Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Hope and Bo argue about Santo and Colleen. Bo thinks Santo was up to no good, and that Colleen might compromise herself. Bo brings up his dirt diaper duty. He’d like to go double or nothing based on the outcome in the letters. Hope scoffs, and assures him he’ll be changing dirty diapers for the rest of the year. Hope brings up the fact that Santo looks like EJ, which bothers Bo. Then Hope reminisces about her own man on a motorcycle. She tries to remind Bo that Santo and Colleen’s story is as romantic as their own. They begin reading a letter from Colleen to Santo.

Many years ago, on an Irish beach, little Shawn and little Stefano run around with Colleen and Santo close behind. They run off to climb on the rocks. Santo seems concerned, but Colleen insists Shawn will keep him safe. Colleen keeps calling him “Mr. DiMera” even though he would prefer to be called “Santo.” She changes the subject by bringing up the fact that Sister Rose is not chaperoning. Santo thinks the boys make adequate chaperones. Colleen wants to know exactly what it is Santo wants from her.

On a plane, Jeremy tells Max to meet him back at the hotel. Max wants to see the cargo first. Jeremy reminds him he already saw the merchandise last night. He doesn’t want Max keeping track tonight.  In another part of the plane, Chelsea and Stephanie make drinks. Stephanie wonders aloud if Chelsea would have been as willing to come to work if it were Jett on that blanket making out with her.

At Lucas and Sami’s apartment, Nick holds the beeping flowers at the door. Finally realizing there may be a bomb in them, he pushes Sami back into the apartment and slams the door. Lucas grabs Sami and yells at her to get away from the door. KA-BLOOEY!! The camera pans to Nick, who is lying on the floor in the hallway. He is covered with bits of flowers and the blast has literally blown him out of his shoes.

Bo does not want to compared to Santo. Hope wonders if Colleen wanted Santo as much as she wanted Bo. Bo reminds her Colleen is promised to God. Hope reminds him that not only is Colleen a novice, she is also a woman. She continues reading. Colleen loves her life, but she wonders what life would be like outside of the church. . She sees adventure in Mr. DiMera's eyes.

Santo simply wants the pleasure of Colleen’s company. He has a deep respect for her devotion to God. He also tells her that no girl in Galway is prettier than she is. She tells him her “da” would probably hit him if he heard him say that. Her becoming a nun is a huge honor to her family. Santo just doesn’t understand that. Their hands touch briefly. Santo her beauty was given to her by God, and he wonders why she chose this life. She says that she had wanted it ever since she was a wee lass. Helping her along the way were the prayers and guidance of her parents and priests. He thinks it is a pity she wasted her life. She becomes quite angry and threatens to throw him over the bluff and splatter his ego all over the rocks.

Lucas and Sami burst out of the door of their apartment to find Nick on the floor. Sami yells “Oh my God” several times. Lucas tells her to call 911. He then kneels next to Nick and shouts at him to keep hanging on.

Hope compares Colleen’s attraction for a stranger to the way she gave up everything to wrap her arms around Bo and take off on his motorcycle. She says these kinds of things only happen once in a lifetime.

Santo insists that he does not pity her. Colleen says that he cannot question her being a novice. It is her calling. He promises he won’t question it anymore if she grants him one wish. He wants to see her in a simple, beautiful dress. Colleen says her cousin from Cork told her about Italian men and the godless things they say. She swears Santo will never have the chance to treat her that way. She gets up and calls for little Shawn, intending to leave. She tells Santo a sin in thought is still a sin. She just can’t let him shame her or her family.

Jett leaves the cockpit and takes a seat next to Max. He tells him Jeremy is flying and doing just great. Max Isn’t worried about his flying. He tells Jett that Jeremy didn’t want him looking at the cargo tonight. Max thinks Jett is in too deep with Jeremy and that’s why he keeps quiet.

Lucas yells: “Can you hear me?” and “You’ll be OK” to Nick. Sami has called the paramedics. She tells Lucas that Nick called and had to talk to them about something important. That’s why he was at the apartment. Lucas said Nick saved Sami’s life. He wants to know why Nick had to see them. She says that it was urgent, but she didn’t know what about. Lucas thinks maybe Nick knew about the bomb. Nick’s eyelashes flutter and he stirs. Lucas tells him he saved Sami’s life when the bomb went off. Nick looks confused: “What bomb?” Sami stares.

Bo is glad Colleen ditched Santo. He wants to know what’s next after the request to see her in a dress. “A bathing suit competition?” Hope reminds him he was the same way with her. They start in on the next letter, which is from Santo. He talks about Colleen’s hair in the moonlight and the heather, and how he didn’t think he was capable of this kind of love. Bo can’t believe Colleen gave in.

