Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Bo and Hope are going through the latest letters. Bo feels that it’s disrespectful to be doing this while at the pub but Hope points out that it doesn’t do any good to avoid the story. Bo offers to re-open their old diaper duty bet on whether Shawn Sr. will open up about the past but Hope won’t let him chance getting out of diaper duty. Bo talks of Colleen as giving into temptation rather than being strong and returning to the covenant but Hope prefers to think of it in more romantic terms. Hope changes the details to show Bo how if only Santo had been the rebel guy on a motorcycle like Bo was, this story could be about their own love life.

In the story, young Stefano and young Shawn Sr. run off to play together while Santo and Colleen look on from afar. Colleen shivers and Santo offers her his coat. Colleen worries that wearing his coat will give off a sense of impropriety and worries that Sister Rose could walk up on them. Santo points out that Sister Rose already gave her permission for being out with the boys but Colleen doesn’t buy his claim that the boys count as their chaperones. Santo admits that he would have kept on asking had Colleen said no. Colleen wants Santo to admit his true intentions.

Touch the Sky plane:

Jeremy joins Max at his seat and makes small talk but Max isn’t pleased. Jeremy tells Max to head straight for the hotel this trip but Max wants to hang back and check out the cargo again. Jeremy balks that Max already got to check out the cargo but Max insists that he has to keep an eye on what he’s bankrolling. Jeremy insists that tonight is the one night Max can’t keep track of the cargo and orders Max to make himself scarce upon landing. Jeremy walks away.

Stephanie questions Chelsea about leaving her date to come on the flight if it had been Jett instead of Nick.

Sami’s apartment:

The beeping stops and Nick believes all danger is averted. Sami realizes instead that the flowers are beeping because it’s a bomb. Nick gently pushes Sami back inside her apartment and shuts the door still holding the flower vase. Lucas, having overheard Sami’s exclamation, drags Sami away from the floor and covers her body with his on the floor. A loud boom is heard in the hallway. Outside in the hallway, Nick is shown unconscious on the floor amidst broken furniture and the broken vase.


Bo is uncomfortable having their relationship compared to Santo and Colleen. Hope wonders if Colleen lusted after Santo like she does with Bo but Bo refuses to believe that a soon to be nun from a devout Catholic family would even have such feelings. Bo would rather believe that Santo was taking advantage of Colleen but Hope feels that Colleen knew exactly what she was doing. Bo and Hope decide to check their theories by reading more of the letters.

Colleen admits that she longs for life outside of the convent and sensed adventure in Santo. Santo claims he only asked for Colleen’s company so the boys could play together but Colleen points out that Santo could have had his pick of any young boy in town for Stefano’s playmate. Santo talks of knowing many nuns and how he only asked Colleen out on this picnic today because he has a hard time seeing why she would choose such a vocation. Santo and Colleen’s hands touch as they both reach for a drink. Colleen becomes unnerved and wants to grab Shawn Sr. for a quick exit. Santo calls Colleen back to talk of wanting a daughter to experience the world before making such a commitment. Colleen takes offense at the mention of being pitied, throws Santo’s coat off and threatens to throw Santo off the bluff.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas helps Sami to her feet and confirms that they are both fine. Sami starts to worry about Nick so Lucas has to force the door open to get into the hallway. The hallway is full of smoke and they find Nick still unconscious. Lucas sends Sami back into the apartment to call 911.


Hope and Bo talk over what they’ve just read about how scared Colleen was to encounter Santo and face her attraction to him. Bo still thinks Colleen should have been able to leave Santo behind but Hope speaks from personal experience as she claims that Colleen never stood a chance.

Colleen accuses Santo of having no direction and is angry with him for questioning her own directional choice. Santo promises not to question Colleen’s calling again if she will grant him the ability to see her in a nice simple dress. Colleen is outraged at the request and recalls her own mother’s advice about brazen Italian men. Santo repeats his request but Colleen wants to leave right away. Santo asks Colleen to meet him tomorrow wearing the dress but Colleen refuses. Colleen drags Shawn Sr. away from Santo and Stefano.


Jett joins Max at his seat. Max fills Jett in on being shut out of seeing the merchandise by Jeremy. Jett claims he’s only trying to make more money but Max sees through his lie.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas assures a still unconscious Nick that the paramedics will be there soon. Sami returns to let Lucas know help is on the way. Lucas wants to know why Nick was there and Sami explains that Nick had something to tell them. Sami is touched that Nick pushed her back into the apartment and saved her life. Lucas tends to Nick with the towel Sami brought out with her. Sami recalls that Nick spoke of urgent news to tell them and Lucas wonders if Nick knew about the bomb. Sami doesn’t think Nick would have picked it up had he known. Nick wakes up and Sami and Lucas inform him that he saved the day by pushing Sami back inside before the bomb went off. Nick surprises them by asking ‘what bomb?’


Bo is proud of Colleen for turning Santo down but Hope doesn’t see Santo’s request as so offensive. Hope implies Bo’s treatment of her as proof but Bo points out that Hope wasn’t a nun when he made such advances. Hope reminds Bo that Colleen isn’t quite yet a nun herself. Hope picks up the next letter from Santo to continue the story.

