Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


EJ screams for Sami to not eat her food. He yells at her to spit it out. He tells Sami and Lucas that Rolf was the man that gave her the tray. Sami says he’s dead. Lucas calls for the officer to come and arrest EJ.

EJ tells Sami he just saved her life and for the sake of the baby to tell that to Lucas. Lucas calls EJ a liar. He asks where he got his poison food routine. They argue and Sami finally suggests that maybe they should have the food tested. EJ points out Lucas has nothing to lose as if he is wrong Lucas can have him arrested. Lucas finally agrees and leaves with the tray. Sami then asks the guard if she can have a minute alone with EJ. The officer leaves.

Sami says if he is right she should be thanking him for saving her. He tells her he knows he has a long way to go to earn her trust. Sami tells him she thinks the only way to fix everything is to talk to Stefano. EJ says Tony always stops him. Sami says not this time and tells him she is going to. EJ says no way. Sami insists. EJ tells Sami she is crazy. She says they can get Lucas to watch their back. EJ again says no way. Sami finally agrees maybe they can’t get in so they will have to find a way to get Stefano out.

EJ points out that Stefano is in an oxygen tent. Sami says they can call 911. EJ thinks that might work. Sami says now all she has to do is figure out how to tell Lucas. EJ says he thinks they can come up with something. Sami then says they have to figure out how to get past the officer in the hall. She comes up with an idea and says she is sure it will work as Lucas comes back asking her what will work. EJ starts to tell Lucas what’s going on but Sami tells him they can’t end the feud till they talk to Stefano. Lucas loses it. He says he can’t believe Sami is in on it with EJ. Lucas tells EJ they can arrange for him to have a hospital stay of his own. Then Lucas orders EJ out and he leaves.

Lucas starts in on Sami telling her not to do this. She promises him. She says she wants to put it behind them and relax. Then she suggest Lucas go and check on Will. Lucas says no he is staying with Sami but she insists saying Tony might go after Will. Lucas finally agrees saying he will be home tomorrow. He makes he promise no more visitors. He kisses her and leaves telling the officer not to let EJ in.

EJ comes back but the officer says he can’t go in. EJ says he is allowed in but the officer says no. EJ’s phone rings and it is Sami. She says she will come out. EJ says if she does the officer will call Roman or Lucas. Sami says just distract the guard and hangs up. EJ walks back the guard and says he is sorry he knows the officer is just doing his job. As he goes to leave he doubles over in pain. The officer begins yelling for help. EJ tries to say it is ok and sees Sami looking out the door.

Brady Pub:

Bo and Hope are in a booth. Bo tells Hope how Shawn and Belle are moving into the mansion with Philip. Hope says she thinks it is ok since at least they are home. Bo then tells her that Claire could be alive and Hope says she is not giving up. Bo then shows Hope the letter they found in Sami’s car. Hope recognizes it and tells Bo all about it. Bo comments that it is just a letter but Hope tells him they have to start somewhere. Bo asks her what does she mean we and Hope says they are in this together.

Bo finally agrees she can help as long as she calls him when she gets in trouble. Hope asks him who else would she call. Bo kisses Hope and then tells her he could get grounded if Ma comes out and see them making a scene. Hope says she might be grateful if it gives his dad ideas.

Doug and Julie come in and surprise them explaining they just go back from Crete. Julie heads straight for Ciara. Doug tells them they are going to stick around for a while as Alice has promised to teach Julie the Donut recipe. Bo excuses himself to get everyone a drink. Doug asks Hope what’s up? Hope tells them things are ok. Doug tries to tell her that Claire will be home soon. He then tells her and Julie are done traveling as they ran out of continents. Bo comes back with the drinks. The talk and reminisce and Bo tells Dug the building that was the club is still there. Julie points out you can see the DiMera mansion out of one of the windows. Doug comments he can’t forget what they found in one of the rooms. He says he remembers they found an aerial map of Salem along with family trees for the Hortons and Bradys. Bo tells them Tony is back in town. Then he adds that Stefano may be here too and is dying. Doug says no one knows when the feud started. Hope says they need to find out. She shows them the letter and Julie explains she speaks Italian.

Julie looks at the letter saying it was written by Santo. The letter says, “"I am at the end of my days on the bed of my last breath. There must be no sorrow. All I have planted is yours. My secrets are yours. I leave the earth certain my love of wine, music and justice are part of your deepest heart, Fano. In my deepest heart I held a black diamond from you, never once spoken of or shared over these many years. Long ago there was a woman, outside and beyond the vows made to your mother. I loved her as I never loved another. I know you will understand, as we are both driven men with great appetites."

Julie says she can’t believe he would write this to his son. Doug comments it is very European. Hope asks her to finish the letter. “The name of the woman who owns my body and soul, the most pulchritudinous creature I have ever seen..." Bo asks what that means and Doug says beautiful. Julie goes back to reading. "My Colleen was the rarest of women. Her smile was beyond measure. But she was taken from me and since then not a moment has been free of that loss. Now, here with the final beats of my heart, I beg you to shoulder my burden and take my revenge. Find those who are responsible and torment them – mother and daughter, generation upon generation, torment them as they have tormented me. Know the name of the family I curse is... Brady. Their land is America and you will find many gathered in a small village called Salem. Seek them out and make them pay – dearly, and torment them for what they did to your Papa."

The Beach:

Willow and Nick argue. Nick tries to explain he doesn’t have the kind of money she wants as she tells him she needs a car and baby furniture. He tells her to talk to her pal Philip. She explains she doesn’t have anything to hang over his head like she does him. Nick says too bad he is cutting her off. Willow though says if he doesn’t give her money she is calling the cops. Nick manages to grab her phone and demands she give him the brush. She says no and yells at him what are you going to do, for me?

Nick struggles with Willow. She screams she is going to kill him and demands he let her go. He does and she loses her balance and falls backwards hitting her head on a rock. Nick tells her if she wanted a fight she got it and to stay out of his life. When she doesn’t move he gets worried asking her if she is ok. When he can’t get Willow to wake up he grabs his cell and calls 911. He hangs up and tries CPR. He begs Willow not to do this. He says he tried to help her and tells her not to die. Nick starts freaking out. He is scared he will be arrested for murder. Nick grabs the brush and buries it. The paramedics have arrived and they say they can’t get a pulse. Nick says she is pregnant. A police officer also there asks Nick if he is the father. He says no Shawn Brady is. The cop says he will have to call Bo and then tells Nick he will have to go down to the station. One of the paramedics says it looks to her like it was more than an accident. They cover up Willow’s body.

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