Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/7/07


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The Beach:

Bo asks Chelsea what she is doing at the beach. She quickly hides the brush and tells him she is just chilling out. Bo says he isn’t buying that. He tells he thinks she is there trying to find something that proves Nick was involved with Willow’s death. Chelsea tells Bo she would never hurt anyone on purpose. Bo asks her what she was looking for. Chelsea tries to make up a reason but Bo says he wants the truth. She says nothing and he gets upset and tells her to leave then as he as work to do. Chelsea says she is not lying and when Bo doesn’t budge she finally says fine I will tell you everything, but you won’t believe me. She holds the brush so he can see it.

Police Station:

Roman questions Nick. He asks him why he would get Willow and apartment if he was not involved with her. Nick says he did because he is a nice guy and because she is pregnant. Roman asks Nick if her baby was his. He swears he was not the father.

Roman says he is losing his patience. Nick tells him then to just lock him up as he is not saying anything more. Roman says only a man in love would protect someone else when they are in this much trouble and asks him how Chelsea is involved. Roman keeps grilling Nick saying he needs answers. Bo comes in with Chelsea in tow. He tells Roman they need to talk and orders an officer to watch Nick and Chelsea saying he wants no talking. In the hallway Bo shows Roman the brush. He says that Nick stole it from the lab and that the brush belongs to Chelsea. Roman asks so do you think Chelsea started the fire? Bo says no and explains Chelsea told him Willow planted it in their house. Roman says this explains what she had on Nick then. She was using the brush to blackmail him. Roman says they need to turn up the heat on the kids saying they could be in big trouble.

Roman tells Nick that Chelsea confessed everything to Bo. Nick says he did it on his own. Chelsea tells Nick he doesn’t have to cover for her saying it was all her fault. She says she pushed Nick to steal the brush for her. Nick says he did it because he believes Chelsea is innocent. Nick tells them when Willow found out about the brush she used it as weapon against them. Chelsea swears she is telling the truth. Nick asks why Bo and Roman never believe her. Bo says maybe it is things like the past lies. Chelsea says she knows it is the wrong thing to say but she is kind of glad that Willow is dead. Not the baby she adds just Willow. She tells them Willow was just so twisted. Roman agrees, grabs the brush and says goodnight. As he heads out Bo stops him. Roman explains he believes the kids story so he s taking the brush, throwing it away, going home and pretending none of it happened. Nick looks stunned saying he never saw that coming.

Bo tells them Roman just gave them a gift. Chelsea says she is really grateful but she still needs to hear that Bo believes her. Bo tells them had they just told the truth in the beginning it would have saved a lot of trouble. He tells Nick not to leave town and then tells Chelsea yes he believes her. They hug and he says he will see her later at home. He leaves. Nick frets over the inquest but Chelsea says he will be right there by his side.

DiMera Mansion:

Tony is on the phone yelling at his lawyer to get the ambulance back. He hangs up and tells Rolf he has decided to give Sami a forceful reminder to stay out of DiMera family business. Tony tells rolf security around the mansion needs to be improved. Rolf says he will inform Bart. Tony tells Rolf to do it himself. Lucas’s cell phone rings and since Tony still has it he answers. Lucas asks who it is and Tony says you called me you tell me who you are. Lucas finally recognizes the voice and starts yelling at Tony asking why does he have his phone. He tells Tony he will go to jail for kidnapping. Tony quips Sami is not a child and tells him he needs to keep a better eye on his wife. Lucas hangs up as Tony declares he is a rude little twit.

Lucas arrives at the mansion and starts beating on the door. Tony answers it asking what he wants. Lucas says he wants his wife. Tony tells him as a good husband should and then orders him to leave. John walks up saying not so fast as you never know what a man this upset might do. Tony asks if John is still in the coma as his eyes look a little more vacant than normal. Lucas tells him to get out of the way and Tony says sorry Lucas Sami is not here. He tells Lucas she is with EJ. John says they will just have a look around anyhow. Tony finally lets them in telling John it has been a while. John tells him it is never long enough.

Lucas comes back saying there is not sign of Sami. Tony asks if he checked the dungeon. Lucas gets mad and throws a vase on the floor trying to get Tony to talk. Lucas smashes another vase. Tony sighs and says he guess they have to wait for the 10 year old to finish his temper tantrum. The doorbell rings. Tony opens the door and it is the paramedics with Stefano. Sami and EJ are there too and Lucas demands to know where Sami has been.

