Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady house:

Bo and Hope try to convince Lexie to reunite with Abe now that his sight has been restored but Lexie is still hesitant. The doorbell rings and Hope is hopeful that the ringer is Caroline and Shawn Sr. who would be willing to give them more answers about Colleen. Bo warns Hope not to push Shawn Sr. today but Hope claims she wasn’t planning to before heading off to answer the door. Lexie questions what they are talking about and Bo gives her the abridged version of Colleen and Santo. Caroline arrives alone and explains that Shawn Sr. is not going to attend. Hope guesses that it’s because of Colleen but Caroline begs her not to focus on that today.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Jett is telling Nick about his suspicions that Danielle isn’t ready to get married. Jett suspects that Danielle is seeing someone else.

Chelsea continues to eavesdrop as Danielle professes her love to this other guy on the phone. Once Danielle hangs up the phone, Chelsea makes her presence known by asking about Danielle’s manicure. Danielle returns Chelsea’s nail file. Danielle thanks Chelsea for looking after Jett for her.

Adrienne taps Steve’s hand as a silent warning to keep cool. Steve directs Jeremy to sit down with him to talk and Stephanie starts to balk about being treated like an adult. Steve tells Stephanie to relax. Stephanie listens in as Steve apologizes to Jeremy. Both Jeremy and Stephanie exchange shocked glances.


Marlena gently massages John as they relax on the beach. John assures Marlena that Sami is as safe as can be and kisses her. Marlena spots Belle across the beach and wants to go say hi. She changes her mind when Philip sits down beside Belle with the ice cream cones he’d gone to get for them. John doesn’t like seeing Belle with Philip.

Belle is worried that Shawn hasn’t called about the interview yet but Philip tries to assure her that Shawn is simply busy at the company picnic. Philip offers to help Belle relax.

Marlena worries that Philip truly isn’t reformed and is actually setting a trap for Belle as they continue to watch the interaction between Belle and Philip.

Belle turns down Philip’s offer listing all the supportive people in her life. Philip insists that what Belle really needs is some alone time to let go and claims he has the perfect solution.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Adrienne also listens in as Steve explains that he got carried away because he’s so used to protecting Stephanie. Steve claims that if Stephanie is okay with Jeremy, then he is too. Jeremy thanks Steve and playfully calls him Dad as he claims that they are a lot alike. Steve is skeptical.

Chelsea questions why Danielle would say such a thing. Danielle claims she appreciates how Chelsea has befriended Jett since his arrival in town. Chelsea is surprised that Danielle isn’t bothered by them hanging out together so Danielle questions whether she should be bothered. Chelsea insists that she and Jett are only friends and Danielle seems confident that Chelsea is speaking the truth. Chelsea talks of how important trust is in a relationship and Danielle claims she agrees before walking away.

Nick questions why Jett would suspect Danielle was cheating on him and Jett vaguely mentions that sometimes things don’t add up. Nick suggests outright asking Danielle moments before Danielle walks up to join them. Danielle and Jett step away to dance. Chelsea motions for Nick to rejoin her at the table and fills him in on what she overheard.

Brady house:

Bo gets the grill ready as Hope sets the tables. Caroline greets Lexie with a hug. Bo asks about the deviled eggs and Caroline teases him about wanting to see the eggs more than he wanted to see her there. Bo gives Caroline a hug. Bo asks about Shawn Sr. because he wants help with the grill but Caroline stammers as she claims Shawn Sr. will be by later because he had business to take care of first. Bo questions her claim but Caroline makes a quick exit by rushing off to get the eggs. Hope follows Caroline back into the house. Bo returns to the grill until Max arrives. Max proudly hands Bo bags of designer baby clothes and a porcelain doll for Cierra but Bo refuses to accept the gifts.

