Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/07


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Brady Pub:

Roman, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena all sit talking. Caroline comes over and serves them apple pie. Roman tells his mom he still can’t believe she was able to pull all this food together so quickly. They wonder where Sami and Lucas are and Roman assures everyone they will be here soon. Hope points out all this started with the letter Sami and Lucas found in New Orleans. Bo hopes it will tell them somehow how the feud got started. John says feud is the wrong word that he would call it the DiMeras coming after the Bradys. Bo says they will fight dirty if they have too. Marlena tells them until they know what happened with Colleen and Santo this will never end. Bo asks his mother were Pop is and she says he told her let sleeping dogs lie and went fishing.

Sami shows up apologizing for being late but telling them she has a surprise. Lucas then comes in with Anna. She takes off her glasses and scarf and Roman says oh my God. Anna tells Roman he looks well. Roman says she looks the same as the day he married her. Caroline calls her a ghost from the past. Sami tells them that Anna contacted her and she wants to help but is worried about what the DiMeras will do to her. Roman promises she will be safe. He gives her a big hug.

Sami and her Mom go off to the other side of the pub to talk. Marlena says she is worried about Sami. Lucas walks up saying he agrees with her mom. Sami tells them she feels like this was meant to be as if it is her destiny. Marlena says she has to show her something and it may increase the danger. She shows Sami and Lucas the picture of Colleen. Sami gasps saying it looks just like her. She says it is spooky. Sami asks what happened to her. Marlena says all they know is she died at a young age. Sami thinks this is Colleen from the letter they found. Marlena thinks it was no accident they found the letter pointing out all the attempts on her life since she found it. Lucas says he doesn’t believe this is just about the stem cells. Marlena tells Sami she needs to be on high alert. Lucas says he will not leave her side. Lucas says she needs to go to a safe house tonight.

Anna translates the letter. She says it seems that Santo and Colleen met in a romantic way. She says it seems that Santo was somehow injured and found himself in church. She says Colleen was a nurse and she nursed Santo back to health. Santo she says was married and Colleen she says was possibly involved with another man too. She wanted to see Santo again but knew that she shouldn’t. Hope says so she was an Irish country girl with the hots for a married man. John tells Caroline they need Shawn here. Caroline says she knows Shawn knows the whole story but he refuses to talk about it. Bo wonders if he knows how Colleen died? John says the more important question is what about her dying sparked the feud?

Roman flirts with Anna. She congratulates him on his promotion to Commissioner. He tells her is weird to see her after so long. She asks if that is good or bad? He says it is spooky cause he and Tony were just talking about her. He tells her he knows it took a lot of courage to bring them those letters. Anna says she meant to drop them off anonymously but Sami saw her and knew who she was. They talk about Carrie and share a toast to her. Anna says she has a problem in Tony comes looking for the letters. She says she will need someone to wash her back. He tells her he is already watching her back and now she wants him to wash it? She laughs calling it a slip of the tongue.

Hope says they need to have these letters translated. Bo says they may have a problem since they only have half the letters. He says they need Santo’s letters to her. John says they have to be somewhere. Bo says they could be in the mansion. They decide they need to get someone inside and they all look at Anna. John and Bo go to talk to Anna and Roman. Anna says the Brady men have more looks and charm than the law allows. Bo says they have Colleen’s letter but they need Santo’s. They ask if she can looks around the mansion. Roman asks f they are crazy?

Hope calls her friend at Salem University. She says she will translate them. Shawn comes in and sees them all. Anna tells him hello and he is surprised to see her. He asks why she is here and Bo tells him they have been talking about Colleen. Sami asks him why he never told her she looked just like her. Sami can tell he is afraid and says she is too. Bo tells him they have to talk about this. Bo says they have letters from Colleen to Santo. They all demand Shawn tell them the truth. Shawn finally tells them Colleen was murdered by a DiMera. He says there hands are stained with blood. Shawn says he warned them and then tells them may God have mercy on them and storms off. They ask Anna again will she do it? She says she will in the price is right. They all look on shocked.

