Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/10/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brady Pub:

Shawn looks a picture of his sister. He says she was the girl with the golden hair. He ponders why she is back to haunt him Caroline comes in looking for him. She asks what he is up to. He says he is going to work on the books. She asks why so late and then leaves him as he continues to look at Colleen’s picture. He tells her picture that he hopes she found peace and forgave him. He writes a letter to Caroline telling her has to go back to Ireland and for her to watch the pub. She comes in and sees him writing the letter but he says it’s nothing and he will be up to go to bed soon. She leaves and then after locking up the pub he tells Colleen’s picture he will be there soon.

Safe House/ Brady House/ The Past:

Lucas is massaging Sami’s back. He says they are the perfect thing to go with the letters. He starts to kiss her neck and she tells him the letter and him are getting her in the mood. Lucas tells her to keep reading then.

Santo comes back the church. He explains to Father Mallory he feels better and that is why he came back. He asks to speak to Colleen. Father Mallory says she not here, as her father was not feeling well today. He tells Santo he will pass on the message.

Julie reads about how Santo haunted the church looking for her but she is never there. They decide she must have been scared as she had devoted her life to God and was having second thoughts. Bo says he wishes he could go back and warn her.

Sami has a question for Lucas about why people play games. They talk about all the games and schemes they have played and Lucas says it all finally worked out. Sami thinks about Santo and Colleen and says it seems so familiar to her. She starts to read again. She reads how Santo began to doubt what he had seen in Colleen’s eyes.

Santo comes back to the church to find a man and his son there talking to Father Mallory. Father Mallory tells Santo he is wasting his time. Santo explains her had something Colleen asked for and he gives the handkerchief to the priest. Colleen’s father is in the church and he approaches Santo. He explains he is Colleen’s Da and asks who Santo is.

Bo realizes it is Grandpa Pete. He says he was a bog carrier and delivered peat to the town. He explains they burned peat since there was no wood. Hope says the boy with Grandpa Pete must have been Shawn.

Santo gives Pete the handkerchief. Pete is insulted thinking it is a woman’s. Pete asks what the charge is for the handkerchief. When he finds out he is upset, as it is more than a week’s wages. Pete thinks Santo took advantage of Colleen.

Julie explains that once they met it was like a line was drawn in the sand. John wonders if Stefano was around when the war started? Marlena says she thinks it is a one-way war. Doug though says Pete could have thrown the first punch. Julie goes back to reading. She says Santo felt God had worked in a mysterious way to bring Colleen into his life.

Pete yells at Santo for bothering Colleen.

Sami tells Lucas she really likes Pete. Lucas is not a sure but Sami tells him he would protect his own daughter the same way. He tells her he would and that he will be there for Sami and the babies. Sami reads on. She says Colleen showed up holding Shawn’s hand.

Pete is ready to beat up Santo. Father Mallory says to take it outside they will not fight in the church. Colleen runs in and tells then to stop. Pete argues with Colleen. He calls Santo a peddler who was trying to sell Colleen something she didn’t need. She tells Pete she is sorry she disappointed him saying she wanted to do something nice for him. Pete apologizes. Colleen asks to speak to Santo in private. They leave and Colleen apologizes to Santo.

Sami asks Lucas if he believes in fate? Lucas says yes he does. She asks if he thinks they are meant to be together? Again he says yes. He tells her to keep reading as now he wants to find out what Colleen does.

Santo explains he has visited the church many times looking for her. He tells her he began to think Father Mallory was making excuses for her. Santo asks Colleen why he frightens her? She says she is not scared. She says the handkerchief is what attracted her to him. She tells him she wants to pay for it but he says no that is a gift. She says thanks but that she cannot accept it. He then invites her on a picnic.

Lucas and Sami talk over if the picnic was a date or not. Lucas says Santo was after Colleen. Sami thinks Colleen was the one in charge. She tells him that Colleen took one look at Santo and knew what she wanted.

Colleen tells Santo she can go explaining she has given herself to the church. Santo says he is not proposing and it is just lunch. She still says no and tells him to go.

Julie finishes the letter. They talk about how they are waiting for the rest of the letters and how they can’t wait to find out what happens next. John says obviously Shawn knows more than he is letting on. Bo thinks they may find out soon all on their own.

Lucas tells Sami he would not have given up if he had been Santo. They start kissing and Lucas suggests they get in a little trouble of their own.

Santo comes back in the church and leaves the handkerchief behind. After he leaves Colleen comes out from hiding and watches him go. She finds the handkerchief. Father Mallory sees it and takes it saying it will fetch a good price to go for feeding the poor. She asks can she have some time off tomorrow. She explains she thinks she can get a donation from Santo. Father Mallory says he will talk to the Mother Superior about her getting an hour off.

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