Hope questions why Caroline lied to Bo but Caroline claims she wanted to avoid upsetting Bo. Caroline tries to head back outside but Hope insist on getting answers. Caroline confirms that Shawn Sr. doesn’t want to dig up the past and heads into the backyard with the eggs. Kayla arrives and Hope greets her with the claim that they have a crisis going on that involves Shawn Sr. Hope fills Kayla in on the back-story but Kayla scoffs at the idea that Shawn Sr. would stay home from a family barbecue because of it. Kayla promises to convince Shawn Sr. to come after all and mentions heading out back to check in with Steve. Hope explains that Steve hasn’t arrived yet and Kayla becomes concerned. Hope suggests that Steve could be at the Dimera mansion and Kayla is furious.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Jeremy claims he and Steve are alike because they are both rebels. Stephanie claims she fell for Jeremy because he reminds her of Steve. Steve suggests they all have dinner with Kayla to get to know Jeremy better and he agrees. Jeremy steps away to take a phone call. Stephanie questions whether Steve really meant he was going to give Jeremy a chance.

Chelsea wants to tell Jett the truth rather than stand back and watch him get his heart broken.

Brady house:

Max is offended but Bo explains that he Cierra doesn’t need fancy gifts. Bo hints that a single Las Vegas trip shouldn’t have netted enough to buy these items and Max becomes defensive.


John dismisses the severity of Belle and Philip getting close but Marlena worries that Belle will have to be careful.

Philip offers to let Belle use his guest pass to the country club. Belle is hesitant to accept. Philip questions whether Belle thinks she’d be out of place there and strokes her hair as he claims she’d be the classiest woman there. Belle is flustered by Philip’s compliment and quickly changes the subject by pulling out the phone to call Victor and check on Claire. Philip is quick to apologize but Belle insists it is fine.

Marlena relishes in the feeling of being in John’s arms. John and Marlena are making out when Belle walks up. Belle smiles at what she sees.

Brady house:

Hope shows Kayla the pictures of Santo’s letters she took. Kayla complains that her own family is divided because Stephanie and Steve are at odds over Jeremy.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Steve tells Stephanie that she was right about getting to know Jeremy before passing judgment. Jeremy returns and offers to buy Steve a beer to toast to a fresh start. Steve declines so he can head over to the barbecue. Jeremy acknowledges that it took a lot for Steve to make amends and Stephanie sees it as a sign that the old Steve is back.

Nick wants them to stay out of it because they may not know the whole story. Chelsea still insists but vows that she only cares because Jett is a friend. Jett and Danielle return to the table but before Chelsea or Nick can say anything, Stephanie and Jeremy rush over handing out shots. Nick turns down the drink to remain the designated driver but glares across the table at Chelsea.

Adrienne is proud of Steve. Steve is still doubtful of Jeremy but Adrienne reminds him that people thought the same of him when he first came to town. Adrienne warns that Jeremy could end up being the love of Stephanie’s life.

Brady house:

Bo forces Max to admit that he and Jeremy have a side business deal. Bo inquires for more information and Max tells him about transporting the designer knock-offs. Bo warns that if the knockoffs are being sold, that makes Max and Jeremy lawbreakers as well. Max claims he doesn’t know whether the guy is selling them once delivered and vows to get out if things get too dicey.

Hope agrees that Jeremy could rub people the wrong way. Stephanie, Jeremy, Chelsea, Nick, Jett, and Danielle arrive for the barbecue and Stephanie introduces Jeremy to Kayla. Kayla is momentarily taken aback by Jeremy’s perfect manners. Hope escorts the group out to the backyard leaving Kayla and Stephanie to talk alone. Stephanie fills Kayla in on Steve’s apology to Jeremy.


Belle returns to Philip giggling as she tells him about walking in on John and Marlena. Belle chose not to interrupt and marvels at how Marlena and John were able to find their way back to each other. Philip unnerves Belle when he asks if Shawn and Belle’s love story fits that same bill. Belle agrees.

Brady house:

The barbecue is in full swing as everyone mingles. Lexie spots Jett across the yard and tries to make a quick goodbye to Hope fearing that Jett would recognize her and report to Abe. Hope gives in and lets Lexie leave. Jett introduces himself and Danielle to Bo. Hope tells Doug and Julie that Shawn Sr. has refused to attend and Doug jokes that he can’t be the only great grandpa telling boring repetitive stories. Kayla promises to talk some sense into Shawn Sr. and steps away.

