Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/6/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

The Beach:

Nick tries to tell the officer it was an accident. The officer says he has to take Nick down to the station anyhow. Nick makes a call and tells whoever it is that he is in trouble.


Sami calls EJ and tells him to distract the guard so she can sneak out. EJ does and Sami is able to slip by the guard.

The DiMera Mansion:

Tony is meditating with Dr. Rolf comes in. He says Stefano is getting weaker. Tony tells Rolf if Stefano dies he will hold ever Brady responsible.

Outside Sami is telling EJ she can’t believe they are here. EJ makes the call to 911 saying he is sick and to needs help. He hangs up but the phone rings right back and Sami tells him not to answer. She explains that is rescue calling back trying to verify the call. She says all they can do now is wait.

Back inside Tony pours a drink and is again interrupted. Bart tells him they have a problem. He says he just got a call and rescue is on the way. Tony is furious. He tells Bart to tell the paramedics it was mistake. Bart explains it is the law. He says they have to come once they get the call. Tony tells him to refuse to let them in.

Outside EJ says he accepts that Lucas has her heart but that he admires her cunning. They hear a siren. Sami tells EJ to stay focused.

In the house the doorbell rings and Tony answers. They say the got a 911 call. Tony tries to get them to leave but they will not and tell him if they don’t get to see the patient they will call the cops. Tony calls Rolf to show them Stefano.

Sami and EJ watch from the bushes. EJ says they need to get to his father before he gets to the ER so the decide they will need to be in the ambulance. Sami tells EJ Stefano will be out in a gurney soon. Bart walks up behind them with a gun. He tells them the only person going anywhere is them.

Tony is pacing when Bart comes in with Sami and EJ. He explains he found them outside. Tony asks who called 911? He takes their phones and realizes it was EJ. He asks what was he thinking. EJ says he is just making sure Stefano is getting proper care.

Stefano is yelling as the paramedics wheel him downstairs. They explain to Tony they are taking him to the hospital. Tony tells them they can’t do that. EJ explains it is his dad too and he needs to see a real doctor. Sami realizes suddenly who Rolf is. She says he is the guy that Mimi and Rex had to bury. Rolf says it didn’t take. Meanwhile Tony is still yelling as the wheel Stefano out. Sami and EJ manage to get away but leave their phones.

Tony is steaming mad saying no one crosses a DiMera and gets away with it. Tony vows they will be sorry and he heads back in the house. He calls for Bart who comes in eating pie. Tony asks where he was and how come he was not watching Sami and EJ. Bart chokes on his pie.

EJ and Sami climb in the ambulance. The paramedics are not happy but they refuse to get out. EJ tells Stefano he is there and needs to speak to him. He removes the oxygen tent. Stefano looks up and Sami and reaches out to caress her cheek. He calls out Colleen, you’re alive.

The Brady Pub:

Julie is reading the letter. She says, "These are the terms of our vendetta: The name of the family I curse is Brady. Their land is America and many of them are gathered in a little village called Salem. Seek them out and make them pay dearly for what they did to your Papa."

Hope is shocked that all this is over a woman. Doug comments Colleen must have really been something. Bo wonders who she was and Hope tells them all we have to find out. Julie says she wonders is Shawn or Caroline might know who Colleen was. Hope tells them all about Shawn’s reluctance to discuss the past. Shawn enters the pub. Hope tells Bo he should try to talk to him. Bo finally agrees. Hope says they should start at the beginning. Doug says you mean find out who was Colleen and how she was involved with Santo DiMera. Hope wonders what happened and how it led to so much bloodshed.

Bo tries to talk to his dad but as soon as he asks about Colleen Shawn clams up and says he never heard of her. He leaves.

Hope asks Doug and Julie if there was a record of the relationship. Julie suggests going back to Maison Blanche. She says they may even need to go to Italy. Hope says maybe the tunnel under Doug’s Place could hold a clue. Hope asks Doug to get them in there and he leaves to make a call.

Shawn comes backing and Bo says he thinks he isn’t being honest. He says he needs to know who Colleen was. His pop tells him to leave it be.

Julie tells Hope she is not sure whom Doug is calling. Bo comes back over and says Shawn would not tell him anything. They tell Bo about Doug and the phone call. Bo then gets a call and says he has to go.

Doug comes back in and says the real estate agent will let them in. He says they can pick up the keys tomorrow. The make a toast to their adventure as Shawn watches.

The Police Station:

Chelsea runs in. She is whom Nick called. Nick tells her that Willow is dead. Roman comes in as Nick looks at him. Roman starts questioning Nick. Nick tells him what happened. He says that Willow taunted him and teased him and then fell. He says he thought she was faking at first and didn’t realize she was hurt. He says once he did her tried CPR but it was too late. Chelsea swears he is telling the truth saying Willow was a lowlife. Roman gets upset and says he thinks Nick’s answers were too vague. He asks again what he was doing with Willow. Nick tells his story again but Roman says I don’t think Nick here is quite so honest.

Chelsea pleads for Nick saying give him a chance. He tells Chelsea she needs to shut up of leave. Roman again asks Nick why he met Willow at the beach. Nick says she wanted money and he said no. He says Willow got mad and taunted him. He says then they struggled. Roman freaks out when Nick tells him saying now he needs to get this on tape. Nick asks for a minute to talk to Chelsea. Once they are alone Nick tells her he needs a favor.

Nick tells Chelsea Willow had the brush. He says he buried it. He tells her where it is and says they need to get it. She says ok and he tells her she would have been proud of how he stood up to Willow. She says she is always proud of him but Nick says he is not so sure. He mentions Jett and Chelsea explains he has a fiancé and is not interested in her. Roman yells for Nick. Chelsea leaves.

Roman starts the recorder and asks Nick why did Willow want money? Nick says he loaned her some because he felt sorry for her. Roman asks how long have they been sleeping together.

Nick explains that Chelsea is his girlfriend. Nick tells Roman he would not be the first guy to be seeing someone on the side. Then Roman tells him if they were sleeping together she must have been blackmailing him. Roman asks Nick why?

The Beach:

Chelsea looks around the crime scene at the beach. She finds the spot and starts to dig. She finds the brush but as she does we see Bo shine a flashlight on her. He asks her what she is doing there.

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