Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/12/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope’s:

Jeremy tries to hit on Chelsea. He is upset that she is not interested. He asks Chelsea why she doesn’t like him. She tells him he has insulted her boyfriend plus she doesn’t like that he thinks he is too cool to go school. She tells Jeremy if he was a little nicer to Nick he might tell him what it is like to have a brain. Then she orders him to get dressed. Jeremy tells her he thinks she likes seeing him naked and to lighten up. Chelsea says she certainly doesn’t need to be taking advice from him. Jeremy tells her what she needs is written all over her face and he kisses her. Chelsea immediately pulls away and tells Jeremy she will rip his eyes out. Jeremy smiles saying he likes girls that play rough. Chelsea is mad and Jeremy says he was only goofing around. Chelsea threatens she will call and tell Stephanie what happened. Jeremy is not worried saying Stephanie knows him and knows he wasn’t serious. He finally apologizes for being an ass.

Chelsea says if they are going to work together they need some boundaries. Jeremy agrees saying they need to go to Stephanie’s party. Chelsea says she has plans with Nick. Jeremy says this party is for the launch of their business. He tells her Stephanie and Jett will be disappointed. Chelsea tries Nick again leaving a message to call her. Jeremy comes back dressed asking is she going or not and she again says no. Jeremy pushes her till she finally agrees to go. They leave but Chelsea forgets her phone. Her phone rings as soon as she leaves, it’s Nick calling her back.

Much later Chelsea and Jett end up back at her house. She sees her phone and there is a message. She listens and says it is from Nick and it is good news. She calls back but he doesn’t answer. She tries Maggie’s house and says to call her. She wonders if Nick is mad at her. Jett asks did they have plans and Chelsea says they did. Jett says he should get going anyhow. He asks if she is ok. She says she will be fine and then starts to cry. She says she feels terrible as she told Nick she would wait for his call and she missed it. She explains Nick is sensitive and insecure. Jett says he thought she and Nick were solid. Chelsea tells Jett all about her and Nick and how he slept with Billie. Chelsea says she wants to trust Nick she is just not sure she can. Jett hugs her when Nick comes in totally drunk. Jett asks if he is ok and Nick says he is fine and going to kick Jett’s ass.

Stephanie’s Hotel Room:

Jett, Chelsea and Jeremy all arrive at Stephanie’s hotel room. Jeremy is all over Stephanie. Stephanie finally comes up for air saying she and Chelsea will get them drinks so they can practice. Chelsea tells Stephanie she doesn’t think her parents would approve of this but Stephanie points out they are out of town on some island. Stephanie pours Jeremy a glass of scotch. Then she grabs Chelsea and says they have surprise for them.

When they come back out of the bathroom they are in their flight attendant uniforms which consist of a very short white skirt and blue top. Stephanie tells Jeremy Hi I’m Stephanie. Fly me. They then start making out. Chelsea says this is getting old and Jett says they should take a walk. Chelsea says she is not going out dressed like this. Jett gives her his shirt. Leaving him in a tank top style undershirt. They leave. Stephanie finally notices they left but Jeremy doesn’t care. He has Stephanie order a pizza as they head to the bedroom. Later they come out in towels. The pizza shows up and Jeremy gets it. They start to eat when the door rings again. They think it is Jett and Chelsea but when Jeremy opens the door he comes face to face with Steve and Adrienne. Steve asks Jeremy who the hell are you?

The Police Station:

Shawn opens the envelope. He tells Bo that Willow lied and the baby is not his. He asks Bo how she could show him a form saying it was. Roman says she stole one when she was in the hospital and doctored it. Nick comes in saying he has signed all the papers. He asks Shawn if he got the results and Shawn says Willow lied. Nick says he is not sure what to say, as congratulations doesn’t seem right. Roman lets Nick know he can go. Bo then tells him about the letter Willow left confessing all. He tells Nick whoever he prays to he should offer a few extra ones of thanks tonight.

