Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/14/07


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Steve’s Hotel Room:

Stephanie and Steve talk. Steve tries to tell Stephanie that Jeremy will only hurt her. Stephanie retorts that, that is something Steve knows all about. Adrienne tries to referee but Stephanie yells at her too. Steve says he is sorry he missed her childhood but he didn’t walk out on her. Stephanie will not listen and yells at him that he doesn’t know her. Steve tells Stephanie it is all his fault. He talks about his recovery and he is almost there. Then he tells here there is something fishy about Jeremy. Stephanie tries to vouch for him pointing out he is Mike Horton’s son. Then she lets her dad know he will also be her new boss. She tells Steve and Adrienne about he airline and how she and Chelsea will be flight attendants. Steve tells Stephanie as long as he is still alive she is not taking that job.

Stephanie tells Steve she will work anywhere she wants even if that is sliding down a pole naked. Steve asks her where will she stay when she is Vegas. Stephanie fills him in on the arrangements and how she will be with Jeremy. Steve thinks it all sounds a little too good. Adrienne interrupts them and asks to talk to Steve alone for a few minutes. Stephanie leaves. Adrienne tries to tell Steve how Stephanie is not a child anymore. Steve says all he is doing is trying to help her not make a huge mistake. Adrienne tells him if he is not careful he is going to push her right into the arms of Jeremy. Adrienne says she doesn’t like Jeremy either but as Stephanie’s dad it is his job to stand by Stephanie and pick her up when she falls.

Steve gets up and starts pacing. He tells Adrienne he is not trying to push Stephanie out of his life. Adrienne says she is not going to let Steve screw up his life. Steve tells Adrienne she always was a sweet talker. He tells her he has to ask Dad questions like how many flight hours has Jeremy logged or has the FAA approved their little airline. Stephanie comes back. She says she heard them talking and doesn’t have the answer to those questions but she is sure they must have all the proper licenses. She then tells him it is just too bad if he has a problem with that. Steve says actually he does have a problem with it. Stephanie says fine she will just find another place to live and leaves. After she does

Steve tells Adrienne he blew it. She agrees with him. Adrienne tells Steve he is spending too much time in the past. He tells her he has a lot of regrets. She says still he must move on. She tells him he is almost himself again and he has never been the kind of guy that looks back. She tells him he is still that guy. He tells her he felt great when the left Tinda Lau and how Kayla would have never left him if he was not ok. Then he adds he think today would have been different if Kayla had been here. Adrienne pretends she is talking to Kayla. She tells him all the things she thinks Kayla would have said. Steve finds this funny. Adrienne, as Kayla, says Steve has been through hell. Adrienne says you mean if you had been here it would have been different today? Again as Kayla she says you bet your ass it would.. Steve laughs telling her Kayla would never say that. Adrienne says but she would have thought it. Then asks if he wants to know what Kayla would have said had she been here today.

Adrienne tells Steve that Kayla would have told him the treat Stephanie like a father wants to be treated. She would have said kill her with kindness and tell her you love Jeremy. She tells Steve to call Stephanie and tell her he has had a change of heart. Steve says you want me to grovel? He then gets the idea saying then they introduce Jeremy to Kayla. Adrienne says one of two things will happen. Either Jeremy will respect you and Kayla or Steve says interrupting he will act like a first degree ass. Adrienne says maybe it will turn out that Jeremy is not such a jerk and you can get off on the right foot with your future son-in-law. Steve flips out. Adrienne says she was just seeing if was paying attention.

Steve sees a picture of he and Kayla. He calls her. He tells her he just wanted to hear her voice. He tells her he met Stephanie’s boyfriend today and wishes she had been there. He says it is hard to explain what he is like but that they go off on the wrong foot. He says however he thinks it will have a happy ending. He then says he wants to talk about them and asks her what she is wearing.


