Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/13/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie’s Hotel Room:

Jeremy answers the door and comes face to face with Steve and Adrienne. Steve just stares and Jeremy tells him tickets don’t go on sale till tomorrow and his pizza is getting cold. Steve says he lives here. Stephanie comes in and says dad? Jeremy repeats her saying dad? He then tries to introduce himself saying he is Jeremy Horton. Steve is upset to see them both in towels as Stephanie tries to explain she was not expecting him back so soon. Adrienne introduces herself to Stephanie. Stephanie asks where Kayla is and they tell her she went to a medical conference. Steve tells Jeremy to put some clothes on so they can go outside and talk. Stephanie gets mad and says he can’t order her guests around. Steve says he can when they are half naked in his home. Jeremy tells Stephanie it is ok calling her Sweet Cheeks. Steve gets angrier telling him that her name is Stephanie. Jeremy then goes to put his pants on.

An angry Stephanie asks why her dad didn’t call and warn her he was coming home. He says they expected her to be in Dayton. She says she moved back and home and is sorry if he is disappointed. Steve says he isn’t, he just objects to her clothes less friend being over. Stephanie tells him he is forgetting she is all grown up. She says she is not going to be like Kayla and that she is going to have sex and plenty of it. Steve tells Stephanie she is disrespecting her mother. Stephanie tells him that growing up with Kayla was like being in a convent. She tells Steve he is the reason she never had fun and she loves Jeremy and there is nothing wrong about what they did. Steve says yes there is they did it in his home. Jeremy comes out dressed. He gives Stephanie a kiss making Steve even angrier. Stephanie tries to tell him that he doesn’t have to talk to her father but Jeremy says it is ok. Steve tells her to put some clothes on and her and Jeremy leave.

Adrienne asks Stephanie is she ok. Stephanie says she is not a slut if that is what Adrienne is thinking. She says she is not ten and that is how Steve treats her. Adrienne tries to tell her it is not easy for her parents right now just finding each other after so many years. Stephanie says it has always been about her dad and never about what she wants. Adrienne tells her if she wants to be treated like an adult she needs to act like one. This angers Stephanie who tells Adrienne she doesn’t even know her. Adrienne says it doesn’t matter saying she as acting like a child rattling her dad’s cage. Stephanie says she has lived on her own and she has raced cars and she is all grown up. She tells Adrienne she loves Jeremy and he loves her. Adrienne asks has he used those words? Stephanie says no but she knows he does.

Out in the hall Steve asks Jeremy if he cares about Stephanie or is he just having fun. Jeremy says they are keeping things real and points out Stephanie can take care of herself. He then says they only just hooked up and he doesn’t know where this is going. He tells Steve he is not giving her a ring or anything. Steve tells Jeremy he wants him to respect his daughter. Jeremy tells Steve it is not trying to hurt her. Steve tells him if he does he will answer to him. Jeremy says it would not be a fair fight and Steve tell him he will take him anytime anywhere. Jeremy tries to tell Steve he was just joking.

Steve goes back in the hotel room just in time to hear Stephanie say he has not right to judge her. She asked Steve what he did to Jeremy. She asks if he thinks getting rough with him will solve the problem. Stephanie tells him thinking she could live here again was a big mistake. Steve says for her not to go saying it would mean a lot to Kayla if she stayed. Stephanie asks would it mean a lot to him? Steve says he is sorry he was not there when she was growing up. Stephanie says well it was not your fault asking isn’t that what she is supposed to say? He tells her to say what she feels and then tells her that Jeremy is bad news saying he was once just like him. Stephanie says she could care less what he thinks saying Jeremy is whom she wants to be with.


Philip and Belle arrive to discover the pageant is over. They question a woman who was in charge of it saying they are looking for their daughter. They explain she was kidnapped and show the woman a picture. The woman says she remembers her but is not sure from where as she sees so many kids. She offers to go upload the picture and see if her headquarters has anything. Philip and Belle look around. They see pictures of the contestants but neither sees Claire. They look over the names of the contestants but Belle tells him that is a waste of time saying she would not be entered under her real name. Belle is upset. She tells Philip she was so sure they would find her here. Philip tells her not to give up and they hug.

