Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


Willow is at the new apartment and she loves it. Nick shows up and she tells him all he has to do is sign the lease. Nick tells her they need talk. He tells Willow no more money and no apartment as he is done with her. Willow gets mad saying he is just listening to Chelsea. Nick tells Willow it is not because of Chelsea. Willow says she thought they were friends. He says friends don’t use people the way she does. Willow asks what happened to his saying he would help her and the baby. She calls him a liar. She reminds him of the hairbrush which again he insists he didn’t take. Willow threatens to tell her lawyer. She tells Nick she thinks the cops would look into it. Willow asks Nick if he is a gambling man. Nick tells her she doesn’t have to stoop so low.

The real estate lady comes back. Willow immediately tells her how much Nick likes the place. Nick caves and signs the lease. After the real estate lady leaves Willow tells Nick he is her best friend ever. Then she asks him for more money to get furniture. Nick hands over his credit card telling her he has a $500 limit. Willow tells Nick she really likes him. Nick tells Willow if she would stop acting like a whore no one would treat her like one.

Brady Pub:

Chelsea is there with Ciara. Stephanie comes in asking her where Bo and Hope are. Chelsea feels her in on the fact that John is awake. Stephanie says her mom would flip if she could get in touch with her. Stephanie then asks Chelsea if she has any plans for the summer. Chelsea says no. Stephanie tells her she has them jobs that are fun and legal and they will make loads of money. Chelsea says she thought Stephanie was going back to Dayton and Stephanie goes on and on about her parents and how she cant leave. Stephanie then tells her how she wants to enroll at Salem University but that takes money. She tells Chelsea that is why the job. She says they will be flight attendants. Chelsea wonders don’t they need training. Stephanie says no and explains how it would be for Jeremy her boyfriend. She explains that he and a friend are going to run a charter service to Las Vegas. She tells Chelsea they will get one night a week free in Vegas and all the tips they can stuff in their wonder bras, plus a great salary. Stephanie tells her they will get to meet lots of guys. Chelsea says she has a great guy. Chelsea tells Stephanie she thinks she is making the job sound way to easy. Stephanie says that is because it is. She tells her it is just one night and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. She points out they will be paid top dollar to have fun. Chelsea is still not sure. Stephanie keeps trying to convince her but Chelsea says she will pass.

Nick comes in. Stephanie asks him what he is up to. Chelsea wants to know how it went with Willow. Nick says they should talk about it later. Stephanie excuses herself. Chelsea gains asks Nick what happened. Nick tells her. Chelsea says he should not have backed down. She tells him they will figure something out then she asks him to watch Ciara for a minute.

She runs out the door after Stephanie. She tells Stephanie she is in. She says she will do it. Stephanie asks her why she changed her mind. She tells her Nick is going to be busy and she wants to stay busy too.

John’s Hospital Room:

Hope and Marlena are trying to help John walk. Marlena tells John not to overdo it. When they get back to his room Roman is there. Roman and John hug. He tells John he bets a tall cold one would taste good and John gives him a thumbs up. Roman asks John if he can ID EJ as the shooter. Marlena speaks for him saying he remembers part of what happened but not all of it. Roman promises they will get EJ and leaves.

Roman leaves and runs into Bo. He tells Bo John is awake and doesn’t remember EJ shooting him. Roman then says he has something and hands him an envelope from Tinda Lau. Bo looks at it and says he will go tell the kids.

Meanwhile, John is being examined by Dr. Tucker. The doctor is testing his reflexes and he hits him hard on the knee prompting John to yell easy pal. Marlena is happy to hear John speak. They ask him to say something else. He does and Marlena says it is good to have him home. John asks when can he go home. Dr. Tucker says they will talk later. Hope comes back. John notices she is not pregnant and she explains they had a girl. She tells him they have a lot of catching up to do and hugs him.

Marlena steps out in the hall with Dr. Tucker. She asks how John really is. He tells her that John has passed every test and he is in remarkable condition. Marlena wants to know what he is not telling her. He says he is worried about residual side effects saying it may be a while before his recovery is complete. Marlena says she will be with him and wants to take him home. Tucker says ok.

Marlena goes back into John’s room and John asks what the doctor said. Marlena tells him he can go home. Hope leaves to call Bo. Marlena tells John about her selling the penthouse. He asks her if she kept the bed. She smiles and says yes. John tells her then it is all good.

Out in the hall Hope sees Bo. Bo asks how John is doing. Hope tells him to go see for himself. Marlena and John walk out. John asks Bo if they found his kidney yet. Then John says gotcha. Bo and John hug.

Belle’s Hospital Room:

Belle tells Shawn all about John waking up. Belle says she is surer than ever that Claire is alive. She says her dad remembers the dream. Shawn says he wants to believe it. Belle tells him it is ok. She says her dad coming out of the coma is a miracle. He tells Belle he can see how her thinking one miracle might lead to a second.

Philip shows up. He has a pink rose for Belle. Shawn tells Philip giving Belle false hope is wrong. Belle says she is Claire’s mother and she knows she is alive. Philip too believes in Belle’s dream. Belle says she knows she heard a baby crying when they were fished from the water. She asks Philip if he believes her and he says he wants to.

Bo comes in. Belle asks about her dad. Bo says he is doing great. Then he says he needs to talk to Belle and Shawn alone. Shawn tells his dad it is ok he can say whatever it is in front of Philip. Philip points out that he and Bo are brothers. Bo points out that so far he has not been family friendly when it comes to Claire. Shawn says they worked it out. Bo says he hasn’t citing if it were not for Philip Claire would not be missing. Shawn tells Bo they all made mistakes. Belle says she too wants Philip to hear what he has to say.

Bo pulls out a life jacket. He asks if it is Claire’s. Shaw says it is explaining he put it on her. Philip reminds them it had a GPS beacon. Belle asks how could the vest have come off? Bo says the GPS was ripped from the vest. Shawn looks at the vest and realizes it was cut off Claire. Belle wants to know what that means. Philip says it means someone has her. Bo says the Coast Guard is checking it out. Bo and Philip leave. Shawn tells Belle he is sorry he doubted her. She tells him it will all work out and they will have a house and a yard for Claire to play in. Shawn tells Belle there is something she needs to know. He tells Willow is pregnant and he is the father.

Philip and Bo talk in the hall. He says he knows Bo doesn’t think much of him and he tells Bo he is sorry. Philip says he and Shawn and Belle made peace and when Claire comes home it will be to live with Shawn and Belle. Bo asks what Victor thinks. Philip says Victor has nothing to do with it. Bo tells Philip not to screw with him.

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