The lady in charge of the pageant asks Shawn and Belle if the child in the picture is their kid. Belle cries as she says it’s Claire. The lady tells her that the woman claiming to be the mother was an Evelyn Quarry. She tells them she just a few hours away in Indiana the she leaves to call her main office and tell them what is going on. Belle says she wants to call Evelyn and tell her they are on to her. Philip stops Belle and suggests calling the police. Shawn says he thinks that’s dangerous. Belle says what if they call Evelyn and give her a reason to come back. Shawn thinks that might work. They make the call and Belle talks to Mrs. Quarry on the phone. She tells her she is from the pageant and that she is calling because there was a miscount and Jeffery actually won the grand prize of $5,000. Belle asks can she come back to Chicago to pick up the money. She then congratulates her on winning the prize and hangs up. Philip comes back and lets them know a detective is on the way. They tell Philip about the phone call which Shawn says was all Belle’s idea. Philip and Belle discuss how excited they will be to see Claire.

Philip asks Shawn if he is ok with so much togetherness. Shawn says Claire is what matters. Belle tells Philip she is sure Shawn if fine about everything. Shawn says he just wishes they were taking Claire back to a normal family. He says he wants things to be clear between them. Belle gets upset and tells Philip and Shawn that this is not a competition and she doesn’t care how they work it out but to figure it out now. She storms off.

Philip wonders what is taking Mrs. Quarry so long when they see a woman out in the hall. Evelyn comes in and introduces herself but Claire is not with her. Philip asks her where Jeffrey is. Evelyn wonders why they want Jeffrey. Shawn says they want pictures. Evelyn says he is with a sitter. She says she wants the money so she can get home. Philip is introduced as a photographer and suggest they get Evelyn a room and the sitter can bring Jeffrey to the hotel. Evelyn says they will just have to use the picture she submitted. She goes over to the board and freaks out that Jeffrey’s picture is missing. She asks what is going on. Belle asks Evelyn to please sit down. She then apologizes for the miscount. She tells her they had to send the original picture to their home office. Evelyn says none of this makes any sense. She says she wants the money now and threatens to call the home office herself. She tells Belle either you have a check for me or you don’t. Philip, Shawn and Belle all stare at her. Belle loses it and starts yelling at her where is my daughter. She tells her they know Jeffrey is not a boy and she yells that Evelyn or someone she knows fished Claire out of the water. Evelyn backs up saying Belle needs a shrink and starts to leave. Philip stops her.

Evelyn can’t speak. Shawn takes her backpack. Evelyn finally manages to tell them she doesn’t know who their daughter is. Shawn finds a shoe in her backpack with Claire’s name on it. Evelyn claims she got it at a thrift store. Belle is still furious and she slaps Evelyn. The says that’s it and tells her she wants no more lies. She demands Evelyn tell her where her daughter is saying if not there will be nothing left for the police to lock up.

Doug’s Place:

Bo and Hope listen as something down in the tunnel howls in pain. Julie wonders if it is even human. Bo says he is going down there. Hope doesn’t want him too and they argue. Doug tries calling down into the tunnel telling whatever is down there they wants to help. At first they hear nothing then a voice moans help me. They all stare at each other. Bo tries to talk to whoever is down there but all they hear is moaning. Bo asks Doug for a rope so he can go down there. They find a rope and Bo is lowered into the tunnel. The voice again yells help me. Bo talks to them as he is lowered down. Julie says maybe the should call Roman. Hope says they need to give Bo more time. Bo finally yells up he is at the bottom. He says he doesn’t see anything then yells that his flashlight is not working. He asks Doug to send him another one down.

We hear a loud scream and thud. Hope hears then and yells out Brady. Then all is silent. Doug tugs on the rope. Nothing is on the other end. Hope wants to go down. Doug and Julie stop her. They hear another scream and more grunting sounds. They fell weight on the rope and think it must be Bo climbing up. More noise and Julie comments it doesn’t sound like Bo to her. They all agree it is not Bo. They pull on the rope and out of the tunnel comes a masked figure. Hope screams where is my husband? Doug reaches for the mask so they can see who it is but the masked person gets violent and attacks Hope, choking her. Hope screams.

Doug, Julie and Hope finally manage to subdue the masked person. Hope demands to know where Bo is. They grab the masked person and yank off the mask. It is Lexie. Lexie is acting crazed. Hope tries to get through to her. She tells her it’s Hope her best friend. She tells her to look at her. Lexie looks and stammers Hope? Hope says yes and Lexie finally snaps back to reality saying oh my God Hope. Hope fills Doug and Julie on Lexie’s accident. Julie sys they need to get her to a hospital. Hope says she is not leaving without Bo. She asks Lexie where Bo is. Lexie freaks out again and says she thinks Bo is dead.

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