Shawn walks in asking what they are doing. Belle runs to him saying she is so glad to see him. They tell him what they have found so far. Shawn thanks Philip and tells him to go home. He says he is here now and he and Belle will look for Claire. Belle gets upset saying Philip wants to find Claire too. He doesn’t like that Philip was alone with Belle. Philip tells him he and Belle are only friends. Belle tells Shawn he is crazy if he thinks she was using looking for Claire as a cover to run off with Philip. Shawn says all he is saying is that he and Belle are her parents. Philip points out her last name is Kiriakis. Belle reminds them of their pact but Shawn and Philip continue to bicker. The woman running the pageant comes back. She says she has information. She says Claire was here. She says she was dressed as boy in a fireman’s outfit. She says the woman with her called her Jeffrey. Belle runs to look at the photos and says that it’s baby.

Bo and Hope’s:

Nick shows up drunk and attacks Jett. He tackles him and starts to punch him. Chelsea screams for Nick to stop. Jett manages to get free from Nick and Nick runs out of the room. Chelsea starts apologizing to Jett. Jett says it’s ok and tells her only two things make a guy that crazy, alcohol and love. Jett tells her Nick has it bad. Then Jett tells her she is way out of Nick’s league. She tells him he has only seen Nick as his worst. She tells him she does love Nick but….Jett says you don’t trust him? Chelsea tells him Nick wants to step up their relationship and she thought she was ready but now she is not sure. She says that would mean commitment and she is not sure she wants that. Nick yells from the bathroom that he is dying and Chelsea goes to him.

She comes back and she and Jett continue to talk. She finally says she realizes she is not being honest with Nick and that she hasn’t truly forgiven him for what happened. Nick comes in and apologizes and tells Jett if he wants to press charges he understands. Jett says no and tells Nick to feel better. He leaves. Chelsea tells Nick they need to talk but he says he is going to be sick again and runs for the bathroom.

When Nick comes back he sit son the sofa and tells Chelsea he needs to sleep. She says they need to talk. He apologizes for drinking too much and says he us not allowed to be rude to her. Nick says when he came in it looked like Jett was all over her. Chelsea says he is a friend and her boss. Nick asks if that is one of the perks. Nick says he really believes that Jett likes her. Chelsea reminds him Jett is engaged but Nick thinks Jett is why she no longer wants to have sex with him. She says Jett is not the reason. She tells Nick to stop acting like a kid. She tells him something else is wrong but they can talk when the alcohol has worn off. Nick says ok but later he does want to talk. Chelsea covers him with a blanket and kisses his cheek.

Doug’s Place:

Hope and Doug and Julie arrive and look around talking about all the memories they have of the place. Bo shows up and they reminisce some more as Doug finds the piano. He plays and sings for them. Bo asks how the inquest went and he tells her the inquest went ok that Nick was cleared of the all the charges. She asks about the DNA test and Bo tells her that Shawn is not the father but he feels bad for Willow and wants to pay for the funeral. Hope says she is ok with that since Willow was once someone’s little girl. Bo then tells them about the attempt on Sami’s life. Hope says she knows Colleen is at the center of the feud. Bo tells them they need to get into the tunnel. Doug says it is all boarded up. Hope says there must be another way down. They finally remember the dumbwaiter and Bo goes to get tools.

Bo tries to find where the dumbwaiter was. Hope tells hr dad to play something from the old days. Doug reminds her in the old days she was chasing after Bo. Bo says he was smart enough to let Hope catch him. We get some flashbacks of Bo and Hope Tom and Alice as well as others that used to frequent the club. Julie says she forgot how much she loved it here and they should buy it again. Doug asks her what they would do the next time she wants to run off to Italy? Julie says she knows it would not be practical.

Bo finally finds the dumbwaiter. They all think it is too narrow but Hope says not for her. Bo says no way is he lowering her down there. Bo says he will be the one. Bo and Hope argue over who is being more difficult. Doug says they could draw straws or both go. Bo says he will go first. They hear a weird sound from the tunnel. Bo yells down is anyone down there. They get no answer. Bo says he thinks he needs to go down. Julie says they should call the police. Bo points out he is the police. The noise continues and Hope thinks whatever is down there is sick. They look down into the dark tunnel.

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