Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie and Chelsea lounge in the hotel hot tub. Stephanie says that Max was in a lousy mood. Chelsea thinks he is upset about the business and stressed about Jeremy. Stephanie brags about the necklace Jeremy bought her. Chelsea wonders what he feels so guilty about that he feels the need to buy her jewelry. Some guys get really sweet when they’ve done something wrong, Stephanie says: “You mean like Nick after he slept with your mom?”

On the plane, Jeremy and his “sales contact” discuss Max and his desire to look at the cargo. The man does not want Max nosing around tonight and wants Jeremy to handle it. Jeremy wants to scale back on the deal, but the man says it’s not possible. Nick enters the cabin and the man pulls a gun on him.

At Sami and Lucas’ apartment, Roman tells the two that he has found them a new safe house. They can leave shortly. Sami and Lucas say they’re not going to hide anymore.

At the hospital, EJ leans over Andre’s hospital bed. He wants to know if Stefano told Andre he could fly, and that’s why he jumped off that building. He knows that DNA and fingerprints don’t lie, so he is definitely Andre. He wants to know just how long he has been “playing” Tony. EJ says Andre went behind Stefano’s back when the old man wanted a truce and tried to kill Sami. Stefano won’t tolerate it. Andre whispers. EJ can’t hear what he said. Stefano’s voice booms from behind him: “He said: ‘Look behind you!’” Bo Brady has paralyzed Andre and he and EJ need to have a long talk about it.

At the lake, Hope and Maggie call for Nick. Maggie is very worried. Nick had a head injury, and he could be hurt very badly somewhere. Bo shows up and tells them there is no need to keep looking. Nick’s bank has called to say he bought a plane ticket to Vegas. He must have gone to find Chelsea. 

Jeremy tells the man to put the gun away; Nick is his cousin. The man says he has to go move the merchandise anyway, so he leaves. Nick wonders about the gun. Jeremy makes a tired excuse about airport security. Jeremy asks Nick why he is there. Nick explains he has a date on the beach. Jeremy says there are no beaches in Vegas. Nick asks “Where are you?” Jeremy wants to know if he’s been sniffing stuff out of the lab. Nick asks if he can lay down. Before he can, he passes out.

Roman explains to Sami and Lucas that they almost died. They can’t stay there. It is too dangerous. A cop comes in and hands Roman a little case with a note inside. He says forensics has already checked it out. Roman reads aloud: “May the two of you live happily ever after…in heaven. Love, EJ.”

Rolf wheels Stefano out into the hallway and EJ follows. He insists that it is Andre in there. Stefano knows this already. Andre is not a fraud, he is the only “son” he had that never disappointed him. He honors Andre because he can count on him. The camera pans back to Andre. He unhooks himself from some equipment and grabs EJ’s briefcase. He opens it and smiles. Back outside the room, Stefano tells EJ he has disappointed him, and he will reap what he has sown. Stefano has Rolf wheel him back into Andre’s room. EJ insists that he did what Stefano asks. After all, a Brady is pregnant by a DiMera. Stefano wants to know what good there is in having a grandchild whose father has no backbone. Stefano tells EJ to get out. He doesn’t want to look at his face. EJ takes his briefcase and leaves. Stefano asks Andre if he left a surprise with Elvis. Andre says it’s set to go off. Stefano says: “It is done.” 

Maggie wants the Vegas P.D. out looking for Nick. Bo says he hasn’t been missing for 24 hours yet, so their hands are tied. Bo says Nick is a smart kid- he will get the help he needs. They shouldn’t worry so much.

Jeremy wakes Nick up by throwing water on him. Nick can’t believe he passed out. Jeremy’s phone rings. It’s Bo, wanting to know if he’s seen Nick. Jeremy says he’s right in front of him. Bo wants Jeremy to take Nick to the hospital. Maggie yanks the phone away and asks about Nick. Jeremy says he will take him to the hospital and give them an update in a couple of hours. Jeremy hangs up and tells him all the Hortons are out looking for him. Nick just wants to find Chelsea. Jeremy says he can help, but Chelsea might not be so happy to see Nick. Nick says: “She loves me. I’m a sexy guy.”

