Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope’s:

Chelsea comes downstairs as Nick sleeps on the couch. She quietly opens the door and goes outside. As she starts to close the door Nick wakes and asks her where she is going. She tells him she is going to the beach. She says a bunch of them are meeting at there to hang out. Nick thinks maybe she is going for a midnight swim with Jett.

Chelsea comes back in and tries to get to drink some coffee. He reminds her they were supposed to talk when he woke up. She invites him to come with her to the beach. They then argue about Jett. Chelsea tries to tell Nick she only talked to Jett because she was upset about the two of them. Chelsea tells him she talk about how tonight was supposed to be special for she and Nick. She says every time we try to get together something happens to stop it. Nick tells her the thing getting in the way is her. Chelsea is surprised asking me? She says he is the one that slept with her mom. Nick nods and says we are not really past that yet are we? He tells her that he loves her and always will and then tells her it is time to stop acting like they are in a teen movie. Nick wonders if she has found someone else? He tells her he wants them to move forward and if he is the wrong guy for her to just let him know. He wants to know what she is thinking and feeling. He tells her if they have a real problem they need to deal with it. He tells her if they are going to be together they should be making each other happy. Chelsea gets upset accusing him of only wanting to know when they would have sex. He tells her it is not about sex saying he just wants to know what is going on with them. He tells her she owes him an answer.

Chelsea admits she hasn’t been fair to him. She says she has ever given him a reason to believe in them. She tells him he believed in her more than anyone else but she is not sure if she has a future with him. Nick decides to leave. Chelsea asks him for more time but he says he can and tells her it is over. He leaves and Chelsea cries asking him not to do this. Chelsea cries for a bit and then decides to go have some fun. She tells herself it is the best thing. Nick watches her as she leaves and follows her.


Jeremy, Max, Jett and Stephanie at the beach. Jeremy makes a toast to Max thanking him. Max says his hand was shaking the whole time he was signing the loan papers but he too makes a toast to Touch the Sky. Jeremy says he wonders where Jett, whom he calls Jester, is. He says Jett has the hots for Chelsea.

Later we see Jett is there and Jeremy presses him about Chelsea. Jett reminds him he has a fiancée and goes to get more beer. Jeremy then asks Stephanie to leave so he and Max can talk about business. Stephanie tells him you talk business all the time. Jeremy gets angry and yells at her to just once do what he asks and quit being a pain in the ass. Stephanie gets mad herself and tells Jeremy not to talk to her that way. He asks what the big deal is. She tells him it’s not you and storms off. Jeremy looks at Max and tells her he has a proposition that is a slam-dunk. He says it will be big money and asks if he is interested. Jeremy explains he is a giving Max a chance to be at the top of the VIP list in Vegas. He says they are going to do more than Touch the Sky. He says they will own it. Jeremy explains if you really want to make it big and he is talking serious money then they may have to bend a few rules. Max looks hesitant. Jeremy asks him if he is up for that.

Max asks if this involves smuggling. Jeremy says it doesn’t involve weapons or drugs. He tells him he knows this guy in Chicago with a whole warehouse of designer clothes. Max says he means knock-offs. Jeremy tells him that the police have better things to worry about. He tells Max an investment of $10K will get him $40K. Max says no. Jeremy tells him if was not interested in making money he would be at his garage fixing cars no at the beach. Max tells Jeremy to lay off. Jeremy says if he will just give him the money he will do the work. Max finally agrees to give Jeremy the money.

Meanwhile Stephanie and Jett talk. He tells her if his fiancée hears all these rumors about he and Chelsea it will be over. Jett tells her from now on he is keeping his distance from Chelsea. Jett tells her about Nick. Stephanie says no way but Jett says he jumped him and got in a couple of punches. He says he doesn’t want trouble. Stephanie says she thinks all the guys had a meeting today and decided to be jerks. Stephanie teases him that he is afraid of competition. Jett says what? Compete with a loser? From the bushes Nick overhears this.

Chelsea shows up and she talks to Max. She tells him she doesn’t trust Jeremy. Max feels uneasy.

Sami & Lucas’:

Sami and Lucas frantically dig through the trash as the ticking continues. They hear an alarm ring and Lucas slams Sami into the wall trying to cover her with his body. After a moment they realize no one has been blown up and the go back to the trash bag. In it they find an alarm clock. Lucas stops it and says this is not funny at all. Sami says do you see me laughing? Sami thinks maybe the DiMera’s did this. She then gets mad at Lucas for risking his life trying to save her. She tells him she still doesn’t want to go into a safe house. The clock alarm goes off again and Lucas grabs it and smashes it. It falls to pieces at it slams into the wall. They find a disc inside the clock.

