Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Sami, Lucas and Marlena are shocked by the news. Dr. Jacobs fellow doctor says it’s a boy and a girl. Marlena smiles at the thought of twins. Sami however is upset. She starts demanding answers since her other sonograms didn’t show but one baby. The doctors explain the girl was hiding behind the boy. Sami worries if she will need a second amnio but they tell her no they can determine the paternity of each baby from the sample they already took. Sami freaks as she asks if the two babies could each have a different dad. Marlena says it is possible. Dr. Jacobs says it is very unlikely. Sami explains she slept with Lucas only an hour before EJ raped her. Sami says she is sure that is night she got pregnant. Dr. Jacobs says she will ask the lab to rush the results.

Later we see Sami getting dressed. Lucas is still there. Sami tells him she needs to know what he is thinking. She asks can he deal with this. Lucas says he doesn’t know. Sami tells him the only reason she has been trying to end the feud was to get Stefano the stem cells and EJ out of their lives. Lucas says that will not happen that EJ wants Sami not just the stem cells. Sami says all she wants is Lucas. She asks Lucas if he can handle it if EJ is the father of both babies. He says he doesn’t know he wants them both to be his. But he says if they are EJ’s he will still be there for them and Sami. He says he will be Uncle Lucas. But he says he will not be the father, as EJ will never let them forget. Lucas says he will be there for better or for worse.

Elsewhere Kate talks to Nick. She wants him to make sure the results of the test show EJ is the father. Nick says what she wants is illegal. He threatens to call the cops. Kate says she can make it worth is while but Nick says he can’t be bribed. Kate then threatens Nick saying she will call his boss and tell him how he stole the brush. Nick says he was only protecting Chelsea. Kate says thank and that she is doing the same protecting Lucas from Sami. Nick says Lucas and Sami love each other. Nick asks how can she do this to her son and possible grandchildren. He calls Kate evil. Kate says she could care less what he thinks she just wants it done. Dr. Jacob’s interrupts their conversation. She says she needs Nick to put a rush on these lab results. Nick finds out Sami is having twins. Kate hears this too.

Late we Nick is sitting down with his head in his hands when Marlena walks up. She asks if he is ok. He says yes he was just going to the lab. Marlena asks for a favor. She asks wants to know Sami’s results first. So if they babies are EJ’s she can be the one to break the news to Sami. Nick says he can’t do that. Marlena reminds him she is a doctor. Nick says ok he will call her. Marlena thanks for being one of the good guys. She leaves and Nick tries to call Chelsea. Kate stops him. She says he is to tell no one what she wants done.

DiMera Mansion:

Rolf tells Stefano he has a fever and should rest. EJ comes in and Rolf tells EJ Stefano needs to rest. EJ tells Stefano he got his message. Stefano says EJ has disappointed him. He asks how. Stefano says he lied to him and he doesn’t tolerate lying. EJ says he doesn’t know what he means. Stefano tells him he knows Anna is conspiring with the Bradys. EJ tries to say no she isn’t when Steve walks in. He has a plate of food. He says hello and flops down on the sofa. EJ says Stefano can’t trust him but Stefano says he has been more loyal than you have been. He asks EJ what is more important than his own flesh and blood.

EJ tries to tell Stefano he can trust him. He says this is all Tony’s doing. Stefano says that as erratic as Tony is he has never questioned he loyalty. EJ asks what does that mean. Stefano says it means he must decide where EJ stands and what his future is. EJ asks what he can do to prove his loyalty. Stefano gives him a chance saying his brother has a project and they need seven trunks delivered to a plane at a private airstrip. EJ asks what is in the trunks. Stefano says if it is a success them he will tell him. EJ says he will do it.

Later Tony comes in furious that EJ was sent to take care of the deal. Stefano says he knew Tony was busy. Plus he says EJ wanted a way to prove himself. Tony is furious. He asks why is Steve still hanging around. He says he doesn’t trust him either. Steve says it will take time. Later Tony tries to talk to Stefano and realizes his father is not listening. He finally snaps out of it. He tells Tony to get ready for his dinner with Anna. Tony wonders to himself just what is going on.


Jeremy is on the plane when Max shows up. He says he is late. A moment later in walks Stephanie and Jeremy yells at her for being early. They argue and finally Max can’t take it. He tells Jeremy not to speak to her that way. Stephanie tells Max it is ok that it was her fault for not doing what she was told and she leaves. Max is still mad at how he treated Stephanie. Max calls her a kid and says sometimes kids need tough love. Max says she is grown woman and his family. They argue about who treats women worse. Finally Jeremy says he will apologize to Stephanie.

EJ shows up and talks to Jeremy. He says he has the trunks and Jeremy pays him. He asks what is in the trunks. Jeremy says you don’t know? EJ says he is here doing his brother’s business. Jeremy says then asks him. Tony shows up and asks EJ why he is there. EJ says Stefano sent him. He gives Tony the money. Tony tells EJ not to mess with his business. He leaves. Max comes back and sees EJ. He freaks out. EJ leaves and Max asks why EJ was there. He says he is crazy to get involved with the DiMears. Jeremy tells him not to worry.

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