Jeremy says that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That doesn’t include your boyfriend showing up.

Sami doesn’t think EJ would leave his business card on a flower bomb. Roman agrees. Sami doesn’t care if the DiMera’s try to hurt her again: “Bring ‘em on.” EJ has entered just in time to hear this last statement. He says he has never admired her more than now.

Stephanie and Chelsea argue in the deserted hotel room. Chelsea can’t believe Stephanie threw Nick and her mom in her face like that. Stephanie can’t believe Chelsea is trying to make her feel guilty about what Jeremy is doing. Chelsea says: “More like WHO he’s doing.” She tells Stephanie to go take an STD test. If the tests come back negative, Chelsea will take back what she said. Stephanie says she’s going down to the casino and stomps off. Jett enters and wants to know what’s wrong. Chelsea says his friend is cheating on Stephanie and buying her gifts to make up for it. Jett would rather discuss their near kiss from the other night.

At the Brady pub, Anna walks in to find Bo and Hope. She tells them they found the real Tony and not only is he fine, he is amazing. So, she needs to find Roman so they can talk. She asks them to have Roman call her. Anna leaves. Hope says Roman is about to get his heart broken.

EJ says management called him and told him about the explosion. Everyone is fine, but Nick almost got killed. EJ says he is sorry if he is family was behind this. Lucas snorts: “Did you say ‘IF’?” EJ was at a meeting all evening.. He says he couldn’t have delivered the bomb and wouldn’t have. Lucas wants to know how he can shoot a man in cold blood and rape a woman, but not be able to plant a bomb. EJ reminds Lucas that they are trying to get along for Sami’s and the twins’ sake.

Stefano yells at the doctor. He wants Andre’s paralysis treated immediately! The doctor leaves and Stefano laughs to Rolf: “Medical idiots.” He is glad Rolf isn’t as naïve as these doctors about his son. Tony enters and asks Stefano what son he was referring to. Does he have any other sons hidden away? Stefano says: Oh my God, Tony!” Tony says that it is so good to be back.

Bo and Hope argue about Roman’s reaction to Anna and Tony being together. Bo thinks Roman will be glad to have her off his back. Hope thinks Bo must really love that butt paste. She asks Bo if he’ll go double or nothing on their bet. They’ll bet on whether or not Roman will be happy about Anna being with Tony. Bo wants to know how she’ll top the last bet. Will he have to breastfeed? Hope wants him to streak around the parking lot. Bo refuses. She looks around the restaurant and calls out: “Bo? Bo? What happened to my husband?” She cozies up to Bo and wants to know what happened to her Irish rebel who would take any dare. He agrees to streak if she wins.

Stefano says the South Pacific has agreed with Tony. Tony tells Andre that it’s been a while, and he doesn’t look so good. Stefano tell Tony not to make fun, as Andre may never walk again. Tony reminds Stefano that mobility never kept him from being mischievous. He says Stefano is a psychopath with no compassion. He says Anna, John and Marlena are gaining strength. He won’t rest until Stefano and his minions get what’s coming to them. Their reign of terror is over.

Sami insists that they’ll stay. They haven’t even decorated the nursery yet. She said Belle was under a lot of stress because she has had to move around a lot with Claire. She doesn’t want that for herself or her babies. Lucas tells Roman to post all the guards he wants; and he’ll worry about protecting Sami himself. Roman says Sami drives him crazy sometimes, but he agrees that they can stay. He tells Lucas to keep an eye on her an leaves. EJ sits down and suggests the three of them play a relaxing game of hearts. He’ll deal.

Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about the near-kiss with Jett. She’s sick of obsessing over relationships. She wants to relax in the hot tub. Jet follows. He says he is sorry. He acted like a real ass. He was just using Chelsea to get over Danielle. She says that’s ok, because she was just using him too. She invites him into the hot tub. They agree that this “non-kiss” shouldn’t weird them out or get in the way of something good.

Stefano congratulates Tony. Not even Puccini could write an aria that well. He has a sense of drama just like Stefano does. Tony tells him that if he internalizes that drama, he can hurt Stefano. Roman enters. He and Tony shake hands. Roman heard that John and Marlena found him. Tony tells Roman that he and Anna would love to have him over for dinner sometime. Roman informs Stefano that their bomb failed. Stefano asks: “What bomb?” Roman says whoever left it tried to blame EJ. Roman says the smell the bomb left is like the smell in this room--an old man about to die. Roman talks about how happy everyone will be when Stefano dies. He plans on personally dancing on his grave.  He tells him Andre is going to prison shortly, too. He leaves the room. He tells the guard outside to keep an eye on Stefano and Andre. The guard wants to know why, since one is paralyzed and the other is in a wheelchair. Roman just tells him to keep an eye out and call him if there is trouble. Tony steps out of the room and pulls Roman aside. He wants to know if he can help. Roman asks about the key. Tony says it will literally end the vendetta. Roman wants Tony to try to find both the key and the lock it fits into.

Hope wants to practice stripping Bo for his streak. Bo says Roman will be happy about Anna. Anna and Tony walk in. Hope and Bo both greet Tony with hugs and handshakes all around. Tony says he saw Stefano and vowed to bring him down. Roman walks in just in time to see Anna and Tony kissing. Roman grumps to Bo: “I have better things to do than be here.” He stomps off, and Anna tries to chase him down so they can talk. Hope grabs and rips Bo’s shirt and tells him to get ready to drop his clothes.

EJ wonders if Lucas would rather play gin rummy. Lucas wants to know if EJ is trying to be funny. EJ says, yes, he considers them friends. “We’re neighbors. I’m not the devil incarnate.” Lucas said he agrees to be civil to EJ, not to be friends with him. EJ agrees to leave. Lucas hands EJ his briefcase and fakes a British accent: “Cheerio! don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” 

Chelsea is glad she and Jett talked. Jett thinks they’ll become closer friends because if it. They exchange awkward looks. She feels hot. He feels really hot. They both stand up and talk about how beautiful the moonlight is. Jett gets out. He offers his hand to Chelsea, and as she starts to step out, she falls into his arms. Nick and Jeremy walk onto the balcony just at that moment. Nick stares.  

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis calls Roman.  Andre is missing. The guard is tied up in his bed. The doctor just doesn’t know how this could have happened.

Roman bursts into the pub to tell Hope Stefano and Andre are missing. He wonders where Bo is. Bo comes in from outside at just that moment, completely nude. He hides behind a little curtain.  Roman tells Bo Andre is missing. He tells Bo he needs to go put some pants on. If they’re lucky, they may be able to catch Stefano and Andre with their pants down.

Lucas mentions that EJ was supposed to move. EJ says there are different circumstances now. EJ wants to do what is best for everyone. EJ looks at his briefcase in puzzlement. “Is it just me, or is my briefcase beeping?” Everyone stares at the briefcase.


Max says, "I just want to know that you're OK." Ilsa says, "I cannot talk to you." Max says, "I'm one of the good guys. I swear, Ilsa, just talk..." A man interrupts, "Hey! The little lady is with me, so just back off, Jack!" 

Bo asks, "Something on your mind?" Shawn says, "Yeah, I'm thinking of asking Belle to marry me." 

Belle tells Phillip, "You are a girl's dream come true." Phillip smiles. 

Lucas shoves Sami, "Sami! It's a bomb! Get out of the way." Sami says: "Lucas, NO!" EJ holds the briefcase.

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