Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita


EJ tells Tony he will not let him kill his child. Tony reminds him they are talking about Stefano’s life. They argue. Tony reminds EJ he took an oath. He tells EJ he planted his seed to save Stefano and he should be proud of that. EJ says his agreement was with his father. He says they can harvest the cells but the baby stays where it is. EJ says he is leaving with Sami. There are men with guns on Sami and EJ. EJ tells Sami to get out of here and she does. EJ then tells Tony that Stefano would not have him kill his own child. Tony tells EJ he will kill he and Sami. EJ says then you would have to explain how you killed his favorite son. EJ says shooting him is the only way to stop him from leaving. Tony tells EJ he is pushing his luck. EJ says then Tony will have to shoot him in the back and he and Sami leave.

Outside in Sami’s car she tells EJ she thought they were dead for sure. She wonders why Tony didn’t shoot them. EJ says he probably wanted too but wouldn’t without Stefano’s permission. Sami wonders if Stefano might change his mind about the baby. EJ says he won’t. EJ points out how he got her and the baby out alive and doesn’t that deserve some gratitude. Sami tells EJ she is only in this mess because of him. EJ tells Sami he thinks taking the baby is Tony’s idea. He tells her Stefano would not harm the child. Sami is skeptical saying she knows Stefano is his father but no one thinks of Stefano as a warm and fuzzy guy.

Sami points out how her family is now in danger because of him. EJ promises her that as the mother of Stefano’s grandchild she would never be harmed. She asks what about the rest of her family? EJ says his father is not a murderer. Sami says no he just hires people to do it for him. They argue over Stefano with EJ saying he is a complex man and Sami pointing out that he hates the Bradys.

EJ reminds her he protected Sami and their child. Sami tells him that is Celeste’s voodoo. EJ says he believes it. Sami says EJ is not the black sheep of his family and wonders if there is not say way to break the pattern. She tells EJ he needs to go to Stefano and tell him how he feels about the baby. She says he needs to convince Stefano to change. She tells him to convince Stefano to call a truce. EJ says there is no way that will happen. He tells her even if Stefano would think about it what would he get in return. She tells him he can have the stem cells, but in a real hospital with a real doctor. She asks EJ does he have the courage to ask. EJ can’t believe Sami would willing save Stefano’s life. She says she would be doing it for her family not him. EJ says her family doesn’t deserve her. She says they deserve better than her. She tells him if she can end her family’s misery she has to try. EJ tells Sami that is very noble.

Sami says no it isn’t she just knows is Stefano dies Tony will take it out on the Bradys. She again asks EJ to talk to his father. EJ says he will think about it but with a condition. EJ says he gets how this helps her but how does it help him. He tries to kiss Sami and she knees him in his groin. They argue again. EJ finally says he is sorry. She says he will never be sorry enough. EJ tells Sami no one has ever made him feel the way she does. She tells him that is not her problem that she is married. He tells her it is Lucas’ problem because he will never give up on Sami. She tells him if he will talk to his father maybe they can be friends. EJ finally agrees to her proposal.


Belle and Marlena are both begging John to wake up. Belle asks Marlena to check his eyes. She does as she talks to him. Belle asks if she sees anything and Marlena says she can’t tell. She asks Marlena to get Dr. Tucker. Marlena does and Belle asks her dad not to let go of her hand. When Dr. Tucker gets there he questions Belle asking is she sure he grabbed her hand. She says yes. Marlena and Dr. Tucker suggest Belle talk to him. She does while Dr. Tucker listens to John’s heart. His rate goes up and Dr. Tucker says he is responding to Belle. Belle begs John to wake up. Dr. Tucker tells John to move his finger if he can hear him. John does. Marlena tells John they are waiting for him. Belle keeps asking him to wake up. John finally opens his eyes.

John is awake and his vitals are good but he is not saying anything. Dr. Tucker says he will need therapy for his muscles and motor skills. Marlena and Belle are happy and John smiles at them. Belle asks John if he remembers the dream and telling her Claire is alive. John closes his eyes as Belle begs him to remember. Marlena asks him can he remember for Belle. Marlena tells John they believe the dreams were real. Marlena asks if Claire is alive and John nods. Belle thinks that it is true. John keeps nodding and Marlena finally suggests to Belle she go and rest. Belle leaves. Marlena tells John he needs to rest but he shakes his head. She asks what he wants and he points to his mouth. Marlena thinks he wants water or food. She finally gives him a pad so he can write down what he wants. He writes he wants a kiss. Marlena laughs and kisses him.

Out in the hall Shawn and Willow argue. She gives Shawn a DNA test showing the baby is his. Willow says she had it done in jail. Shawn points out he has his own problems saying he is sorry he couldn’t worry about poor little her. Willow says that is because he was off with Princess Belle. Hope shows up. Willow tells Shawn to look at the test. She tells him he is the father. Shawn says she can’t blame him for thinking she is lair. She says she will make sure he gets nowhere near the baby. Hope is furious asking Willow if she has no compassion or decency. Willow says she lost it when they had her thrown in jail.

Hope says they did that because she nearly burned down their house. Willow says it was not her. Willow finally says believe what you want she will take care of her baby just fine. Hope asks what kind of mother never one puts her child’s best interest above her own. Willow says she will be the type of mother who raises her baby in one piece. Hope yells at her how dare you. Willow tells Hope that she thinks she is some sort of angle and that she obviously was not grateful for the handouts Hope gave her. She says she was not good enough for Shawn. Shawn tells Willow she is an angry loser of a person. Willow says this loser won’t let her baby drown. Hope slaps her. Hope tells Willow she will make sure she doesn’t get to see her child. Willow points out she is the mother and Hope can’t stop that. Hope says the state can. Shawn says if the baby is his he wants to do the right thing. Willow says the best thing is for him to stay away. She tells them she has someone else take care of her and the baby. Hope asks Willow what her agenda is. Willow says she doesn’t want to go to jail. Hope feels Willow is using the baby to blackmail them. Shawn says he can’t believe she would use the baby like this. Willow insists Chelsea set the fire and planed the jewelry in her room. Hope says her story stinks. Willow tells Hope this is her last chance. Hope corrects her telling Willow it is hers. Hope tells Willow she better be ready for fight. Willow says she is a really good dirty fighter. She leaves.

Hope tells Shawn she is sorry. She asks him what he wants to do. He tells her they will hit Willow with everything they have saying it is war. Hope tells him she and Bo already have custody papers drawn up. Shawn says he is not sure he can do this again after losing Claire. Hope says they will deal with Willow and tells Shawn to focus on Belle. He asks how does he tell Belle. He tells Hope he was sure Willow was lying and so he never told Belle. Hope suggests he tell Belle right away.

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