Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Stephanie greets Adrienne before joining Chelsea at a table, having asked Chelsea to meet her there. Stephanie explains that Adrienne just bought the place and she chose to meet here because Adrienne needed the business. Chelsea asks about Nick and the other guests. Stephanie badmouths Nick but doesn’t think Chelsea standing up for Nick is so convincing. Stephanie brings up Jett’s impending arrival but Chelsea counters by pointing out that Jett will be bringing his fiancé. Chelsea hopes that Nick will stop being jealous when he sees Jett with Danielle. Jeremy joins them having met up with Nick in the parking lot. Jeremy instantly starts making out with Stephanie and Chelsea kisses Nick hello. Jeremy and Stephanie step away to get some drinks. Chelsea smiles to herself remembering Stephanie’s guess that Nick would dust off the chair before sitting down. Nick suggests they change plans and go to the Brady gathering instead but Chelsea refuses to let him leave until he sees Jett with Danielle.

Brady Pub:

Bo has arrived to pick up the food for the party and complains about missing the deviled eggs. Caroline assures him that they are being peeled now and she’ll bring them to the party later. Bo and Caroline talk about having several generations of family in the same place and getting a picture while everyone is together. Caroline wants Bo to refrain from asking Shawn Sr. about Colleen and he obliges. Philip brings Claire to the pub and Caroline whisks her away into the kitchen to taste cookies. Bo confronts Philip about Shawn’s job offer coming from Titan.

Brady house:

Belle helps Shawn pick out a tie to finish dressing for his interview. Belle calms Shawn’s nerves about not being right for the job as she flashes back to getting Philip to secure Shawn the job. Shawn notes how Belle is acting so confident because she has insider information but Belle laughs it off by joking about how saying that makes Shawn sound like a businessman already. Belle pretends to be the interviewer and purposefully flirts with Shawn. Shawn tells the “interviewer” that he’s madly in love with Belle and they kiss. They continue to flirt as Belle tells Shawn he’s hired. When Shawn asks for his position title, Belle suggests they head upstairs so she can show him. Shawn carries her upstairs.


Philip tries to finesse his way out of the confrontation but Bo calls him on it. Philip claims he was trying to help but Bo questions who the help was intended for. Philip claims he has nothing to do with the company hiring Shawn but Bo points out that owning it as part of Titan counts. Bo insists that Shawn doesn’t need Philip’s help but Philip claims that Shawn has fallen short lately but Bo wants Philip to stay out of Shawn’s life. Philip claims he’s Shawn’s friend and instinctively almost refers to Claire as his daughter again. Philip points out that Shawn wouldn’t go to the interview if he knew that he was behind it but Bo feels that Shawn being played is the far worse offense. Philip denies having played Shawn so Bo tells him to call Shawn to tell the truth and leave the decision of going to the interview after all up to him. Philip refuses to do that to Belle and Bo accuses him of not wanting to do it because it would cut him out of some deal. Philip insists he’s doing it for the right reason and warns that Bo isn’t helping him by doing this. Bo doesn’t think Philip is helping Shawn either. Bo storms off.


Nick wants to leave but Chelsea claims she can’t leave a work gathering. Nick suggests leaving her here but Chelsea doesn’t want to be left alone. Nick doesn’t want to meet Danielle because of his altercation with Jett but Chelsea convinces him to stay. Nick tells Chelsea he loves her but Chelsea flashes back to Stephanie urging her to be with Jett after sleeping with Nick sends off no chemistry. Chelsea professes to love Nick and kisses him. Nick heads toward the bar but Jeremy and Stephanie stop him to offer to have the company pick up the tab. Chelsea joins them having decided she’d rather drink a soda so she’s not drunk when she heads over to Bo’s party later. Jeremy teases Nick about not being manly enough to drink hard liquor and retreats to the bar with Stephanie to retrieve drinks for everyone. Chelsea tries to brush off the remarks but Nick has already taken offense.

Brady home:

Shawn and Belle return downstairs in time for Shawn to make his flight. Belle promises that they’ll be celebrating Shawn getting the job when he returns home. Bo arrives with the food and tells Belle about spotting Claire with Caroline. Belle leaves to go get Claire. Bo stops Shawn from leaving to tell him about what Philip did. Shawn is furious and Bo explains how he got Philip to confess. Shawn is even more furious to learn that Belle also knew and didn’t tell him. Shawn realizes that Philip secured the job because it means Shawn would be traveling during the week and he can step in to fill the void with Belle and Claire.


Belle joins Philip and he tells her about Bo figuring out his help with the job. Belle wants to quickly get Claire and rush back to the house but Philip stops her claiming that she’d only be going home to fight. Belle still wants to go so Philip is forced to admit that Claire is no longer with Caroline but instead is being baby-sat by Victor. Belle is furious.


Nick chooses to drink only soda so he can be the designated driver. Adrienne brings over shots for Jeremy, Stephanie, and Chelsea, and Jeremy grabs Adrienne’s arm to ask her to join them. Adrienne turns him down but Jeremy claims he was planning to toast the family. Jeremy raises his shot glass and pretends to toast Steve by referring to him as a mad dog one-eyed Johnson who should be kept on a short leash. Stephanie laughs but Adrienne gets in Jeremy’s face and warns him not to threaten Steve again. Adrienne rolls her eyes as she echoes their ‘drink up’ motto and walks away. Jett and Danielle arrive and Jett introduces her to everyone. Danielle jokes about how well Jett talked of everyone. Chelsea avoids making eye contact while Nick looks annoyed. Jeremy and Stephanie step away to get Jett and Danielle some drinks. Jett and Danielle join Nick’s complaints about the condition of this bar so Nick suggests going to Chez Rouge instead. Chelsea immediately objects but claims it would hurt Stephanie. Steve walks in and Stephanie yells out a quick hello as she and Jeremy rush back to the table. Steve glares at Jeremy.


