Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Celeste helps Lexie get dressed and made up. She comments she looks ten years older as she looks in the mirror. She starts to cry. Celeste assures she looks beautiful. The doctor comes in and tells the she has bad news about Abe. She says Abe has a fever and is complaining about headaches. The doctor says it could be nothing or it could mean he is rejecting the transplant. She tells Lexie she can see Abe but she gets cold feet and says no.

Once the doctor leaves Lexie says this is a sign and she should not be here. Celeste tells her not to be foolish. She tells her Abe and Theo need her. Lexie says Abe doesn’t. Celeste asks what about Theo? Lexie says she will call to explain but Celeste says he needs his mother not an explanation. Lexis says Abe will never forgive her. Celeste tries to comfort her and tells it will be ok.

Later the doctor comes back. She tells them Abe’s fever is going down and it is a good sign. Lexie tells her she does want to see Abe. The doctor says that she can see Abe but he is sedated and will not know she is there. Lexie says she doesn’t want him to know till the bandages come off. The doctor leaves and Celeste says she is proud of her and she deserves a reward. Celeste opens the door and Theo runs in yelling mommy. Lexie tells them she will not be going away again. She tells him she loves him and his daddy very much.

DiMera Mansion:

EJ is stunned as he looks at the picture of Santo. EJ asks Stefano why he never told him. Stefano says he needed to be sure everything was in the right place. He tells EJ and that he and Sami can make sure that Colleen and Santo rest in peace. EJ tells Stefano about Tony wanting to kill him and Sami. Stefano says he will deal with Tony. He tells him that Tony is the past and EJ is the future. Stefano says making peace with the Bradys is a hollow victory if they keep fighting amongst themselves. Stefano then begins having an attack and is unable to breathe. Tony tells for Rolf. He comes in and tells EJ Stefano is ok. He says Stefano needs to be in bed. Stefano agrees to rest and tells EJ to talk to Tony.

Later Tony shows up. He tells EJ he doesn’t have the backbone to do what is necessary. EJ tells him that Stefano wants this to end and asks why can’t they be brothers? Tony talks about how EJ has turned on him and how EJ has become the anointed one. EJ says they can be equal brothers. Tony says he doesn’t think so. Tony says he knows about the picture of Santo and that Stefano has no secrets he doesn’t know. EJ says he knows Tony is trying to turn Stefano against him. Tony tells EJ he will do that on his own. Tony says all he has to do is sit and wait for Stefano to die. EJ tells him that he and Stefano see a future that Tony doesn’t. Tony says he doesn’t care about the Bradys. He says they are the enemy and unlike EJ he doesn’t lose focus. EJ says he thinks Tony is jealous of Sami but Tony says that is not true.

Bart shows up and says he has news. He says the Bradys are all gathered at the pub and even Anna is there. Tony is surprised. Later Anna calls Tony. EJ wonders what she wants. Tony says he has no idea but it will be fun finding out. Stefano comes back. He says he knows Anna is coming with the letters. He says he wants to know how she got them. He tells EJ to go to the pub and find out what is really going on with Anna. EJ leaves.

Stefano tells Tony EJ will either prove himself or disappoint him. Tony says he is glad that Stefano realizes EJ is weak. Stefano says EJ is not the first man to be swayed by love. Stefano tells Tony if EJ betrays them he will learn that what he holds dear can also be held in contempt.

Steve shows up barging into the mansion. He pours himself a drink and tells them about Anna and the Bradys. Stefano tells Tony to take out the garbage but Steve points out if not for him Stefano would not have that kidney. He tells them that Kayla thinks he is back to his old self but she is wrong. He tells them Anna is coming her to look for letters from Santo to Colleen. Stefano tells him well done and to wait in the garden for him. Steve leaves.

The phone rings and it is EJ. He tells Stefano he is at the pub and that he learned that Anna’s visit is just that a visit. Stefano tells him well done and hangs up. He looks at Tony and says EJ has disappointed him even more than Tony has. Stefano says he is going to rest and tells EJ to take care of the pest in the garden. Tony says he will not disappoint him.

Brady Pub:

Everyone stares at Anna and Roman tells her is she is looking for money she is on the wrong team. Anna says she is not noble and never has been. She says she will help them if there is something in it for her. Sami says she will do it but Lucas says no way along with the rest of the group. Roman says it is up to Anna she is the insider. Hope says what if she has back up. Bo starts to tell Hope no but she stops him. Anna says she is ok with that and assures them Hope will be. Anna says distracting men has been her life’s work.

Roman tells Anna they will discuss her reward later. Sami still thinks she should go but Lucas again says no way. He then drags Sami away to talk to her. Hope tells Bo they need to stick to this plan. Marlena says she too thinks Hope should go. John looks surprised. Roman says they all just need to relax.

Steve comes in and tells them he is the only person that can pull this job off. Bo doesn’t like it saying he could still be susceptible to them. Steve assures them he is ok. Anna thinks Steve is a real man. Steve says he remembers Anna. Steve tells John he knows he can’t forgive him cause he cannot forgive himself. John says they were but cut into and are still standing. They hug. Steve says he is trying to get back on track with the family and his going to the mansion is his own way of getting past what the DiMeras did to him. They all talk and agree Steve is the not right person for the job. Steve finally gives up and leaves.

Lucas and Sami are still talking and he begs her to consider a safe house and to have the amnio.

Roman has Anna call Tony. They talk and she tells him she was in town and wants to swing by and see him. She says she found some letters from Santo to Colleen. He asks if she is free tomorrow. She says yes and they hang up.

EJ arrives and they all wonder why his is there. He sees Anna and introduces himself. He tells her once Tony was not lying. He tells them that he is here because his loyalties are split between the two families. Bo tells EJ to be a man then and get rid of Tony. Sami tells him Bo is right and that it is time to put up or shut up. EJ says he will call his father and tell him that Anna is just here to visit.

Sami and Lucas get ready to leave. She tells Roman they are going to the hospital to set up the amnio and then she wants to be placed in a safe house. Lucas tells her thank you.

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