Shawn and Bo talk and he tells Bo how innocent the baby was. Bo tells him the baby was yet one more of Willow’s victims. Shawn says crazy as it sounds Willow was a victim too. He says he could have tried to treat her better. He says he thinks Willow really did have a good heart. Bo tells him it does no good to beat himself up over this. Shawn says he still wants to pay her funeral expenses but he is broke. Bo says he will help. Shawn says he will pay him back. Nick comes back saying he tried to call Chelsea but she didn’t answer. Bo says maybe she is away from the phone. Shawn tells Nick they should go check the pub and they can wait together for their girls to call.

Bo thanks Roman for giving Nick and Chelsea a break. Roman says their story added up. Bo goes to meet Hope and the others when he gets a call. Lucas is all upset and tells them what happened. Bo says he and Roman are on their way.

Brady Pub:

The fellows sit in a boot drinking beer. They toast to Willow. Nick is still blaming himself. Shawn tells Nick he did all he could. Nick keeps on and Shawn tells him it is the beer talking. Nick is drunk. Shawn says isn’t Chelsea meeting you here? Nick says she is not answering. He thinks she was only with him cause she felt sorry for him and now she is disgusted by him and what he did to Willow. He says maybe Chelsea is afraid he got mad at her he would kill her. Shawn laughs saying that is not Nick’s nature. Nick says then why hasn’t she called Shawn says she will. Shawn then suggests he call her again. Nick says he won’t beg. Shawn looks at his phone and tells him he has a message. Nick then remembers he put his phone on silent. He says Chelsea called twice and now she is probably never going to sleep with him. Shawn is all shocked saying this is what this is about? Nick says tonight was going to be our first time. Shawn tells Nick to get a cab and go see her then. When he leaves Shawn calls the airline to make a reservation.


We see the forklift headed for EJ and Sami who is screaming. Outside Lucas manages to open the door. We see boxes and shelves falling over. EJ and Sami try to run from it and they get separated. Sami gets trapped between some boxes and the forklift heads right for her. Lucas manages to stop it and jumps out. Sami says she was so scared. Lucas tells her whoever was driving it jumped off and he got it stopped just in time. He then tells her how Tony had him tied up.

Lucas asks her why she is here. She says she had to come as Stefano summoned her. Lucas says she has to stop as they just tired to kill her for the third time. He asks her was it worth the risk? Did she find out anything about Colleen? Sami says no. Lucas says he found about Colleen from the letter and she has something to do with the vendetta. He says Bo and the others are handling it now. Lucas calls Roman and Bo. They hear someone moan and Sami remembers EJ. She says they have to help him. They find him trapped under some boxes. Lucas can’t help but enjoy the irony of it. They finally get him free and he thanks them. Lucas demands to know why he brought Sami there. Sami says it was her decision to come. She says that she found out Stefano was willing to end the feud. Lucas asks in exchange for what but she says it doesn’t matter. Lucas wants to know what he wanted. EJ tells Lucas what he said about Sami marrying him and raising the baby as a DiMera. Sami says she said no and that is why Stefano tried to kill them. EJ says this was not his father but Tony. Lucas says all DiMeras are the same. EJ says he is wrong. Lucas tells EJ to let Stefano k now his play won’t work. EJ asks Sami if she believes he didn’t know. Sami says this was exactly what he wanted them together. EJ says if he had persuaded Stefano to do this then why would they have tried to kill him too? He says his life is danger too now.

Bo and Roman arrive. Lucas says he wants a cop assigned to Sami 24/7. EJ says he is sure Tony is the one behind this. He says neither he nor Sami is safe. Roman says he doesn’t care about EJ but he wants to put Sami in safe house. Lucas says he is taking Sami home and wants a cop outside the door. Bo says they will do it and Lucas and Sami leave. EJ says he wishes Sami had listened to her dad. Roman says if anything happens to Sami he is holding him responsible. He tells EJ he needs to get his family to stop.

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