Colleen meets Santo at the same beach, but it is now night. She is wearing a simple dress, and her hair is curled. She tells Santo that Mother Superior always said the devil could come dressed as a gentleman. She thinks Santo was sent to her to tempt her, but she is not tempted. Santo wishes he could say the same. Now that Colleen has granted Santo’s request by coming alone and sans habit, she wants him to grant her request-- to leave her alone. Santo tells her that no matter how far he goes, he will never be free from her. Colleen’s eyes fill with tears. Nick insists he was at the beach and doesn’t remember anything about flowers. He calls out for Chelsea, thinking she was hurt in the explosion Lucas and Sami tell him Chelsea wasn’t there. Nick says he needs to call her right away. Sami goes to call Chelsea. Lucas tells Nick he has a nasty cut on his head. He needs to get to the hospital. Lucas thinks the DiMeras were trying to send him and Sami a message. Sami returns and says she couldn’t reach Chelsea. Lucas asks Nick why he needed to see them. Nick has no idea why he came over to Sami and Lucas’ place.

Colleen wants to know what the world is like beyond Galway and Ireland. Santo says it’s amazing, especially New York City. He has family there. Colleen’s “da” calls it the devil’s den, but she used to dream of seeing that lady with the torch. He tells her about buildings so tall that looking down from the top of them makes you dizzy. He tells her about restaurants that feature cuisine from all over the world. There are horse-drawn carriages and trains that shuttle people back and forth underground. She can only imagine these things. He thinks he should show it to her. She says it will never happen. He reminds her that she said the same thing about taking off her habit and putting on a dress. She says she won’t have this talk anymore. He wants something different, too. He leans in. She leans in. They both lean in a little bit more. KISS.

The paramedic tends to Nick on Sami and Lucas’ couch. The paramedic leaves to get a stretcher. A detective enters and starts to question Nick. He insists that he has to find Chelsea. He just can’t remember anything and he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. The detective says he’ll question him later at the hospital. The last thing Nick remembers is being at the beach with Chelsea. Sami says she has tried Chelsea’s cell and the Brady pub but can’t find her. She says everything will be fine. Nick says things are only fine when he is with Chelsea. He helped them by saving Sami, they have to help him by finding Chelsea.

Suddenly, Nick remembers that Chelsea is mad at him. He cannot seem to remember why she is mad, however. Lucas says its no big deal, after all, Sami is mad at him at least three times a week. Slap ‘n’ Tickle ensues between Lucas and Sami. After, they say everything is fine, but Nick says he remembers now: He lost Chelsea. They are over.

Chelsea insists that she loves Nick. Stephanie says she loves him like a brother. Stephanie tells Chelsea to keep telling herself she isn’t crazy about Jett. It doesn’t bother Stephanie if Chelsea lies to herself. Exit Stephanie. Enter Jett, who startles Chelsea. He needs a soda. She’s busy making drinks for their customers. He says they need to talk about last night, and how they almost kissed. She says she really needs help, so could he please hand her the gin? He presses her to talk about it. She yells: “I have a boyfriend! Stop getting in our way!”

Colleen tells Santo she has made her choice. Santo says he has made his as well. They dive back in for another kiss. Little Shawn comes in from around a boulder and sees them kissing! Nick groans. His stomach hurts. Where is the bathroom? He doesn’t want help going into the bathroom, but he gets angry when they don’t help him up off the couch. Nick’s voice has changed. It has a mean, arrogant quality to it. He goes into the bathroom. Lucas and Sami wonder who sent the bomb. Lucas thinks maybe Stefano has given up on the stem cells and wants Sami and Lucas to die just like he will. Sami isn’t sure who sent the flower bomb, but she is very scared.

Max walks into the area where Chelsea is alone preparing drinks. She tells him he is supposed to be belted in. He asks if he should be ready for a crash landing. Chelsea says Jeremy is good at flying planes, but he is a jerk. Max tells her they have to get Steph away from him. He tells Chelsea that Jeremy is cheating. She isn’t surprised. Max wants her to talk to Stephanie, but Chelsea says she technically doesn’t know Jeremy is cheating. Max says he caught him with a foreigner named Ilsa. The girl was scared and crying. Chelsea says Stephanie won’t believe her, but she’ll think about talking to her.
Enter Stephanie, who announces they will land in 20 minutes. Max leaves. She asks Chelsea what they were talking about, and surmises that they were talking about Jett. Chelsea tells her she is clueless.

The paramedic finally returns with the stretcher. Lucas says he is going to the hospital to wait for Nick’s family. Sami wonders why Chelsea hasn’t called her back. The paramedic tells them Nick is gone!

At the lake, Nick wanders aimlessly, calling Chelsea. He looks at his phone, and talks into it without dialing,. His voice and mannerisms are very childlike.

At the pub, Hope answers the phone. She tells Nick Chelsea is in Vegas, He says that they have a date, or maybe they had one earlier, he really doesn’t know. Bo rushes in and tells Hope about the flower bomb. He assures her Lucas and Sami are fine, But Nick was involved and sustained a head injury. Now he’s gone. Hope tells Bo he’s on the phone with her. Bo takes the phone, but Nick has already hung up.

Nick makes a call and asks for a ticket on the next flight to Vegas. He gives his name, and says he is on his way.


Bo: "I just called Nick's bank. He used his credit card to purchase a ticket to Vegas. He should be landing pretty soon."

Nick and Jeremy walk onto the hotel balcony to see Chelsea and Jett cozying up.

Roman: "Now you two are headed someplace safe."

Sami: “Let Stefano send all the DiMeras. Bring 'em on.”

Stefano: "Tony!"

Tony: "Yes, Stefano. It's so good to be back."

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