Santo anxiously waits for Colleen the next night. Colleen walks up in a simple long dress and her hair worn down. Colleen tells Santo that he was sent to her to test her and she has determined that she still belongs with the church. Santo admits that he is tempted upon seeing her. Colleen asks to be free of Santo but Santo proclaims that he can never be free of her.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami reminds Nick about the bomb being in the flowers but Nick doesn’t even remember the flowers. Lucas helps prop up Nick’s head as he tends to the cut on Nick’s head. Sami asks Nick about what he came to see them about but Nick believes he came to see Chelsea since they have a date on the beach tonight. Nick starts to worry that Chelsea was out in the hallway with him and wriggles around looking for her. Lucas tells Nick to lie still and explains that Chelsea wasn’t here. Nick worries that Chelsea is at the beach waiting for him but Sami assures Nick that she’ll call Chelsea and tell her to meet Nick at the hospital. Nick asks what happened but Lucas doesn’t want to concentrate on that right now. Sami calls Chelsea’s cell phone but there is no answer. Lucas questions Nick again about what he came to tell them but Nick no longer remembers.


Colleen asks Santo about what it’s like in other places and Santo surprises Colleen when he admits to having been to New York. Colleen admits that she’d like to see New York but claims she can’t go because she doesn’t have the same freedom as a man. Colleen has Santo describe what New York is like. Santo has Colleen close her eyes to picture it as he describes carriage rides and the subway. Santo strokes Colleen’s cheek as he offers to show her New York. Colleen backs away from Santo’s touch and fights back tears. Santo and Colleen kiss.

Sami’s apartment:

The paramedics have arrived and have moved Nick to Sami’s couch to tend to his head wound. Sami still cannot reach Chelsea but Nick insists she keep trying. The paramedic steps away to get the stretcher. A cop comes in to question Nick but he’s more concerned about finding Chelsea. Lucas assures Nick that they’ll find Chelsea for him. The cop asks about the flowers but Nick doesn’t remember any flowers. Sami tries to remind Nick but he has a hard time believing her. Nick tries to get up from the couch but is too dizzy so he sits back down. The cop leaves. Nick explains that he only remembers being at the beach and then ending up on the floor covered in dust. Nick is desperate to find Chelsea, now remembering that she is mad at him but not why she’s mad. Nick insists that Lucas must help him find Chelsea. Nick remembers that the fight caused he and Chelsea to break up.


Chelsea swears to Stephanie that she loves Nick and didn’t break up with him. Stephanie insists on delivering the drinks they’ve been preparing. Jett sneaks up behind Chelsea and asks for a soda. Chelsea claims she has no time to talk and puts Jett to work helping make the drinks. Jett wants to talk about the almost kiss but Chelsea yells at Jett to stop getting in the way of her and Nick. Chelsea storms off.


Bo takes a turn at reading but becomes uncomfortable to be reading such flowery language. Hope insists that Bo keep reading because she likes to see him blush. Hope rests her head on Bo’s shoulder and kisses Bo as she’s convinced Colleen has jumped on the proverbial motorcycle now.

Colleen pulls away from Santo insisting on sticking to her calling. Santo refuses to believe her and pulls her close for another kiss. Neither notices Shawn Sr. watching them.

Sami’s apartment:

Nick starts to moan and clutch his stomach. Sami rubs Nick’s back to try and make him feel better. Nick asks about the bathroom and Lucas offers to escort him but Nick insists on doing it himself. Nick heads into the bathroom. Sami begins to panic again at the thought of Nick almost dying. Lucas believes that Stefano sent the flowers figuring that if he’s going to die, then Sami and Lucas should die too. Sami worries that that is only what Stefano wants them to believe and Lucas tries to console her.


Max joins Chelsea in the prep kitchen and Chelsea teases him about being buckled in to his seat. Max jokes about being prepared for a crash landing since Jeremy is currently flying the plane. Chelsea asks Max to elaborate on his earlier desire to get Stephanie away from Jeremy and Max admits that Jeremy has been sleeping around. Chelsea isn’t a bit surprised. Max tells Chelsea about Ilsa and asks her to tell Stephanie. Chelsea doesn’t think Stephanie will buy it but promises to think about telling her. Stephanie brings back a tray of empty glasses and announces that they have five minutes before landing. Chelsea takes the tray from Stephanie as Max leaves. Stephanie questions why Max was looking so serious and teases Chelsea about it being because of Jett. Chelsea walks away without answering so Stephanie believes she is right.

Sami’s apartment:

The paramedics return ready to transport Nick and Sami directs them to the bathroom. Lucas tells Sami that he’ll go to the hospital to be with Nick and Sami offers to wait for Chelsea to have her join them at the hospital. The paramedic knocks on the bathroom door but there is no answer. He opens the door to find Nick gone. The paramedic rushes out to tell the cop.


Nick calls out to Chelsea but there is no answer. Nick pulls out his cell phone and whispers to it for Chelsea to answer him.


Bo gets the call about the bomb. Hope starts to bring back their dirty dishes but Shawn Sr. offers to take them from her. Hope insists she can clear them but Shawn Sr. sarcastically acts like it would be horrible to interrupt the letter reading to do so. Hope starts to respond but is interrupted by Nick’s call. Nick asks for Chelsea when Hope answers but Hope tells him that Chelsea went to Vegas. Nick alarms Hope when he acts disoriented about having a date tonight and whether or not they’d already had their date. Hope puts Nick on hold to hear what Bo has to tell her about the bomb and about Nick taking off. Hope reveals that Nick is who she’s talking to on the phone and lets Bo talk to Nick. Bo tries to get Nick to say where he is but Nick hangs up. Hope can only tell Bo that Nick mentioned meeting Chelsea.


Nick uses his cell phone to book the next flight to Vegas.

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