Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/8/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Sami is getting dressed to leave and go home. She tells Lucas how she is craving French toast and grits and asks him if that is weird. He is not listening. She asks him if he is still mad at her. He says he is not mad he is worried about her running off to see Stefano. Sami tries to tell Lucas she is fine but he says maybe the next time she won’t be. He tells her she is making stupid decisions. Sami says she is only trying to protect her family. Sami says she feels she was meant to do this and Lucas tells her sarcastically Sami saves the world again. Sami tells him the baby is the key to saving Stefano and the Brady family Lucas says they can’t even be sure the stem cells will work pointing out the baby could be his. Lucas worries he can’t trust her. He tells her he won’t know if she is really getting her hair done or running off with EJ. Sami is stunned. Lucas asks her why that surprises her. Sami asks what should she do? Should she just lock herself in the apartment?

Sami tries to tell Lucas she can handle it but he does not believe her. He tells her she is so busy trying to be some hero for her family that she has forgotten about their family. Sami explains she is doing this for them so that their kids don’t have to grow up in the shadow of the DiMera’s. Lucas says he has heard that excuse like a million times now. Sami says she thinks finding the letter in New Orleans is a sign. You sound just like Celeste now he points out. Sami flashes back to Stefano calling her Colleen. Lucas says he was out of it and rambling. Sami tells Lucas Stefano seemed almost human, even vulnerable. Sami thinks she can get Stefano to open up to her. She says she has to try. Lucas says he forbids it.

Sami loses it. She asks Lucas what am I? 12? She tells him he can’t order her around like that. She says she will call her dad and Lucas points out Roman will explode when he finds out. Sami hangs up the phone. Lucas says he will go talk to Bo. Sami says that is a great idea and says let’s go. Lucas says no he will do this alone. He tells Sami to stay here where she is safe. Sami finally agrees. He leaves telling her no funny business. Right after he leaves Sami’s phone rings. EJ says he has to see her.

Later Dr. Jacobs comes in and tells her to take it easy. Sami apologizes for being a pain. The doctor leaves. EJ comes in. Sami says she doesn’t want to see him. He says it is important and hands her an envelope saying it is from Stefano. Sami reads it. It says he wants to meet her at the warehouse and maybe they can settle their business. Sami isn’t buying it. She thinks it is a forgery and all they want is her baby. EJ tells Sami she really can’t afford to not to take his offer of a truce. EJ tries to say his father is a very fair man. Sami asks compared to whom? Hitler? Then she says she promised Lucas to stay put. EJ asks her if Lucas cares about her family. He tells Sami she is the only one who can diffuse the situation.

Sami says she can’t do this to Lucas again. EJ says yes she can. Then he tells her Lucas doesn’t have to know, as he will protect her. Sami is furious pointing out how he held a gun to her head, how he raped her. She says he is the last person she wants to protect her. She tells him to leave. EJ tells her that his father will be disappointed. He keeps pushing her and she finally caves in and agrees to go. She leaves Lucas a note and they leave.

Lucas comes back to the empty room and sees the note. He freaks out.

Brady Pub:

Belle shows up to meet Philip. He tells they found a man named George Stemmer that may have seen Claire. He explains the man should be here any minute. Belle explains Shawn will be here soon but he had to stop by Bo’s house first. Philip thinks they are mad about them moving into the mansion. Philip says he hopes things work out for she and Shawn. Belle tells Philip she is glad they moved in the mansion. She says she wants Claire to come home to some place that will make her feel safe. Philip is shocked at how forgiving Belle is being. He tells her he just knows they will find Claire. Belle says she has no idea what made her run away with Claire. Philip tells her that it’s ok saying if they were punished for every mistake they made it would be a 24/7 job for God. George Stemmer walks in and says he is looking for a Philip Kiriakis.

They all sit. Philip and Claire tell George about Claire and show him a picture. George says that is her he is certain. He tells them Claire was with a frantic looking woman who jumped in her car and took off. He knows she was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses. George also remembers the woman has a backpack that says USA-DORABLE. He says that is all he can remember and leaves. Belle tells Philip they should Google it, and see if it is clue. Philip goes to his laptop as Shawn comes in. He tells Belle about Willow. She offers to go with him but he tells her to stay and help Philip.

Philip suddenly calls out he found it. They all look at the website and realize it is an online baby pageant. Shawn says he has to go and leaves. Philip tells Belle there is a pageant today in Chicago. Belle wants to go.

Bo and Hope’s:

Bo is talking to Ciara whose diaper he just changed when Hope comes back from her run. Bo holds them both up asking which one does she wants. Hope smiles at Bo and reaches for Ciara. Bo heads to the kitchen to get rid of the diaper. Shawn arrives. He starts telling Ciara how much she and Claire will have together. Bo comes back in as Shawn tells them both they may have a lead on Claire. Hope takes Ciara from Shawn and Bo tells Shawn that Willow is dead. Bo fills Shawn in on what happened and tells him they are waiting to hear if it was an accident. He also says the baby didn’t make it. Shawn says he never wanted anything like that to happen and tells them that he and Willow actually had a decent conversation. Bo says since she was carrying a Brady baby he thinks they should take care of any funeral arrangements. Shawn says he will pay for it if it was his baby. Bo says he actually already ordered another DNA test. He says they will get the results in a couple of hours at the inquest.

Shawn tells Bo he will be glad to be a character witness for Nick. He says Willow was blackmailing Chelsea and Nick. He then leaves for the pub. Hope tells Bo that Shawn is strong and will get through all of this. Hope then asks Bo if he believes Chelsea. Bo says he thinks this time she is telling the truth. Hope says she thinks so too. The doorbell rings and it is Doug and Julie. They have the key to Doug’s place.

Bo tells them he has to head to the station and they agree to meet at Doug’s Place in two hours. Lucas knocks on the door. He is happy to see Doug and Julie. He then tells Bo he is worried about Sami. He says he worries she is going to get herself killed. He tells them all about her seeing Stefano and how he called her Colleen. Lucas sees the looks on their faces and asks if they have heard of her. Bo says yes they have. He says she was mentioned in the letter that he and Sami found. Doug says they are going to go search for clues at Doug’s Place. Bo explains all about the tunnel. Lucas says great and then asks if they will please not tell Sami about this. Bo says not to worry he will not let Sami get anywhere near it. Hope though says not to sell Sami short. She says he should be proud of her. Lucas says he just doesn’t want to end up a widow. Hope tells him she is not a child and to give her some space as she might surprise him. Lucas says that is what he is worried about.

Lucas says he will try to lighten up. Then he tells them to promise they will not let Sami do anything crazy. Lucas leaves. Everyone else agrees to meet in two hours and then have dinner at Doug’s place. Doug and Julie leave and Bo says to Hope he wonders what they will find in the tunnel.

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