Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/07


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Belle and Philip are talking and she is surprised by his offer to move in with him. Philip says he wants her and Shawn to move it. Belle is worried that might be too weird. Philip is confused. Belle says she is not sure all of them in Victor’s house is a good plan. She tells him she will need to talk to Shawn. He tells her that is fine he just though it would make it easier to work together to find Claire.

Shawn comes back. Belle tells him about Philip’s offer. Shawn tells Philip thanks but no. Philip asks why. Shawn says it is because he has leaned on so many others and this feels wrong. Philip says he needs to think about what is best for Claire. Shawn wants to know how will be easier if the move in. Philip says they will not have worry about rent or food and can focus more on Claire. Shawn says he can’t live with Victor. Philip says Victor is in Europe and won’t be back for months. Belle wants to move in saying she doesn’t want to worry about a job or a place to live right now. She says she wants to focus only on finding Claire. Philip says he thought they made peace and we get a flashback of them on the boat.

Shawn asks what if they don’t find Claire and Belle tells him not to say that. Belle tells him not to let his pride get in the way. Philip asks what the real reason is. Shawn says the truth is if they live with Philip he will always have the upper hand. Belle tells Shawn this is not a competition. Philip says he wants them to know how bad he feels and that he wants to make it up to them. Belle asks Philip can she and Shawn talk. He leaves.

Belle asks Shawn what else is going on. Shawn tells Belle he doesn’t trust Philip. She reminds Shawn they all agreed not to fight. Shawn thinks Philip has a different agenda. He says maybe Philip wants you back. Belle points out he is the one with Willow and a baby. She then asks how it went with Willow and he says that Willow and he talked and she will let him be part of the baby’s life. Belle tells him that Philip talked to Willow and that is why she did it. She tells him Philip didn’t want him to know. Shawn wonders why Willow would listen to Philip. Shawn remembers what Willow told him about Philip not being his friend and thinks it all makes sense now. Belle meanwhile asks him to compromise saying as soon as they find Claire they will move out. Shawn finally agrees.

The Pub:

Sami says she can’t believe Stefano so said no deal. EJ tells her Tony never told Stefano. He says Tony wants the baby for himself. EJ says Tony is positioning himself to take over the family. EJ tells her they are in danger that Tony will try to kill them.

Bo tells EJ it is time to go and they leave. Lucas tags along.

Once the leave John comes back. He leaves for the station. Marlena worries it is a bad idea.

Marlena asks Sami what EJ said. Sami tells them. Marlena says the will get Sam protection and not to worry. Sami wonders why the DiMera’s are after them anyhow. Hope says after all these years still no one has a clue. Sami remembers the letter she found at Maison Blanche she goes to get it and shows it to Hope and Marlena. Marlena says the letter could be from Santo, Stefano’s father. Hope looks at it. Hope says it is a letter from Santo written on his deathbed. She says it was about a romance, the love of his life. She says Santo was heartbroken that she was taken from him. She says that is all she can make out but she does see the word Brady. Sami thinks this is the beginning over everything. Hope calls Salem University and finds a professor that will translate it. Sami offers to take it right over. She leaves

Outside Sami is bumped by a stranger and she soon stumbles and pass out. We see the stranger was Bart and he got her with a needle.

Marlena and Hope talk about what is going on at the station. They both wonder how the war got started between the Bradys and the DiMeras. Shawn brings them a hot apple pe and tells them to enjoy. Hope asks Shawn to join them. He says he supposes he can take a break. Hope asks if he call her some family history. He says anything. She asks why the DiMeras hate the Bradys. Shawn tells her anything but that. He excuses himself saying he needs get read for the dinner rush. Hope tells Marlena he knows more than he knows something. Marlena says when Shawn is ready to tell them he will.

Police Station:

Bo is questioning EJ about Tony. EJ says all he knows is that Tony found a judge that owed their father a favor. Bo tells EJ he thinks he knows more. Lucas asks about Sami and how he kidnapped her. EJ says he also saved her. Bo tells him his days as a free man are numbered. Bo then tells EJ he has a surprise for him and in walks John. He says hello Elvis. EJ is stunned and actually speechless. He finally manages to say he is glad John is back. John says that is interesting considering the last time they saw each other. He reminds EJ it was the boathouse and one of them had a gun. EJ thinks John has a problem with his memory. Bo points out he now has an eyewitness and he can’t make this one disappear. EJ says if they are going to arrest him then do it.

Bo asks if this is a confession. EJ says no. John says EJ shot him. EJ says who shot John is still a mystery till John remembers. EJ then says he has more important things to do. Lucas says what, the SEC? EJ says no it is Sami she is in danger. Lucas says that is because of EJ. EJ tells Bo, John and Lucas what happened. He then says because of Tony, Sami and the baby are in danger. John tells Lucas to call Sami and have her stay at the pub till they get there. Bo tells EJ they will arrest him for conspiracy and murder. EJ says he will never make it to trial. He says if they arrest him they are signing Sami’s death warrant. EJ says he can convince Stefano not to hurt Sami. Bo says no deal. EJ’s phone rings and he asks can he take it. Bo says yes. Lucas comes back and says he couldn’t reach Sami but talked to Marlena who said Sami left to do some research. John interrupts as he realizes EJ is gone.

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