The paramedics make Tony sigh a paper and Stefano is wheeled in in a wheelchair. John goes to sit beside him. Stefano laughs and says he is glad to see John his best and favorite pawn. He asks about Marlena. John says she is still looking forward to dancing on his grave. Stefano laughs again saying that is a good one. John tells him soon.

Meanwhile Lucas tells Sami he was going crazy looking for her. Sami tries to explain but Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. He starts yelling at EJ. Lucas tries to tell Sami EJ is lying to her.

Back in the house John says he think the police should talk to Stefano. Tony says no one is questioning him in his condition. John then tells them the good old days are over and that if blood is shed it will not be a Brady’s. He leaves. Sami and Lucas and EJ argue. EJ asks Lucas doesn‘t he want to find out what happened. Lucas says no if it means Sami will be hanging out with EJ. The argue some more. John comes out and says he is there to take Sami back to the hospital as Marlena and Belle are waiting. Lucas tells her let’s go and drags her off.

John looks at EJ saying the have not been alone since the boathouse. He tells him he remembers everything and he thinks he owes him one. John takes out a huge knife and tells EJ he owes him one. EJ is confused. John tells him he took one of his kidneys and not he is taking on if EJ’s. EJ bolts. John comments yes folks Elvis has left building.

Back inside Stefano tells Tony the Bradys must never know the truth. He says Colleen and her story needs to stay a secret. Tony agrees and leaves the room. Stefano stands up and fixes himself a drink. He says while the circumstances are not ideal it is great to be back in Salem.


Marlena, Belle and John show up to visit Sami. Her room is empty. Marlena and Belle start to panic as John tries to calm them down. John asks the officer where she is and he swears she never left the room. The officer leaves to go report her as missing. Lucas shows up saying he came to get his phone and freaks out when he discovers Sami is gone. He asks to borrow a phone so he can call his phone stating that Sami has it.

Lucas hangs up telling them that Tony has his phone. He says he is heading to the DiMera mansion. Marlena says they should let the police handle it but Lucas says, no. Marlena asks him why and he tells her that they have to play by the rules. Lucas runs out with John right behind him.

Belle asks her mom why she didn’t try to stop dad. Marlena asks her has she ever tried to tell Shawn what to do? Belle says yes and when he doesn’t do it I give him hell over it. Marlena tells her maybe she needs to change her tactics. She says since we are here I have been wondering why after all you and Shawn did to keep Claire from Philip the first you do when you get home is move in with him. Belle says moving in with Philip was not her first choice but she did it because it was a better way to look for Claire. Marlena says she finds that odd considering all Philip has done. She asks Belle if she still has feelings for Philip. Belle insists she loves Shawn and always has. Marlena says she didn’t ask about her feelings for Shawn. Belle tells her to drop it. Marlena pushes and Belle snaps at her she is her daughter not her patient.

Marlena apologizes to her. Belle apologizes too. She tells Marlena she is not sure why she moved in with Philip. The talk and Belle admits Philip has always made her feel safe. Marlena says and Shawn doesn’t. Marlena thinks she is turning to Philip to feel safe. Belle asks Marlena how could she loves Shawn and not feel safe. Marlena says it is because Shawn’s life has no direction yet. She says that Philip on the other hand has the means to find Claire and make sure she wants for nothing. Belle says she wants that for Claire. Marlena suggests she talk to Shawn.

Lucas and Sami get back and there are hugs all around. He asks Sami to please stay in one place and do as she’s told.

The Ambulance:

EJ pulls back the oxygen tent and we see Stefano. He sees Sami and calls her Colleen. EJ tells him he is mistaken saying this is Sami Brady, Marlena’s daughter. Stefano asks why she is there. Sami tells him she wants peace between their families and in exchange she will give him the stem cells he needs to live.

Stefano tells her she brought this on herself and to get away from her. EJ begs Stefano to listen to Sami saying again she can save his life. Sami begs too as Stefano tells EJ he has much to learn. The paramedic puts back the tent and says that Tony must have one hell of a lawyer as they have been ordered to take him back home.

EJ pulls back the oxygen tent again so they can talk to Stefano. He ask him how can they end the feud. Stefano struggles trying to talk and tells him there is only one way. He says the vendetta can’t end until all the wrongs of the past have been righted. EJ asks him what wrongs? Stefano tells them to ask Shawn Brady. He says the old man knows and with that Stefano drifts off. Sami freaks out saying she is shocked her grandpa wouldn’t say something if he knew what the feud was about.

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