Philip tries to justify his decision by claiming Victor felt bad about the custody dispute and wanted to spend his few days back in town with Claire but it doesn’t pacify Belle. Philip offers to call Victor to prove Claire is fine but Belle doesn’t think that will prove anything. Philip vows that Claire will be fine and acts hurt that Belle doesn’t trust him. Belle calms down a little as Philip talks of treating Belle to a day to herself. Philip suggests they go to the beach.

Brady house:

Shawn now doesn’t want to go on the interview. Bo reminds Shawn that when he was little, he had a knack for tasks like this job would entail. Bo points out that it would be up to Shawn to use Philip’s offering and get in the door with a chance for advancement. Shawn wants to shove the job back at Philip but Bo suggests using the opportunity to be successful and shove that in Philip’s face. Shawn agrees to go to the interview after all but as he’s about to leave, Mimi calls for him. Bo heads into the kitchen so Shawn can talk in private. Mimi, though not shown, frantically tells Shawn about something upsetting having occurred and Shawn promises to take care of it. Bo returns after Shawn has hung up the phone. Shawn evades Bo’s questions but Bo insists on knowing why Mimi was so panicked.


Belle mentions the Brady/Horton picnic as a reason not to go to the beach but Philip promises to have them at the picnic in time. Belle claims she wouldn’t be able to relax while Shawn is worried about the interview and Claire is off with Victor. Belle is sure that Shawn has now bailed on the interview and suggests Philip call to apologize and invite him to join them at the beach. Philip tries to change Belle’s mind without outright saying he wanted to be alone with Belle but it doesn’t work.


Steve decides not to drink any alcohol as he visits with Adrienne at the bar. Stephanie returns the empty pitcher to the bar and complains to Steve that his attitude is making Jeremy nervous. Steve enjoys hearing her say so. Adrienne promises to refill their drinks and Stephanie returns to the table. Steve asks Adrienne for advice about Jeremy and she agrees that he’s a jerk. Adrienne offers to let Steve ‘deliver’ the refilled pitcher to Stephanie’s table.

Stephanie begs Jeremy to take her to the beach but Jeremy doesn’t want to leave simply because Steve is watching them. Nick and Chelsea warn Jeremy to stop referring to Steve with pirate themed nicknames and Danielle doesn’t bother to hide her boredom. Stephanie continues to beg so Jeremy decides that they should dance instead. Jeremy purposefully pulls Stephanie out onto the floor right in front of Steve and seductively dances with her. Adrienne tries to keep Steve calm by assuring him that the two are only dancing.

Danielle notices that she broke a nail and Chelsea lends her a nail file. Danielle steps away to fix her manicure in the ladies’ room. Chelsea asks Nick to dance but he refuses. Jett quickly steps up to offer to dance with Chelsea instead. Nick, though obviously annoyed, gives his approval. Chelsea delays the dance by claiming she needs to visit the ladies’ room.

Steve glares at Jeremy as they dance. Adrienne tries to calm Steve’s anger by pointing out that Stephanie isn’t objecting to Jeremy’s advances. Steve claims that as Stephanie is his daughter, it’s his job to keep her out of trouble whether she sees it as trouble or not. Jeremy slides his hand down to caress Stephanie’s backside but Stephanie quickly pulls his hand back up. Steve is ready to lunge at Jeremy but Adrienne holds him back. Adrienne points out that Jeremy only did that for Steve’s benefit and orders him to take any plans to fight outside. Adrienne urges Steve to stick to their plan.


Philip insists that Belle be the one to call. They pass Belle’s phone back and forth as they argue about who should call. Philip finally gives in and dials the phone.

Brady house:

Shawn insists to Bo that Mimi is fine and tries to leave again when the phone rings. Shawn tells Philip about knowing what he did and though Philip starts to apologize, Shawn explains that it’s fine because he still plans to go out for the job. Philip mentions plans to go to the beach with Belle and Shawn is okay with it until Philip mentions Claire is with Victor instead. Belle rolls her eyes as Philip tells Shawn that she was okay with Claire being with Victor. Shawn believes Philip’s claims that Claire is fine and hangs up. Bo questions how Shawn could be okay with Claire being alone with Victor and is convinced that Mimi’s call distracted him.


Belle is shocked that Shawn was okay with everything. She and Philip clink espresso cups and toast to the beach. Belle thanks Philip for convincing her to get away and have some fun. Philip calls Belle beautiful and admits that his intent was to spoil her.

Brady house:

Shawn claims that Mimi was calling to confirm that he got the divorce papers. Bo offers to give Shawn a ride to the airport but Shawn refuses. Bo wishes him good luck and Shawn steps outside. Shawn pulls out his cell phone and calls the airport to change his plane ticket from Cleveland to Indianapolis instead.


Jeremy wants to kiss Stephanie but Stephanie doesn’t want to kiss in front of Steve. Jeremy balks but Stephanie reminds him that Steve is wishing him harm. Jeremy jokes about fighting Steve on his ‘blind’ side but Stephanie reprimands him for making too many jokes. Steve interrupts the dance to demand that he and Jeremy talk.

Nick and Jett talk about their respective relationships and Nick talks up how committed Jett is to Danielle. Jett wonders whether Danielle really is as crazy about him as she claims.

Chelsea walks out of the ladies’ room but Danielle, on her cell phone, doesn’t notice. Chelsea overhears Danielle telling another guy that she can’t meet him because she’s stuck here with Jett.

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