Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo & Hope’s:

Nick brings Chelsea coffee and tries to kiss her but Chelsea stops him. He tells her that last night was amazing and asks if she wants to go pick up where they left off. She says no that she has to get ready for her first day of work. She reminds him he has a job too and tells him to go shower. He hints they could shower together but she says Bo and Hope could come home any minute. Nick tells Chelsea now they are a real couple and if anyone asks she has to say she is taken. Chelsea asks if him that was why they had sex so he could mark his territory. He tells her of course not that he trusts her. She asks why he can’t be happy for her then. He tells her he is and promises to have the apartment ready for when she gets back. She tells him there is no rush that they already just took a big step. He says he wants to take that step again and again and wants her to be happy. She says she is. He asks are they ok and she says yes.

Chelsea makes a call while Nick showers. She tells the person on the other end she has a big problem and to come over. Later we see Nick all dressed and he leaves. Stephanie shows up and Chelsea says she has to talk about Nick. Stephanie guesses Chelsea and Nick had sex and asks how it was. Chelsea said it was like she blinked and it was over. She does say though that Nick was sweet and gentle and enthusiastic. However she says she didn’t feel anything. Chelsea says maybe something is wrong with her. Stephanie says her first time was like that cause she was way worried about it. Chelsea says she wanted it to be special. Stephanie tells her she has seen to many chick flicks and that real life sex is not like that. Stephanie tells her you can’t flunk sex and that all she needs is practice. She tells her she is worrying way too much about it. Chelsea asks is it wrong to think about others while you are having sex. Stephanie asks if she imagining someone like Brad Pitt. Chelsea says no she kept seeing him with her mom. Stephanie tells her that is disgusting.

Stephanie asks Chelsea what she wants. Stephanie asks if she slept with Nick because she wanted to or because she felt like she owed him. Chelsea says it was a bit of both. Stephanie asks does she want to put her hands in his pants 24/7? Chelsea asks if that is how it is with her and Jeremy. Stephanie says yes. Chelsea says she doesn’t want to let Nick down. Stephanie says it is wrong to sleep with Nick and fake it. She says that is not love but pity. Chelsea says Nick makes her feel like a lady and that not everything is about sex. Stephanie tells her sex is the glue that holds it all together. Stephanie tells her to admit someone else out there is giving her x-rated fantasies. She tells her to admit she wants Jett. Stephanie tells her with the right guy and practice she will forget about Nick. Chelsea says Nick is the best thing to happen to her. Plus she says she would never leave Nick for a man that already has someone. Chelsea tries t get Stephanie to go as she is tried of discussing Jett. Stephanie says she you at work and so will Jett. Chelsea smiles.

Brady Pub:

Billie and Kate talk about Billie’s security system. Billie says she heard Lucas has the SEC after Mythic. Billie says EJ will not give up without a fight. Kate says all EJ cares about right now is the baby. Billie says she can’t believe Sami didn’t press charges. Kate says all they know is Sami’s side of the story. Billie says Sami loves Lucas and wouldn’t lie about that. Billie tells her they need to be supportive of Lucas. Lucas walks in the pub and asks to talk to Billie alone. Kate says she will go powder her nose.

Billie asks what’s up? They talk about Kate and Mythic. Finally Lucas says he is on the way to the hospital to meet Sami for the amnio. He says he feels bad he asked Sami to do it but Billie says it is only natural for him to want to know. Lucas says there is nothing natural about EJ raping her. He says he has mixed feelings about the baby and hasn’t been honest. He says he can’t accept EJ’s kid as his own. Lucas says he knows it is not Sami’s fault. Billie tells Lucas DNA doesn’t mean a thing. Billie says Chelsea was raised by parents her didn’t care where she came from. Lucas says but what is he supposed to do when EJ comes for weekend visits. He says the DiMera’s will corrupt the baby. Lucas says he will not let them turn the baby into one of them. Lucas says he thought since the baby was half Sami it would be ok but now he is not so sure. Billie asks if he has talked to Sami? Lucas asks what does he say? Does he tell her that raising EJ’s kid was no part of the wedding vows so see you later? Billie asks him what he will do and he says he really doesn’t know.

Nick comes into the pub. He sees Billie and Lucas and says hi and then says hi to Kate. Lucas and Billie realize Kate has been listening. Both are mad. Nick asks Lucas about Sami. Lucas says she is at the hospital. Nick says he works at the lab and will check on her. Billie asks how Chelsea is and he says she is great. Then he leaves.

Billie tells her mom all about the hairbrush and Willow. She makes her mom promise not to tell. Lucas comes back and says the procedure is about to start and he has to go.


Marlena and Sami listen as the doctor explains the procedure. Sami has to sign a form saying she is aware of the risks. The doctor then tells her to relax and she will be back. Marlena tells her she doesn’t have to do this. Sami says she does, as she has to prove EJ is not the father or she will lose Lucas. Marlena tells her she is underestimating Lucas. Sami says Lucas wants her to have the amnio. Sami says what kind of man would raise another man’s child. Marlena says she knows one and Sami says but John… Marlena stops her and tells her Lucas will love this baby. Sami is not so sure. She says she is afraid Lucas will hate the baby. Marlena says they are getting ahead of themselves, as they don’t even have the results back. Sami is worried she may be tied to EJ for life. Marlena says he raped you and that will not look good in any court. Sami says she didn’t report it so it is her word against his. Sami tells Marlena that Stefano’s price to end the feud is her marrying EJ and raising the baby as a DiMera. Marlena says Stefano was a lot a things but he loves his family. They argue over EJ. Sami tells her she had a chance to kill him and didn’t do it. They get back to the test and Marlena tells her this test is far too important to leave to chance. Sami asks if she is offering to switch the results and Marlena says yes. Sami says thanks but know saying someone always finds out. Sami says it would cause sleepless nights of waiting for the truth to come out. Marlena is proud of her saying the old Sami would have jumped at the chance. Sami says she finally had to grow up.

Nick comes by to see Sami and gives her flowers from he and Chelsea. Sami says thanks and Nick says he will check on her later. She tells him to be sure the lab results don’t get messed up. Dr. Jacobs and another doctor come back. Lucas shows up as they start the ultrasound. The doctors are shocked. They tell Sami she is having twins.

Kate runs into Nick in the hall. Nick says Sami is there pointing to a room. Kate says she is here to see nick. She says Lucas is worried about the amnio. Kate says she knows Nick works in the lab. Nick asks what she wants. Kate wants him to make sure the test shows EJ is the father.

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