Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Police Station:

Chelsea tries to reassure Nick. He can’t calm down. She tells him that everything will be ok. He doesn’t believe her. She asks him if he has any gum saying she likes to chew gum when she is nervous. He is concerned that she is nervous but she claims she is just trying to stay positive. Chelsea reminds him it was an accident and Nick tells her only if that is how the coroner sees it. His phone starts to ring and he turns it off telling Chelsea it was his parents. He explains he talked to them last night and he thinks he is now a big disappointment. Chelsea again tries to tell him he did nothing wrong. She tells him that Willow did this to herself.

Belle and Philip come in looking or Shawn. Chelsea is upset to see Belle with Philip. She tells Nick she doesn’t trust Philip and that Belle shouldn’t either.

Bo is in his office talking to Shawn. Belle and Philip come in and explain they may have a lead on Claire and they have to leave now. Shawn tells them he can’t leave yet. They tell him about the pageant in Chicago. Philip says he and Belle can go and Shawn can meet them as soon as he can. Shawn asks to talk to Belle alone. Philip says he will go check on their flight and leaves. Shawn then tells Belle he is not happy about Philip being the hero. He says he knows it is petty but he wants to be the first one Claire sees. Belle tells Shawn she has to do this and if he wants to be first then he needs to get on the plane with them. Shawn says he can’t as he watches Belle and Philip leave. Before they go Philip tells him a ticket will be waiting for him at the airport.

Bo goes to see Roman and find out what is taking so long. Roma says the coroner is stuck in traffic. Bo takes the time to fill Roman in about the letter, Sami meeting with Stefano and Doug and Julie and the tunnel. Roman asks if he needs any backup and Bo tells him he has Hope. They then talk about how the DiMera family reunion is not a good thing that too many DiMeras in one place is bad. Another officer comes in with an envelope for Roman saying it is from a safety deposit box Willow had. Roman finds a letter inside and after he reads he tells Bo to sit down. The letter it seems is a confession from Willow saying she set the fire and she planted Chelsea’s brush and she was blackmailing Nick. He says it all checks out and it is Willow’s handwriting. Bo worries however that if the coroner says it was not an accident then that letter would be Nick’s motive for killing her.

We see Nick and Chelsea still talking and waiting. Chelsea tells Nick she knows she should feel bad about all this but she doesn’t. She says she knows Nick was only at the beach for her. Nick says he doesn’t want her with him if it is because she feels she owes him. Chelsea kisses Nick saying this is why she is here. Nick doesn’t seem happy. He explains that Chelsea is great but he doesn’t know what will happen. He tells her if it is bad he doesn’t want her here. Chelsea says they have history; they are always there for each other. Nick says he can’t get the sight of Willow’s dead body out of his head. She tells him again this is not his fault.

Nick tells Chelsea when this is all over he wants to be with her. She is surprised he is thinking about sex but he says he wants to know all that is good for him didn’t die with Willow. Chelsea says ok but where? He points out he has an apartment now. Chelsea is kind of freaked out asking do you mean Willow’s? Chelsea points out she slept in that bed and now she is dead. He says he will get a new bed. Chelsea wonders if he is so horny he is not getting her problem with the apartment. Nick says he did get the apartment for Willow but it doesn’t have to be about her forever. He tells Chelsea it was done to prove he loves her. But he tells her he will not push it. He tells her he will just leave the place empty. Chelsea asks him would he really throw away all that money? Nick tells her he would. Chelsea tells him then if he can face the coroner she can face the apartment.

Roman comes in and tells Nick the coroner has arrived. Nick says he needs to do this alone and Chelsea agrees to meet him at the apartment later. Nick is still worried it may not work out but Chelsea says to think about being with her tonight. They both tell each other they love each other and Chelsea leaves. On they way in Nick and Shawn see each other. Nick tells Shawn he is sorry about Willow and Shawn says it’s ok he knows it was an accident. The coroner comes in and recognizes Nick. He tells Nick he never thought he would see him under these circumstances. Nick says that makes two of us. Shawn asks his dad about the DNA test and Bo says he will see what he can find out.

In Roman’s office the coroner goes over the details of Willow’s death. He says it was immediate. Roman asks were there signs she was pushed. The coroner says all his findings are in his report. Bo comes in and asks about the paternity test. He says he did the test and hands Bo an envelope. The coroner leaves. Nick asks Roman what now? Roman reads the report and says the report indicates exactly what Nick said, an accident.

Bo heads out to find Shawn. He gives him the envelope and tells him to open it so they can get on with their lives.


Lucas reads Sami’s note and is furious. He calls information to get a number for Tony.


Sami tells EJ this feels like Deja vu. EJ tells her not to be afraid. Sami says that doesn’t make her feel safer. They can hear music playing. EJ tries to explain that it is his father’s way of letting them know he is ready for them. They enter to see Stefano sitting in a chair waving his arms as though he is a conductor. Sami comments how good he looks for a dead guy. Stefano laughs saying she flatters him. He stands and hugs EJ. Sami tells Stefano that John’s kidney must agree with him. We see Tony watching from the shadows.

Stefano tells Sami she is lovely. Sami asks does he mean her or Colleen? He tells her never listen to man flat on his back. Sami points out he was acting like a man that had seen a ghost. Sami wants to get to the point. She asks who Colleen is and is she why he is trying to destroy her family? Stefano suddenly gets tired saying he needs to sit down. Stefano tells her that Colleen died many years ago and that she has nothing to do with either of their families. Sami tells him she wants the truth about the feud or she will rip John’s kidney right out of him. EJ tells Sami to show his father some respect. Stefano tells Sami if she wants the feud to end to consider it done. He then tells her to sit and listen to his terms. Sami is not happy and Stefano tells EJ he has his hands full with Sami. Sami explains they are not like that. Sami calls the whole DiMera family crazy. Stefano suggest to her that she think about her family and how she can keep from mourning them. Sami asks Stefano if that is a threat. Stefano says no. Sami says she knows what he wants and she will give him the stem cells if he ends the feud. She then points out there is no guarantee it will work since the child could be Lucas’s.

Stefano says he believes Celeste and as such wants Sami to marry EJ and raise the child as a DiMera. He tells her if she agrees no harm will come to the Bradys. Sami freaks and says no way. She starts to yell at EJ who swears he didn’t know about this. Stefano says these are his terms or the feud continues till the last Brady falls. The lights go out and Sami asks EJ what is going on. He says he has no idea. We then see bright lights in their faces as a forklift starts up and begins to head for them. Sami starts screaming and EJ holds her.

Meanwhile outside Lucas has shown up but Tony stops him. Lucas demands to see Sami and Tony says Sami is with his father. Lucas says he will kill Tony. Bart shows up with a gun. Lucas says that is a water gun and goes again toward the door. Bart squirts something in Lucas’s eyes that temporarily blinds him and they quickly tie him up.

Later we see Lucas lying with his hands tied behind his back. He stands up and hears Sami screaming.

Bo and Hope’s:

Chelsea comes home to loud music blaring. She turns off the radio. Jeremy comes down the stairs with only a towel on asking what happened to the music. He turns it on again and dances around Chelsea. The towel falls off and he asks Chelsea if she likes the view. She tells him to get dressed and asks why he is there. He says he was showering and then tells her he is staying he and they are roomies.

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