Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/30/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Brady Pub:

Lucas and Sami talk about how EJ kidnapped her. Lucas wants her to tell her father. She points out EJ saved her. She tells him Stefano and Tony are the ones that wanted to hurt her and the baby. Lucas doesn’t care saying he doesn’t trust EJ. Sami tells Lucas about her deal she proposed to EJ. Lucas asks her if she is insane. Sami explains how the DiMeras have tormented her family for generations and it needs to stop. Lucas tells her that EJ is not her friend. She says she knows that but she believes he too wants to end the vendetta. Lucas reminds Sami she is talking about the man that raped her and tried to ruin their wedding. Sami says this is about them and protecting her family not about EJ. Sami tells Lucas they have to do this.

John, Marlena, Hope and Bo enter the pub. Sami sees John and looks stunned. She jumps up and gives him a hug saying she missed him so much. A startled John says if he had known it would be this good he would have woken up a long time ago. Sami tells John how sorry she is for how she has treated John and tells him she is glad she has a chance to tell him and make it up to him. She says she is glad he is ok. He tells Sami that makes two of them. Marlena says it’s three and Hope adds it’s 5. Lucas steps up and says actually it is 6. John says he is sorry he missed the wedding. He says he heard it was….eventful. Sami tells him it was another Sami Brady showstopper. However she says, she got her happy ending. Lucas adds they both did. John tells Lucas welcome to the family.

They decide to have a party. Bo asks where Ma and Pop are. Sami says they took a break. John asks Lucas how married life is. Lucas says he is glad that they are here he needs to tell them something. He tells Sami sorry and that he has to tell them. Bo asks him what is up. Lucas says Tony has threatened Sami and that they want her baby. Sami tries to tell them Lucas is overreacting but Bo wants to know everything. John asks isn’t Tony in jail? Lucas explains that he is out thanks to a sympathetic judge. Sami tells them what happened. She says to let her try things her way. Lucas says it is too dangerous. Bo says Stefano would not hold up his end of the deal. Sami says this is her baby she has to be involved. Hope agrees with Sami and thinks they should try to make the deal. Sami’s phone rings. It’s EJ. He tells her they need to talk and it is a matter of life and death. Sami fills in Bo and he says have EJ come to the pub. Sami does. Bo wants to use this to get EJ. He thinks they will never have a better shot. Sami pleads to be allowed to do it her way. Bo tells her is police business. John and Lucas agree it is too dangerous. Bo tells them to get ready and John goes to hide.

EJ shows up. Bo tells EJ he has some questions for him down at the station. EJ says he came to see Sami. Bo says they have things to talk about like Tony and Stefano. EJ says he will play their game but that they have no reason to hold him. First he says he needs to talk to Sami. Lucas says no. Sami though wants to talk to EJ. They leave to talk. EJ tells Sami no deal. Sami says she is sorry this was not her choice. EJ tells her his brother is out for blood and not just the babies. EJ says they are both in danger.


John is dressed and ready to go. Bo and Hope tell John they missed him. John says EJ is still out there. Bo says he has a plan to nail EJ. He wants to bring EJ downtown and question him and then have John walk out. John says ok. Marlena comes back with a wheelchair saying they can go. They head to the pub.

Belle and Shawn talk. Belle is sure Willow is lying. Shawn says she has test results. Belle still does not believe it. Belle asks Shawn what does this mean for them? Shawn says Willow already told him she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with the baby because she thinks he is a bad father. Belle tells him she doesn’t know what to say. Shawn asks her how she feels about him now. She says these things happen. He tells yes when you are dumb and not responsible. Belle tells him this sucks and she will not pretend this is good news. She tells him she can’t worry about another child when hers is missing. He asks her how does she really feel. She slaps him but then apologizes. She says she didn’t mean it but he says yes she did. Belle says it is just the bad timing. She worries this will hurt their chances to find Claire. Shawn says Claire needs them and Belle points out so does Willow’s baby. Belle tells Shawn she will be there with him. Shawn asks her if she will accept this baby. Belle says the baby is innocent and is part of Shawn. Belle tells him to go talk to Willow. She tells him to tell her he wants to help her and not fight. Shawn says he will try. Shawn leaves.

Philip comes in. She asks if he knew Willow was pregnant with Shawn’s baby. He says he did know that and tried to use Willow to get back at Shawn. Belle thanks him for being honest. Philip says he thinks things will be ok. He tells her he talked to Willow and made her an offer she will not refuse. He asks her not to tell Shawn. Belle tells Philip he is a good man and she is glad he remembers that finally. Philip says he is glad too. They talk about Claire and Philip says he hired a private investigator. He tells her they will find Claire. Then he asks how she would feel about he and Shawn moving into the mansion so they work together to find Claire.

Willow’s Apartment:

Willow is enjoying her apartment when Philip shows up. She says she didn’t expect to see him. She tells him she is sorry about Claire. Philip tells her Claire may be alive. He tells her he has come to ask her a favor. She is surprised and asks what she wants. He asks her to take it easy on Shawn. She tells him not too long ago he wanted to use her to get revenge on Shawn. Philip tells her things changed. Willow tells him this is a classic triangle. She says Philip wants Belle. Philip says she is wrong. She says he still has the hots for Belle. Philip tells her to lay off Shawn and offers her money. She says no it is a freebie from one whore to another.

Next Shawn shows up. He asks Willow can they talk. She lets him in. He tells her looks like she has a nice place. He then tells her he is sorry for how he treated her and for no believing her. He tells her he doesn’t want them fighting over the baby. She says she grew up in a house with fighting and doesn’t want that for her baby. Shawn says neither does he. Willow tells Shawn she is not a monster. She says she loves her baby and wants it to have a mother and father. Willow lets Shawn know it is boy. Shawn says he knows Willow is not a monster and they have both had tough times. She swears she didn’t set the fire. Shawn says he wants to believe her. He then adds no matter what happens he is here for her. He tells her he knows she has someone else. She says if she needs anything she will let him know. Shawn goes to leave. She warns him not to trust Philip. She tells Shawn he is not his friend.

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