Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/20/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

The Beach:

Jeremy tells Max he will see him later and Max says he will be there. Jeremy leaves. Chelsea tells Max he is trouble. Max reminds her he is about to give the guy a lot of money. Chelsea apologizes saying maybe he is a great business partner. Max starts having second thoughts. Chelsea tells him Jett is part of the deal and she thinks he is a good guy. Max asks her what is up with Nick and Jett. Chelsea tells Max she and Nick are over. Max asks when did that happen? She tells him today and explains about him being drunk and fighting with Jett. Max tells Chelsea he likes Nick he just doesn’t have much self-confidence. He points out how Nick looks little and nerdy while Jett looks like a model in a magazine. Max says he thinks it will make Nick feel inferior hanging out with someone else since Nick knows he is out of his league. Max says if Nick were rich it would make sense, since rich guys always get the pretty girls. He tells Chelsea maybe it is good that she broke up with Nick. Chelsea corrects him saying Nick dumped her. Max looks surprised and asks really?

Stephanie and Jett sit and talk. She tells him not to blow off Chelsea just cause he doesn’t like Nick. Jett asks what is he supposed to do? He tells her that Chelsea could do better and calls Nick a loser. Nick steps out of the bushes and Jett apologizes but Nick says he doesn’t care what Jett thinks of him. He says he does though care about Chelsea and tells Jett to stay away from her. Jett tells Nick that Chelsea can decide who she wants to hang out with. Jett then adds that is Chelsea is just too hot for him then that his problem. Chelsea and Max walk over and she asks what is going on. Nick says he came to look for Chelsea but instead found Jett making fun of him. Stephanie tries to say Jett was just joking prompting Chelsea to ask Nick to apologize. Nick refuses. Chelsea tells Nick to go home. Nick asks her why is it so she can be alone with Jett? Chelsea reminds him that he broke up with her so he has no right to be jealous. Nick asks for ten minutes. Chelsea finally agrees saying she needs to go home and pack for Vegas anyhow. After they leave Stephanie say she should go pack too. She asks Max where Jeremy went. Max tells her he left. Stephanie gets mad and calls Jeremy a jackass. Max wonders if anyone has anything nice to say about Jeremy.

Max and Jett sit and talk. They see a couple of girls go by and Max goes to try and pick one of them up. Jett tries to talk to Stephanie. She says she wonders where he went that was so important? Jett tells her he likes to party. Stephanie wonders if he is cheating on her. Stephanie then switches to asking Jett about Chelsea. She tells him she knows he likes her and adds he should dump his fiancée. Max comes back with one of the girls, a blonde. He invites her to Vegas with them and she says yes.

Later Jeremy comes back. He kisses Stephanie but she is mad and pushes him away. They argue till he gives her some earrings. She says they must have cost a fortune but he tells her money is no object when it comes to her. She looks around for Chelsea wondering where she went. Jeremy tells Stephanie she is busy saying she saw him with Nick and Bo and Hope’s and they were ripping each other’s clothes off. Jett looks stunned to hear this.

Bo & Hope’s:

We see Jeremy there in a towel. He yells out the name Jess and we a blonde girl come downstairs. They start kissing but here a car pull up. Jeremy says this is not his house they have to go. He hurries her out.

Nick and Chelsea come in. Chelsea tells Nick to just say what he has to and leave. He says he is sorry for how he handled things when he saw her with Jett. He thinks if it had been him with a girl she would have reacted the same way reminding her all about Willow. She says it is not the same thing. He asks her what is really going on with Jett and she says nothing. They argue some more. Nick tells her he is the best thing to ever happen to her. She tells Nick she doesn’t know what the future holds for her. Nick says he will wait but she tells him it’s over. She says they need a break. Nick says he doesn’t think so. Nick says he remembers the night they met. She says he cam to her rescue when she spilled the drinks. Nick says he will always rescue her. Then kiss. She tells Nick they should go upstairs and they do.

Doug’s Place:

Roman is there when Stefano and Tony come in. He asks them about Lexie and then tells them how Bo and Hope almost died because of the bomb they planted. Tony picks at Roman saying it is no wonder Anna left Roman and ended up with him. Stefano makes Tony stop. He tells Roman he had no idea this was going on. He says his family had nothing to do with what happened here and certainly he would never harm his daughter Alexandra. Then he reminds Roman how he cares very much for Hope. Roman says yeah when you had her stealing paintings for you. Stefano remarks how it fees like only yesterday. Stefano tells Roman the bomb could have been there for years. But Roman says it was brand new and he thinks they planted it. Stefano asks what reason would they have for that? He tells Roman he has more important matters to worry about and how he is not in good health. Tony is getting really irritated. Stefano says he doesn’t want to be remembered as a monster but Roman says it is too late.

Roman then tells Stefano maybe Tony is the one who planted the bomb and tried to kill Sami. Stefano asks why would he want Sami gone? He says Sami his carrying his grandchild. Roman gets upset at that remark and Stefano tells him he hit a nerve and that the child is Roman’s grandchild too. Stefano says this should be a celebration and a chance to be one big happy family. Roman tells them he will celebrate when they are in jail. Stefano says he thought they wanted the same thing to protect their children. He says he was hoping they could sit down and work it out. Roman says it will be a cold day in hell before that happens. Stefano says that is a shame and Roman tells him he is delusional.

Once Roman leaves Stefano confronts Tony. He asks what he has been up to? He asks if Roman is right and he is responsible for this? Did he lock up Alexandra? He demands Tony answer him. Tony says he did what he had to, to protect his family. Stefano tells Tony he has lost his mind. Tony tells Stefano this family is his legacy. Stefano says he doesn’t want it destroyed over the vendetta. Tony gets mad. He says he spent years trying to distance himself from Stefano but that he always got drug back in. He tells Stefano he is the one that made the Brady’s their enemies and if Stefano will not finish the job he will. Stefano tells Tony his behavior is unacceptable. He tells Tony to trust him. Tony says one he did but then he sent EJ to Salem. Tony points out John, is still alive and so is Steve. Stefano has had all he can stand and says he wants a family meeting tonight. He orders him to call EJ and Alexandra.

Roman comes back and tells Stefano they are going to fill the tunnel with concrete and they will need access to the end that is in the mansion. Stefano says he will alert his staff. This makes Tony even angrier and he tells Stefano he barley recognizes him. He asks what happened to the powerful man he admired and walks off.

Sami and Lucas’:

The officer says they are not leaving. Sami tells him to call her dad but he says no. Lucas points out they are not prisoners and they can leave if they want too. The officer says not on his watch. Sami says maybe they can compromise. She says her orders were to watch her so she tells him to come with her. She says he could get a medal for this. He is skeptical but finally agrees to go.

The Docks:

The trio arrives at the docks but they find nothing. The cop worries this a drug deal and Lucas swears it is not. Sami says they would never bring a cop with them if they were buying drugs. She suggests the cop check out the perimeter. Lucas says he will take responsibility for Sami’s safety. After he leaves they decide to hide and watch for whoever is supposed to leave the package. Sami’s phone rings. Lucas freaks out telling her to make is stop. She sees it is her dad. Lucas says let it go to voicemail but she worries it could be important. She answers. Roman tells them about the meeting. They say they will be there. She asks about brining Will but Roman says no and that maybe he should go visit Austin and Carrie. Sami agrees and hangs up.

A woman shows up with a package. She puts the package down and tries to leave but they grab her. She tells them all they need to know is in the envelope and begs them to let her go. Sami opens the envelope and finds letters. Sami says the voice sounds familiar and she pulls on the scarf and sees the woman’s face. She says it’s you.

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