Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/18/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


We hear Belle singing the nursery rhyme and then a crying baby. Belle tells them to listen saying that’s Claire. Shawn says he knows it is too saying he would know her cry anywhere. Philip tells Belle to keep singing and they go to look for Claire. Belle keeps singing Claire shows up in the doorway. Belle yells Claire’s name and come to mommy as Evelyn starts calling out Jeffrey and come to mommy as well. Claire runs to Belle. Evelyn says that is my baby but Belle firmly holding Claire tells her back off or she’s dead. Evelyn grabs her belongings and runs out. Belle then starts calling for Shawn.

He shows up after a moment or two and sees Belle holding Claire. Belle tells Claire to go give her daddy a hug and puts her down. Claire starts to run to Shawn but Philip comes in and she veers towards him and he scoops her up as Shawn watches looking hurt. Belle comes over and takes Claire from Philip and hands her to Shawn. Philip apologizes saying Claire was just confused. Shawn says it is ok and hugs Claire telling her he missed her. Belle asks if he is ok and he says he has accepted the fact that Shawn is her dad. Belle asks if he is sure and he says it shows Claire remembered him since he was the only dad she had the first year of her life.

Later Philip tells Belle and Shawn that the police caught Evelyn and she is in custody, but they need a statement from them and proof Claire is who they say she is. Belle says she hopes that Evelyn rots in jail. Shawn then tells Philip thank you for everything you did and tells him to have a good flight home. Philip looks shocked and Belle looks on torn. Philip again tells Shawn he did nothing to entice her to come to him. Shawn says he knows and Philip leaves.

Later we see Belle twirling Claire all around the room when she announces it is bedtime for Claire. She tells him Claire seems stuffy. Shawn gives her the room key and says he will go get some medicine. Belle leaves with Claire. Philip comes back and says he could not get a flight out tonight. Shawn doesn’t look happy.

Sami & Lucas’:

Lucas his on the phone with the Salem PD. He wants to know where the police protection is that he was promised. They tell Lucas there should be an officer there. Lucas goes to check and there is. Sami comes out of the bedroom and he tells her the guard is there. She tells Lucas good, then he can satisfy her craving. Lucas gets all excited and starts kissing her when tells him that is not what she wants. She says she wants an anchovy pizza and rocky road ice cream. Lucas thinks that sounds terrible but finally agrees to go.

He opens the door to find EJ out in the hall. He is telling the officer he is the father of Sami’s baby and he needs to talk to her. EJ is all happy at first to see Lucas saying he tried to call them. Lucas tells him he changed their phone numbers. EJ gets all huffy and asks how many times does he have to save Sami before they believe he is not a threat to them. Lucas tells the officer to back up and he slugs EJ in the stomach. Then he tells the officer if he tries to get to Sami to shoot him. He leaves.

Inside Sami comes out of the bedroom carrying a garbage bag. She yells for Will who comes out holding his cell phone. She asks what this bag is. He says he doesn’t know it is not his. She tells him it is not hers and certainly not Lucas’s since he is a total neat freak. She notices Will is not listening and he says he’s busy texting someone. He leaves the room. Sami stares at the trash bag for another minute as Will comes back saying she just got a text message on his phone. He tells her Elvis is not only in the building but he needs to talk to her. Sami decides to take out the garbage and see what EJ wants. She goes out in the hall and after convincing the officer she will not go farther than across the hall she bangs on EJ’s door.

EJ answers and Sami chews him out for using Will to get to her. He tells her they have to put an end to all this as they are both in danger. He tells her he is going to do what he should have done and call the police and give them information that will put Tony in jail. She asks if he would really betray his own brother? He says he would for her. She doesn’t buy it saying she thinks Stefano would not allow that. EJ says his father is becoming aware that Tony is not mentally all together. Sami says she still can’t believe Stefano would be ok with that. EJ tells her sounds like she cares. Lucas comes back and blows a gasket when he sees Sami talking to EJ. He asks if that is why she sent him after food. She says no she says she was taking out the trash and decided to see why EJ was trying to talk to her. Lucas tells EJ again that he will protect Sami. EJ finally gives up and goes back into his apartment. Lucas suggests they go eat when Sami remembers the trash bag. She says she is going to go throw it out. Lucas says he will do it. They argue and finally both go. It will not fit so they say they will have to empty some of it. Lucas asks her what she put in there. She says it is not hers or Will’s. He says it is not his either. They wonder where it came from as they hear a ticking sound. They think it is a bomb.

Doug’s Place:

Down in the tunnel we see them finding the bomb. Hope starts screaming for her parents to get out of the building. They only have a minute and a half and no time to get out. They decide Bo will have to diffuse it. Hope asks if he remembers how.

Upstairs John and Marlena arrive. They tell John about the bomb and he orders Marlena to get Doug and Julie out. Marlena says she is not leaving. He tells her stay up here and he heads down the tunnel.

Bo meanwhile is trying to remember his training. He says he has to cut a wire but he is not sure which one. They argue over which one and finally Hope tells him to cut the red one. He does and it stops. They hug as John shows up. They tell him they diffused the bomb. However the red light comes back on and starts beeping. They all duck and take cover as it explodes.

Upstairs Marlena is yelling John’s name. Doug and Julie come in saying the EMTs are on the way. They are worried about Hope and Bo as Marlena keeps yelling for John.

Hope is the first to recover. She looks for Bo he is ok but pinned under debris. She then looks for John and he is ok. Hope and John manage to get Bo’s leg free but he thinks it may be broke. John says he is going to climb up and call for help. He gets to the top and is told the EMTs are on the way. They arrive a few minutes later and John tells them Bo is going to need help to get out. Marlena asks about the bomb and John says it was a warning to stay away.

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