Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/1/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/1/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

The Beach:

Chelsea and Stephanie meet up with Jeremy Horton and Jett Carver. Chelsea asks as in Abe Carver? Jett explains he is Abe’s nephew. Jeremy offers then beers but Stephanie says they can’t drink on this beach. Stephanie says she has a great idea for their shuttle business and proposes she and Chelsea be flight attendants. Jeremy thinks it is a great idea except they lost their investor. He tells them they have a plane but no hanger and no money for fuel. He says they also need insurance and liquor. He says they would need $25K to get started. Stephanie suggests a bank. They say they were turned down. Stephanie says they need an investor and suggests Max. Chelsea thinks that is a bad idea saying he is just a small business owner. Jeremy tells her think small and stay small.

Stephanie calls up Max and he agrees to come. Jett says he wants to ask Chelsea something and she quickly tells him she doesn’t have a penny to her name. Jett tells her he was going to ask her if she was seeing anyone. She tells him about Nick. She explains he is out of college but not old. She says he just finished in only a few years. Jett says he must be smart. Jeremy says Nick sounds like a geek to him. Chelsea says he isn’t. Stephanie and Jeremy start making out. Jett and Chelsea go for walk.

When they get back Stephanie and Jeremy are still going at it. Chelsea asks about their business plan. Jeremy says the need to make a living and he loves taking risks. She says he sounds like Abe. Jett says he doesn’t really know Abe. He says his dad died when he was a kid and they never really saw Abe. Chelsea tells him her story. Max shows up. He learns that Jett is Abe’s nephew and Jeremy is Mike’s son. Max though seems less than thrilled to see Jeremy all over Stephanie.

Jeremy and Jett tell Max their plan. They even had a report for him to look at. Max asks what do they offer other places don’t. Jeremy says they will have top shelf liquor, gourmet food and sexy flight attendants. Max says he doesn’t have much money he can get his hands on. Chelsea says she told them that. Max says he doesn’t need her to look after him and says he is in. Max says he knows how to read a business plan and this is way better than is garage. Stephanie is happy and tells Jeremy she wants the jobs in return. He tells her she is in but he is not sure about Chelsea. Chelsea is unhappy about Max selling his dream for theirs. They tell her he will make his money back. Chelsea says she will pass on their offer.

Jett tries to apologize for Jeremy. Chelsea says he is a rude woman hater. Jett says he is not it is just that he thinks women should be seen….Chelsea finishes the sentence and says but not heard. Jett asks her to grab a hamburger. Chelsea says she has a boyfriend. He tells her this is not a date. She says ok and they leave.

Stephanie stays to hang out with Jeremy. She can’t wait to tell her parents. Jeremy tells her she can’t tell anyone. She explains they will want to know how she got the money to pay for school. He says he wants to wait for the press conference. He says if it doesn’t work out he doesn’t want her parents to be disappointed. She says she thought maybe he was hiding something. He says no. He says but what happens on Touch the Sky Airlines stays on Touch the Sky Airlines.

Police Station:

Lucas says he has left messages for Sami everywhere. John tells Bo how Sami is supposed to be on her way to get the letter translated. Bo and John both think EJ’s call was about Sami. Lucas leaves he look for her. Bo and John decide to go see Tony.

DiMera Mansion:

As they stand outside John says he thought they got rid of this place. They joke how it is hard to wage war on the Brady’s when you have to commute. Bart finally answers the door. Bart calls them Salem’s own Batman and Boy Wonder. They tells him to go and get Tony. He does. They notice the mansion has been redone and is as creepy as ever. Bo asks John who was the decorator again? John jokes it was Satan.

They hear what sounds like a horse and go to look as Tony rides into the house. John says Tony looks good for two years in jail. Tony tells John he looks good as well after his coma. He offers them a drink. Bo gets to the point and asks what he did to Sami. Tony claims he knows nothing about Sami. Bo says they know about the warehouse and surgery and Stefano. Tony acts surprised and says Sami has a very active imagination. John asks again where Sami is. Tony calls out Sami are you here and says maybe she is under the sofa.

Bo says maybe they should go ask Stefano. Tony tells them to hold on. John asks if he wants to talk now. They head on up the stairs. Tony says he is not up there. Bart though shows up and blurts out you are going to let them see Stefano? Tony says he forgot how stupid Bart is. Tony tells Bo he has no warrant. Bo and John go to leave. Tony says it will take time to get a warrant and anything could happen. Bo and John threaten Tony if he touches Sami. Tony tells them by and shuts the door. Outside John asks Bo what he thinks. Bo says he thinks Sami is in danger.

Sami’s Car:

Sami is trapped in her car and passing out from the carbon monoxide. She tries to scream for help. EJ shows up and tells Sami he will get her out. He yells of her to try to stay awake. He finally manages to free her and starts mouth to mouth when Lucas shows up. He pushes EJ out of the way as EJ swears he didn’t do this. Sami finally comes too. She thanks Lucas for saving her. EJ looks upset but leaves to get help. Sami tells Lucas what happened. EJ comes back and says an ambulance is on the way. Sami asks Lucas to go call her mom. He does. Sami then tells EJ she knows he really saved her. She says she is worried and EJ says he is scared too. EJ explains he got an anonymous call telling him where Sami was. Sami asks him why are they doing this. He says they both know. He says he stopped Tony from taking the baby and now they are in lots of danger. Sami says Tony is crazy. EJ says yes but Stefano isn’t. He says Stefano would never approve of this.

Sami says she think she and Lucas and Will need to disappear. EJ says he will take care of her and tells her not worry. Lucas hears this and tells EJ to stay away from Sami. Lucas thinks EJ set all this up. EJ asks why would be do that? Lucas says it is because he loves Sami. EJ says he would never endanger a child. Sami says she is not sure if EJ tried to kill her or saved her. She tells Lucas she thinks she needs EJ. Lucas reminds Sami he is Stefano’s son. EJ says he knows he made mistakes and hurt her but she needs him. He says this is real and the games are over. He says Tony will not stop. Lucas has had all he can stand and punches EJ. Lucas says he will be the one to take care of his wife.

The ambulance comes to take Sami to the hospital. Lucas says he is going with her. Bo is there now and ask EJ what happened. EJ says exactly what he told them would happen. He says Sami and his child are in danger. Lucas yells this isn’t his child. He leaves with the ambulance.

They question him about how he found Sami. He says that was what his call was about. Bo hits EJ as John holds him. He tells EJ to try to remember what happened. EJ says he got an anonymous call about Sami. They think it was Tony but EJ says Tony never gets his hands dirty. Bo tells EJ to back off and leave his family alone. EJ says he is going to try and keep Sami alive something they obviously don’t care about. John asks why he said that. EJ says if they were they would work with him. He says this is not about Brady versus DiMera that his is about Stefano dying. Bo warns him if Sami or the baby is hurt he will bury EJ. They leave.

EJ makes a call saying he needs to talk to them now.

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