They go back in the apartment and argue over whether or not call the police. Sami takes the disc and puts it in the computer. Sami and Lucas here a distorted voice coming from the laptop. It says, "I had to find some way to get this to you. I have info about how the feud began. I'll leave a package for you at 9 PM tonight near pier 18. Please don't tell anyone and please come alone, please."

Sami looks at her watch. It is nearly 9 PM and she jumps up to rush out the door. Lucas stops her saying we are not going anywhere. He says it could be a trap. Sami thinks the person on the disc sounded scared. She tells him she has to do this. It could be a way to protect her family. Lucas says what about him and Will and the baby she is carrying. She says they are her real family. He tells her she thinks she is being noble but really she is being a brat. She agrees she is a brat but she is not selfish. She says she is doing this for them all. She says if she can stop Stefano from taking the stem cells from his grandchild she….Lucas cuts her off. He accuses Sami of having decided the baby is EJ’s. She says no matter who the father is the baby is his. Lucas tells her it may not matter to her who the dad is but it does matter to him. He wants her to have the amnio. She tells him she is scared. He says of but you are not afraid to go down to the docs to meet some stranger? Lucas says if she can do that the amnio is a walk in the park. She asks Lucas if he really thinks she should. He says yes so they can start their life. She says she will have the test if he will go with her. He says of course he will. She says no she meant tonight, will he go with her to the docks? He agrees and they go to leave. The officer at the door stops them. They claim they are going for Chinese. The officer says sorry they can’t leave.

Doug’s Place:

The EMTs are rushing around. Bo tells John thanks for what he did for him down in the tunnel. John tells him the bomb was not meant to kill and Bo agrees. He tells John the DiMera’s are not going to make it easy on any of them. Hope is telling Marlena she can’t believe Lexie was walled up in there the whole time. Marlena tells her she called the hospital and that physically Lexis is ok. Hope then shows her the picture of Colleen that she found. Marlena wonders why she has a picture of Sami. Hope tells her it is not Sami but a picture of Colleen. Marlena tells Hope that Shawn would not talk about Colleen. She tells her Santo loved her till the day he died and that is the connection to the Brady/DiMera feud. They then decide that her resemblance to Sami must be the key. She tells Hope that Stefano called Sami the key.

John says he thinks Tony is the one who set the bomb. Marlena shows John the picture. She asks him who it is. He looks at it and then asks if it is a trick question. He tells her it is Sami or maybe her evil twin. She tells him it is Colleen. He then tells them all that he thinks it is time the Brady’s had a family meeting as they need a game plan for dealing with the DiMeras. Bo says they should meet at the pub. John looks at the picture again and chuckles as he asks are you sure this is not Sami? Her and Marlena then leave. Bo comments the fun is just beginning.

The EMTs finish up with Bo. One of them tells Hope they need to take him to the hospital to be checked out. Bo doesn’t want to go. He says he is going to be chained to a desk. Hope says he can run things from there. She says she can be the one in the field. Hope tells him they have done some of their best work together. He says yes both on the job and as parents. Bo tells her Ciara needs her mommy. Hope tells him Stefano is ignoring the wrong Bradys, the ones that can be a real threat while he focuses on Sami. Bo says she is not going over there alone. Hope asks him what he will do chase her down? He is not amused. She tells him she has a score to settle with Stefano. She asks Bo if he is with her? Bo says he will agree against his better judgment but he has conditions. He tells her no secrets and no taking risks she doesn’t have to. She promises. The EMTs show up with a gurney to take him the hospital. He tells Hope to head on to the pub but she insists she is going with him.

Brady Pub:

Marlena and John are there making calls. John says Roman will be here as soon as his shift is over and Marlena says Kayla is out of town but Steve is coming. Shawn and Caroline overhear part of their conversation and they ask if they are having a party and not inviting them? They explain that everyone is coming and they are having a family meeting to talk about Colleen. Shawn gets mad and walks off. Later he comes back and says he just prays that while they are protecting everyone they don’t dig up something that might destroy them all. He leaves again. John asks Marlena what are they doing here? Marlena says they are doing the right thing. She tells him even if the truth is hard it is better off being out in the light. John says he does know what thing and that is that Stefano has got his hands on their lives for the very last time.

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