Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/9/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

The Beach:

Jett, Danielle, Stephanie and Jeremy are all hanging out at the beach having another night party.  Jeremy tells Stephanie he thinks it is weird that Steve cares so much about Stephanieís sex life.  Stephanie complains saying he makes her dad sound like a perv.  Stephanie suggest to Jeremy that they hit the surf and they run off.  She asks how she is doing.  Jett says her performance is excellent.  However he says her husband Mark probably wants her back.  Jett thanks her for her help. She asks about Chelsea.  He tells her Chelsea is just a flight attendant.  Danielle warns Jett that Jeremy is trouble.  Jett says he can handle it.  Danielle gets up and says she is going back to the hotel.  But Jeremy and Stephanie return and Jeremy says they act like an old married couple.  Jeremy asks when are the going get married? They explain they have not set a date.   Jeremy tries to convince them to elope in Vegas.  Danielle says they will talk about it and she and Jett leave.

Stephanie asks Jeremy about marriage and heís stunned.  She laughs and says gotcha.  Jeremy tells her Jett and Danielle wonít last.  He says a few extra parties in Vegas and Jett wonít remember her name.  Stephanie says she hopes that is not how he feels about her.  Jeremy doesnít answer and runs back to the water.  Jett later returns and finds Stephanie upset.  He asks what Jeremy did now.  Stephanie tells him to hang on to Danielle.

Bo and Hopeís House:

Chelsea and Nick talk. She canít believe Danielle is cheating on Jett. She asks Nick if he is ok, as he seems distant.  He tells her he is fine.  She asks him to help her find a way to tell Jett.  Nick tells her to stay out of their business.  Chelsea says no way she is telling Jett.  He reminds her she is not certain Danielle is cheating.  They argue and Chelsea finally asks would you want to know?  Nick says no. This leads to more arguing over whether she should tell Jett.  She finally asks what should she do?  Nick kisses her but Chelsea stops him.  He wants them to spend the night together but Chelsea says no. She says this is Bo and Hopeís house.  He tells her it was ok last night.  She says she was just all caught up in the moment.  He tells her she could at least pretend she cares.  He tells her says she loves him but then doesnít want to be with him.  She asks if this is why he is upset.  He says no he is upset because she is more worried about protecting Jett.  He says he knows protecting people is important saying look what he did for her.  She says the hairbrush thing is over.  He says not for him.  He says he did it because he loves her but now he thinks it was a huge mistake.  Nick says someone else knows and now they are blackmailing him.  She asks whom but he wonít say.  She gets mad.  He finally tells her it is Kate and then storms out of the house.

Bo and Hopeís Yard / Safe House:

In the yard Bo and Hope are cleaning up.  They talk about how Claire was trying to mother Ciara and how cute it was.  Doug and Julie show up.  They have the first of the letters that have been translated. Doug says they also gave copies to the police to give to Sami and Lucas.  John and Marlena arrive next as Doug explains he called them. Doug asks if Shawn has said anything.  Bo says no.

At the safe house Roman gives Sami the letters.  Sami asks him to stay and read them with them but Roman says he has other business to attend to.  Sami asks if that business is Anna?  Roman doesnít answer.  He leaves.  Sami wants to start reading the letters but Lucas is starving and wants to eat the food Roman brought.  He says he can eat and listen.  Sami starts to read.

The first letter is from Colleen to Santo.  She says she hopes it finds him well.  We get a flashback of Ireland and Colleen is in a church praying.  Two men ask her for help.  They have Santo.  He was attacked at a bar. She looks at him as his friends think he might die.

Back at Bo and Hopeís Marlena is surprised to learn Colleen is a nun. John calls her a novice saying she had not yet taken her vows.  Bo wonders if that is why Shawn didnít want them looking into this.  Bo says it would have been a blessing to have a daughter go into a convent.  The wonder if she went back on her vows or was it a case of Santo loving her but not her loving him.  Julie reads on saying that Colleen was afraid when she saw Santo but then when he looked at her and recited the words of Da Vinci and Dante she was left breathless.

Again to the past we see Colleen order the men to get her water and a towel. They think he needs a priest for last rights but she says what he needs is a doctor.  She tells them wounds to the face bleed worse than they really are.  Santo passes out in her lap.

Sami tells Lucas she can sympathize with Colleen.  She says those Italian accents do sound sexy.  She thinks Colleen found him intriguing.  Lucas wonders if it was enough to break her vows.  He also points out if that was the case the Bradys would be the ones with the vendetta against the DiMeras.  Sami says she is right saying it makes no sense.

Another flashback shows Colleen asking Santo to open his eyes.  He says something to her in Italian about how he thought she was the Madonna. He says no just a novice.  He speaks very broken English asking if she understands his Italian.  Santo tells her his father made him learn English.  Colleen says Sister Angelica made them learn Italian.  Santo asks who she is and they introduce themselves.  She helps him stand. He tells her what happened to him.

Doug wonders Colleen a woman pledged to be a nun would be writing love letters?  Bo says he is not sure this is a love letter.  Hope thinks love is there.  Marlena aggress.  Julie reads more.  Colleen explains she was using Italian because the woman as the post office is too curious.  She says normally she would not write to a man she barely knows.

Again we flashback to the past where Colleen continues to tend Santoís wounds.  Santo asks was born here and she says yes born and raised.  He tells her his family is in the import/export business.  She wonders why he would be here then as Ireland is very poor.  She then asks about his wife.  He asks how did she know he was married.  She says she didnít. He tells her she is Toscana with his son.  He shows her a handkerchief his wife made.  She tells him his wife is gifted.  She asks if he is feeling better and he says yes.

Lucas tells Sami to hurry and get to the point where he gets her in bed.  Sami tells him this is a letter written to a man by a woman of faith.  Lucas says and little Italian seasoning on the side.  Sami starts to read again.

Santo tells Colleen she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She asks if he does not see the habit he is wearing.  She thinks the knock to his head has done something to him.  He says God brought him here to find her.  She calls it blasphemy.  He says let the Lord take him as he has seen heaven on earth.

The priest comes back and he asks whom Santo is.  She introduces them. Colleen explains what happened.  Colleen then suggest to Santo that he be going.  He kisses her hand and then leaves.  The priest asks what Colleen is holding and she shows him the handkerchief.

At the safe house Sami tells Lucas you will not believe what she wants.  She explains that Colleen asked him for a handkerchief for her father.  She offered to pay him for it.

Colleen tells the priest that it is Mr. DiMeraís and offers to take it to him.  The priest says no saying that if he wants it he will come back.  Colleen decides once the priest is gone to write a letter to ensure he comes back.

Sami tells Lucas Colleen just used the handkerchief to see Santo again.  She says it must be in his letter to her.

Hope says obviously Colleen wanted to see Santo again.  They all talk about how Colleen knew Santo was the one she wanted.  Hope thinks she may not have taken her vows.  She says one thing they can be sure of this canít have a happy ending.

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