DiMera Mansion:

Stefano stares at a picture of Colleen. He says she was the love and ruin of his father’s life. EJ comes in with Bart. EJ tells his father he is looking well. Stefano shows EJ a picture of Colleen. EJ thinks it is Sami but he says no this is her great aunt Colleen Brady. EJ comments the resemblance is uncanny. He asks why didn’t Stefano tell him? He says this has been a secret and only he and Shawn Brady Sr. know the truth. EJ asks him why he called him here. Stefano says they must decide what to do about her. Tony comes in. He tells EJ it is not his place to question but to listen and do as he is told. EJ says he has had it with Tony issuing orders. Tony tells him to get used it as it will be that way the rest of his life. Stefano tells them he has had it with the dissension in the family. EJ says he has tried to make peace. Tony says EJ has tried many things and failed at them all. Stefano says what is clear and what is not clear remains to be seen. Tony thinks it is a waste of time giving EJ chance after chance. Stefano tells Tony his slate has blemishes too. Tony says his loyalty to Stefano has never been in question. They argue some more. Tony finally sees the picture of Colleen and asks why there is a picture of Sami here. Bart tells him it is a picture of Colleen. Tony laughs and says so this is the infamous Colleen. EJ wants to know what Colleen has to do with their family. Stefano says she was the love of Santo’s life. Tony says she was still a Brady. Stefano yells at Tony for always talking in absolutes. Tony says history is repeating itself with the weakest link in they family. He says EJ can’t be trusted. Stefano asks if this is true. EJ says Tony is just jealous of their relationship. Stefano tells them enough.

Bart tells them Celeste is here. She walks in and sees Stefano. He asks where Alexandra is. Celeste says he will not allow her to come. Celeste and Tony argue. Tony tells her to watch her language, as she is not among friends. Celeste says once she was afraid of him but not anymore. Stefano tells Celeste he had nothing to do with Alexandra’s imprisonment. Tony makes a snide comment and Stefano slaps him. Tony apologizes. Stefano says he will not tolerate such insolence and disrespect. Celeste says Tony is the son he raised him to be. Stefano says he is still Tony’s father and head of the household.

Stefano tells Celeste he would like to see Alexandra and apologize to her. She tells Stefano how little Theo thought his mommy was dead. She says no she is home and she will not allow him to spoil that. Stefano says he just wants to make things right. She tells him to look at his legacy he has two power hungry sons, one that is afraid of him and his only surviving daughter was tortured by him and his family. She tells them this is not a family but a band of vultures. She says she is cutting her ties to them. Stefano says they were once close. Celeste hops the next time they are close is at his funeral.

Later we see them all at dinner and that Rolf has joined them. Stefano tells them he wants order returned to their family. He says he admits he is not in the best of health. Tony says they can still get the stem cells. Stefano says it is his grandchild and he empathizes with EJ. He tells them that their war with the Bradys began with a tragic death. He says Colleen changed the course of their family’s history. He says that Colleen was killed by a Brady and that his father made him swear to seek vengeance on the Bradys. Stefano says he has tried to carry out Santo’s orders. Stefano says so does he gather them around his deathbed and order them to continue or does he end it all here now? Tony tells him he can’t go back a dying man’s wish. Stefano asks what about his wish for peace? EJ says this vendetta has cots them a lot and the Bradys too. He says they have the power to stop it. Tony says he never asked for this saying he was happy with his life but Stefano forced this vendetta on him. He asks will Stefano now end it because EJ is in love with Sami? Tony says Stefano’s legacy is fixed in stone. Celeste says Tony is right the past cannot be erased. They argue some more about who is and is not loyal. Stefano tells them they are brothers and makes them hug. He tells Celeste if she wants to leave then go and makes Tony follow her. Then he orders Bart and Rolf out and tells EJ he wants to show him something. He shows EJ a picture that looks just like him except for a mustache. He tells EJ it is a picture of Santo and it is why EJ is so special to him

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