Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/15/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Evelyn continues to insist that she got the clothes at a thrift store. Of course they don’t believe her. The police finally show up and Evelyn says that is a picture of her son Jeffrey. The cop looks it over and says he does look just like their daughter Claire. They tell the officer what they found in the woman’s backpack. Evelyn meanwhile is screaming she wants Belle arrested. The officer then questions them about how Claire disappeared and they tell him their wild sounding story about the island and the typhoon and the boat. They then tell him they have a witness that saw this woman running off with Claire. Evelyn says this is crazy saying she has never been west of Des Moines. Shawn and Philip demand the officer arrest her. The cop asks who they are and they both at the same time say the father. The officer asks Belle who the father is.

Later we see the officer take Evelyn to be questioned. She explains her husband ran off and she started entering her son in these pageants to earn some extra cash. Shawn and Philip say they called her house where her son is supposed to be and no one answered. They also wonder how she got back from Indiana so fast. Belle and Philip decide to go check her car. An unhappy Shawn stays to watch Evelyn. Later Belle tells the police she wants the hotel searched. The officer agrees. Evelyn keeps proclaiming her innocence. Finally the officer comes back and says they didn’t find her. Belle loses it and Shawn holds her. Evelyn inquires if she can go. The officer says he has a few more questions. Belle is upset but the officer says they have no proof.

Belle, Philip and Shawn talk about what to do. Belle starts to cry saying how she misses Claire and how she misses singing to her. Shawn tells her she will sing to her again some day. Belle gets and idea and starts to sing loudly while clapping her hands. Philip and Shawn are sure Belle has lost it but suddenly they hear someone crying. Belle tells them it’s Claire and she is here.

Brady Pub:

John and Marlena sit in a booth kissing when Caroline comes over and tells them it seems like old times. She sits with them and they chat. They talk about family and then Marlena asks about Colleen. Caroline says they do not talk about Colleen and she wants to keep it that way. Marlena says they think she is the reason for the feud. Caroline tells them not to dig into the past, as it will only break Shawn’s heart. Marlena asks how they can end the feud then? Caroline says maybe they can’t pointing out all the DiMera’s have done and how they never have to pay for anything. Marlena and John tell her if Colleen started the feud maybe she is the key to ending it. They tell Colleen if Shawn will not talk about it maybe she will. Caroline finally tells them what she knows. She says she didn’t know about Colleen until a few years ago. She explains she was going through some stuff and found some old pictures. She says she couldn’t make out the face. She said Shawn told her never to mention the woman again. She said Shawn eventually did apologize and told her Colleen was his older sister and she died very young. Caroline says he never told her how she died. Marlena says so Colleen was a Brady.

Stefano comes in and says she was the loveliest Brady of all then adds present company excluded of course. Caroline is visibly upset and excuses herself. John asks what he wants. Stefano says he wants to know what their interest in Colleen is. Marlena asks her want he knows about her. Stefano says far more they do he suspects. He asks if he can join them or should be take his secrets to his grave? John says he hopes it is an early gave and Stefano smiles saying his coma obviously didn’t rob him of his sense of humor. Marlena comments Stefano looks better than ever. He claims the prognosis is not what they hoped. Marlena suggest to him that they talk about Colleen and how she was involved with Santo. Stefano tells them that his father as a most remarkable man and the Colleen was a remarkable woman. He says that Colleen was the love of his father’s life.

Stefano sits. He says that his father met Colleen on an island where he was doing important business. John says wasn’t he married? Stefano says yes but his mother overlooked that sort of thing. He tells them that Colleen was the love of Santo’s life and the vendetta started with Colleen’s death. Marlena asks how she died but Stefano won’t say. He tells John and Marlena it is time to end the feud. They ask how can they do that? Stefano asks didn’t Sami tell you? He says true peace is in the hands of Sami. They then accuse him of trying to kill her. He says he has not lifted a hand against her. They ask what he wants and he tells them he will let Sami explain. He says to let her know he is awaiting her response and he leaves. Marlena says they need to go talk to Sami but before they can leave John’s phone rings. He tells Marlena it was Doug and that Bo and Hope are in trouble. They rush out the door.

Doug’s Place:

Lexie is talking to Hope. She explains she thought Bo was coming to kill her. She explains she hit him over the head. Hope says she has to get down there. While she climbs down Lexie asks Doug and Julie not to tell Abe about her. Doug asks who put her down there. She says she doesn’t know. She says she was in the car with a friend and they were run off the road. She says she woke up in the tunnel. She explains how someone brought her food and water every few days. Julie says she doesn’t understand why she didn’t tell them who she was. She says she was afraid since she didn’t know who they were. Doug tells her she is safe now but she says no, no one is safe.

Celeste shows up and she and Lexie cry and hug. Lexie asks about Theo and Abe. Celeste says Theo is fine and then tells her Abe had another operation and they do not know yet if his vision as been restored. Celeste asks Lexie what they did to her. Doug says she was held captive. Celeste wants to call Abe but Lexie says no way. Celeste says she wants to take her to the hospital. Doug helps Lexie out to the car.

Down in the tunnel Hope frantically tries to wake up Bo. He finally opens his eyes and asks what happened. She tells him all about Lexie. He gets up and they hear opera music. Bo places it and says it is Stefano’s song. Bo tells Hope to head back up and he says no. They look around and Hope finds an old photo album. They see pictures of Stefano, Tony and Anna. Finally Bo finds a picture of Colleen. He shows it to Hope and they are stunned to see she looks just like Sami. Bo wonders why his father never said anything. Hope says maybe he didn’t know or remember. Bo says he wants to confront his pop with the pictures. Hope finds a key and they look around. They find a box and the key fits but doesn’t want to turn. They finally get it open and see it is a music box with a ballerina. After a few seconds they hear something ticking. Thy find there is a bomb in the box and it is counting down. As the show ends we see there is 1 minute 24 seconds left.



Celeste is talking to Lexie who is in a bed. Lexie tells Celeste she is tried and Celeste asks her is she too tired to see her little boy? She says he has been praying for her to come home. Lexie says she is afraid to see Abe. She says he hates her. Celeste says she is wrong. She explains how the night of the accident she was with Tek. She says nothing happened but thanks to her lying about the night John was shot Abe doesn’t believe her. Celeste says Abe deserves to know she is alive. Then she asks what happened to Tek but Lexie doesn’t know. Lexie feels she humiliated Abe. Celeste tells her a good man chooses love over pride. Then she tells her how he is coming to the hospital to have his bandages taken off. Lexie asks can she be there and will her mom help her with hair and make-up. She says she wants to be the first thing Abe sees. Celeste thinks Abe would like that.

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