman tells him that Sami is smart. She will try to call if she can get to a phone. Does Lucas want to take the chance he’ll miss that call? Roman says he’ll call as soon as they hear anything. He and Bo leave. EJ jumps up. He tells Lucas they’re going to find Sami themselves.

      Belle tells Phillip that Shawn stuck to his story about missing the job interview. She thinks it is just a tiny fib and no big deal. Phillip says she would have busted his chops for something like that when they were married. Shawn comes over and asks if she is ready to go. They start to leave. Belle hangs back long enough to thank Phillip again and kiss him on the cheek.  

      Jeremy counts his dough in the casino. Stephanie runs up and kisses him. She doesn’t want to fight. He says he is sorry too. She gushes about the make-up sex they’ll have. She asks about all the cash. He says that’s the payoff for the side project he and Max are working on. He gives her some money and tells her to go buy some silk panties. She says she wishes her Dad could see him being this sweet and thoughtful by buying her gifts. She wants them to have dinner with her parents. He says he can’t do it anytime soon, maybe later. He leaves.  

      Chelsea notices Jeremy ditching Stephanie and tells Jett. She wants to go talk to Stephanie, but Jett stops her. She thinks Stephanie deserves to know and she‘ll get over it eventually, and Jett thinks she needs to find out for herself. Nick enters the casino and yells: “WHAT IS UP, LAS VEGAS?” He walks over to a blackjack table and starts to play.  

      EJ thinks he and Lucas need to work together. Lucas reminds EJ that he was the one that brought the briefcase over to begin with. EJ says Lucas can look on his own if he wants, but they both know they have a better shot at finding her if they work as a team.  

      Billie tells Phillip the calls were traced to Indianapolis. He says he doesn’t know anyone there. Billie swears she’s going to track the joker down.  

      At the beach, Shawn and Belle lie on a blanket and admire the moonlight. Belle says the moon is “a silvery pathway on a bed of black velvet.” Shawn says it’s funny she mentioned velvet…and he whips out the small black box. He gets down on one knee and says: “Belle Black, will you marry me?” 


Kayla asks, "What do you think about us with a little..." Patch interrupts, "Teddy bear?" Kayla smiles, "A baby." 

Ilsa says, "It won't happen again." Jeremy says, "Just do your job." Max walks up, "What job is that, Jeremy? 'Cause I'd sure like to know." 

Belle is on her knees, "Will you marry me?" Shawn asks, "You're proposing to me?" Belle asks, "Are you gonna marry me or not?" 

Nick yells, "I won fifty grand!" Pete (Jerry Springer), mutters something unintelligible, "Something, Something, and lots of it!" Nick says, "Thank you, Pete!"

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