Chelsea walks past Jett and Danielle laughing it up with Caroline and joins Max at a table. Chelsea refers to Danielle as a politician’s wife because of the way she is laughing at everything said. Max asks why Chelsea suddenly doesn’t like Danielle and Chelsea recalls a time when she tried to use Max to make Abby jealous and declares that this time she isn’t going to keep quiet. Nick joins them to urge Chelsea to leave the situation alone. Chelsea questions why Nick is so against telling Jett. Nick reveals that Jett already knows. Bo spots Alice walking in with Maggie and everyone rushes over to greet Alice. Jeremy and Stephanie walk over to say hello to Alice and she teases Jeremy about never coming to see her. Hope and Bo walk over to have Cierra visit with Alice and Shawn quickly joins them with Claire.


Shawn has called Belle to update her on having retrieved Claire. Belle wants to rush over to the barbecue now but Philip stops her. Philip apologizes for stepping over the line with his country club invitation but claims his intent was for Claire to be around the other kids there.

Brady house:

Chelsea pulls Nick away from the crowd to demand an explanation about his earlier comment. Nick explains that Jett told him about his suspicions. Chelsea doesn’t understand why Jett would still want to love Danielle knowing this. Nick suggests that Jett isn’t ready to let Danielle go. Chelsea looks ashamed when Nick talks of how much it hurts to think that the person you love wants to be with someone else.


Belle questions why Claire would meet more kids at the club than anywhere else. Philip tells Belle about the research he’s done into the club’s childcare program. Belle questions why things like this are so important to Philip and Philip declares that Claire is important to him and so is Belle. Philip vows to make up for the hell he put them through and Belle promises to talk it over with Shawn and think about it. Belle thanks Philip for the getaway and leaves.

Brady house:

Bo retrieves more chairs for the guests when Hope finds the designer baby clothes. Bo insists that Max is taking it all back and explains that he bought the items using money from a scam he’s running with Jeremy. Hope and Bo are sure that Jeremy is the plan originator. Hope gets a bad feeling about Jeremy and Bo is sure that he and Max are in over their heads.

Shawn and Max make small talk about the garage and Max complains that the new head mechanic has no personality. Shawn asks to take over and Max even offers to cut Shawn in on the profits. Shawn tells Max that returning to the garage would be the answer to his prayers right now.

Belle arrives and finds Marlena and John doting on Claire. Belle tells them about being at the beach with Philip and seeing them making out. Marlena admits that she saw Belle and Philip at the beach as well though they looked too cozy. Belle dismisses her concern and talk of the subject abruptly ceases when Shawn walks up. Belle asks about the interview but Shawn avoids the question by walking away with Belle to get drinks. Bo walks up to offer Marlena a drink and questions her glances toward Belle and Shawn. Marlena claims she’s merely playing the role of worried mom. Bo and Marlena discuss whether Philip has really changed his act.


Philip sits alone on the beach. Philip receives a cell phone call but no one speaks in return to his greeting. A baby’s crying can be heard but no response to Philip’s repeated requests for the caller to identify himself or herself.

Brady house:

Steve arrives and John uses the opportunity of catching Steve alone to ask about the Dimeras. Steve tells John that Stefano trusts him and promises to keep John posted. Kayla has successfully convinced Shawn Sr. to join the party. Shawn Sr. requests a beer and John takes him out back. Kayla greets Steve with a kiss, a hug, and a smack for working with the Dimeras while she was gone. Steve assures Kayla that everything is fine and kisses her. Steve hints at sharing some private fireworks later and they head out back to join the crowd.

Bo escorts the photographer to the backyard as Caroline tells Shawn Sr. how glad she is that he came. Bo calls for everyone’s attention so they can take the picture and has the family gather around Alice to pose. As they are getting into position, Belle asks Shawn again about the interview but he only claims it went fine. Marlena again laments that Sami couldn’t be part of this picture but John assures her Sami is safe with Lucas. John hands Claire back over to Belle and Shawn. Doug and Julie help pass one of the festive centerpieces to the group gathered in front and the photographer snaps the picture.

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