Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brady Pub:

Nick is at the pub when Jett and Chelsea show up. Jett is quite the gentleman opening the door, pulling out her chair as Chelsea comments she didn’t think guys did that anymore. He tells her it is how he was raised. They sit as Nick comes over. Chelsea introduces them saying Nick is her boyfriend. Jett comments so he’s the geek then says sorry. Nick asks him how he got the name Jett. He says he was named for a character in an old movie. He explains his mom just thought the name sounded cool. Nick gets a call and has to leave. Jett tells Chelsea Nick is cool.

Nick steps outside and runs into Maggie. She says the bank called about Nick’s card and that it is way over the limit. Nick realizes it’s Willow and tells Maggie he has to go.

Back in the pub Chelsea and Jett talk. She asks him about being in the Air Force. Jett says it was the best years of his life. She asks if that is where he met Jeremy and he says yes. She asks about their Vegas idea and Jett explains this is the Jeremy’s latest moneymaking scheme. Chelsea says she doesn’t see she and Jeremy getting along but Jett assures they will make money and can have the business up and running in a week if the loan goes through. Jett then asks if she wants back in and offers to run interference between her and Jeremy. Chelsea says it is tempting. Jett tells her how great Vegas is and how they will stay in a Four Star hotel. He also tells her she will make loads of money. Chelsea thinks Jett is hitting on her but he says no and shows a picture saying it is his fiancé whom he loves dearly. Chelsea feels bad. Jett says he does like her and he does think she is hot. Chelsea finally agrees to take the job.

Nick comes back. Chelsea tells him all about her job. Nick wonders doesn’t she need training. Jett says it is a private plane. She asks Nick if he is happy for her. Nick says he can’t deal with this now. Jett leaves so they can talk. Chelsea asks Nick what is wrong. Nick asks her how well does she know Jett. She reminds him that Jett is Abe’s nephew. She says his partner is Jeremy Horton. Nick says he doesn’t really know Jeremy as he was raised overseas. Chelsea tells him he is not allowed to be jealous when he is renting an apartment for a hooker. Nick says he just told Willow the free ride is over and she is no longer is his life. Chelsea tells Nick that is something to celebrate and kisses him.

Maggie comes back to the pub. Nick tells her he took care of the credit card problem. Maggie says that is not why she is here. She tells him the house was broken into and his room was trashed. Nick asks if Mickey is ok and Maggie says he slept through it. Maggie tells him whatever is going on has gone on long enough. She demands the truth.

Willow calls and Nick says she crossed the line. She says he did the talking before and now it is her turn. She asks if he remembers the brush. She tells him he either meets her in 20 minutes with all his money and credit cards or she gives it to the police. Nick tells Maggie not to call the cops that it is his problem and he has to deal with it for good. He leaves.

Willow’s Apartment:

Nick shows up. He is really angry. He says he gave her the card for a bed. She says she needed a TV, and DVD player and a Nintendo Wii for the baby. Nick tells her it’s over. He demands his card back. He rips it out of her hand and says he is calling the bank. He tells her the repo man is coming for all the stuff. Then he tells her he is canceling the apartment. Willow tries to threaten him but he says he doesn’t care anymore and that it’s over.

Later we see Willow at the beach. She is holding a bag and comments how predictable Nick is. She calls him and tells him he has 20 minutes to meet her or else.

The Alley:

EJ meets Tony and ask what his next plan to kill Sami is. Tony is upset that interrupted his dinner to talk about Sami. EJ warns Tony to call off any hit on Sami or he will kill him. Tony says he can’t believe EJ is threatening him. EJ asks whom Tony got to pump the carbon monoxide into Sami’s car. Tony asks if Sami is dead. EJ says they know she isn’t. EJ tells Tony he wants a truce. Tony says no. Tony tells him he turned his back on his family for Sami. EJ says then why is he so interested in her? Tony asks what is it about Sami? EJ says it is not about Sami but his child. EJ says he will not sacrifice his baby. Tony says this is not about the baby it is about Sami. He says Sami has turned EJ into a lovesick puppy. Tony tells EJ that Sami will never be his. EJ throws Kristen Blake in his face and how thanks to his failure he is now a bitter and soulless creature. EJ says that is not him or Stefano. Tony tells him that was quite the speech. EJ says he thinks Tony is jealous of him. Tony tells EJ he should have been a stand-up comic.

EJ says he knows his own history and how he was conceived so that Kristen could hang on to John. He says poor Tony never got the girl of his dreams. EJ says he knows at first he was merely a pawn in the game but now he is having a child with Marlena’s daughter. He tells Tony he is merely hanging around a house with an old man and some thugs. He tells Tony he has everything that he ever wanted. Tony reminds EJ he never had to resort to extortion to get sex and that EJ can only control a woman by raping her. EJ says then he will just go see Stefano himself. Tony tells him the next time he makes a threat to make sure he can back it up. EJ tells Tony not to underestimate him. Tony tells EJ he will arrange a meeting but that he needs to focus on getting the stem cells. EJ asks what if he refuses. Tony says he will be branded a traitor. Tony says he is bored now and EJ should go see Sami. He says she is in room 210 unless something bad has happened to her. EJ leaves on the run.

The DiMera Mansion:

Tony looks at a photo of EJ. He says damn you little brother asking who he thinks he is. He destroys the picture saying we will just see whom father loves best.

The Hospital:

Dr. Jacobs is telling Sami that the baby appears to be fine. Lucas asks can they go him. The doctor wants to keep her overnight as a precaution. Dr. Jacobs leaves. Sami tells Lucas she was just here. They laugh about Lucas spraying EJ and Kate with the fire extinguisher. She says she thinks they should spray the guard and go home. Lucas says no. He reminds her the DiMera’s are trying to kill her. He says he is getting her bodyguards. She says he is making a big deal of it but he says she was almost killed. Sami tells him they need to talk about the letter. She explains how Hope thinks it might tell them how the vendetta got started. Lucas thinks they should burn the letter. Sami says that will not make it go away. Sami says they can find out how all this got started. She says they have to think about the big picture meaning Will and the baby. She says she grew up scared of being kidnapped by a DiMera goon and doesn’t want that to happen to their kids. Lucas tells her to calm down but she says they have an obligation to do this for their children. He says Sami has an obligation to grow old with him. He says he will not be like Kayla and losing the person he can’t live without. He tells her he didn’t give her his last name so she cold sign her death warrant with it. He begs her to leave it alone. He tells Sami she has already been a hero and she will always be his hero. She says she thinks they need to be the ones to find out what caused the feud and end it.

We see Rolf on his phone. He says he knows what to do and hangs up. He is dressed like a cafeteria worker and has a tray of food. He tells the guard that Sami needs to eat something because of a test. The guard lets him in. Rolf gives Sami the food saying the doctor says she needs to eat it. He leaves. EJ shows up just in time to see Rolf leave. He finds out that Rolf took Sami dinner and wants the guard to let him in. The guard says no way.

In the room Lucas is telling Sami she should eat. They continue to argue over the feud. Lucas finally agrees to help Sami as long as Roman and Bo are in on it. She finally agrees and asks for water to help her choke down the food. He goes to get her some.

We see Rolf on the phone to Tony. He says EJ is there.

EJ meanwhile is still trying to get in to see Sami saying her life is in danger. Lucas hears him and goes to ask what he wants. EJ looks in and sees Sami eating the food. He runs in telling her to spit it out as it is poisoned.

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