Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/27/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brady Pub:

Nick comes in and talks to Billie. He tells her that Chelsea is out of town and he has no one else to talk to. He tells her all about how Kate is blackmailing him to fix the DNA test. Billie is stunned. She says he should tell Kate he will not be blackmailed. She says Kate only responds to brute force. She asks him how Kate could have something to blackmail him with anyhow. He tells her some bonehead told her about the hairbrush. Billie says she is the bonehead. Nick asks how she could do this to him? He says they could all get into trouble. Billie says she will handle it.

Kate shows up and Billie is all over her about the blackmail. Kate tries to say Nick misunderstood her. She says she may have said out loud what she was thinking. She says she does wish EJ will be the father but that she never threatened Nick. Billie says she doesn’t think that Nick misunderstood. She says if she doesn’t drop it then Nick will press charges. She also threatens to call Sami and Lucas explaining how that would probably be the last straw. She looks at Kate and asks if they understand each other and then goes to make a call. Nick says to Kate so I guess we understand each other and Kate tells him he made a big mistake and good luck because he is going to need it. She leaves. A moment later Nick runs after her. Billie comes back to see him run out and wonders what happened.


We see Chelsea and Stephanie pouring and serving drinks. Stephanie tells Chelsea she needs to break it off with Nick. Jett comes in and Stephanie leaves them to talk. Jett apologizes for badmouthing Nick and tells her he wants to apologize in person to Nick again. He tells her his fiancée is coming to Salem next week and says maybe the four of them can have dinner. He thinks that way Nick will not perceive him as a threat. Chelsea doesn’t look too happy.

Stephanie serves some more drinks and then sits to chat with Max for a minute. She tells him thanks for sticking for her with Jeremy before. She tries to explain he was just in one of his moods. Max tells her that Jeremy is always in a mood. He thinks Jeremy has problems. Stephanie tries to tell Max he just doesn’t know Jeremy. Max says he knows guys like him. Jeremy walks up and Stephanie tries to say they were just talking. Max tells Jeremy he doesn’t like him.

Max talks to Chelsea and says she was right. He thinks Jeremy is a jerk. He tells her when they land he wants out and his money back. In the meantime Jeremy tells Stephanie he needs some help. He needs her to help him find a way to keep Max as a partner.

Bo and Hope’s:

Bo and Hope wait for Anna and Roman to show up. Roman and Anna come in arguing. Bo and Hope are surprised. Hope tells Roman to mind his manners then she tells Anna how beautiful she looks. She tells her Tony won’t remember his name when he sees her. Anan says thank you and then tells them she just wants to get this over with. They agree Roman will drop Anna off at the mansion and then Hope will sneak in a find the letters.

DiMera Mansion:

Stefano tells Tony that he is not feeling good and therefore he is going to bed for the evening. He warns Tony to keep and eye on Steve. Soon Anna shows up. They talk, they dance until Tony starts demanding to know why she is here. She tells him it is to return the letters. She says she didn’t read them, as her Italian is rusty. All she knows she says is that they were about Santo, Stefano’s father. He tells her he knows she was with the Bradys and tells her not to lie to him. She says she saw them since they are friends. She reminds him she was once married to Roman. Suddenly Anna says she is dizzy and she thinks Tony drugged her. She passes out. Tony thinks she is faking it till he too feels dizzy and also falls asleep. Bart soon passes out too.

Outside Bo gets Hope ready to go on. They test the communications gear. They then discuss Roman and Anna and make a bet about whether they will get together. Once Hope is ready she heads in. Steve shows up and Bo asks why he is there. He explains about hanging out with the DiMeras and how they think he is on their side. He says by being crazy Steve they talk in front on him. He then explains he drugged the others and Hope should have no problem getting in and out.

Inside Hope searches for the letters. She finally finds them under a cushion and takes pictures of them where her cell phone. She tells Bo she is on her way out when she hears Stefano. He comes in calling for Bart or Tony. He sees them passed out and sees Hope. He begins asking her why she is there and who let her. Hope just stares.

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