Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/25/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie’s House:

Nick and Chelsea are making out on Nick’s bed when he stops and tells Chelsea they can’t do this now. Chelsea whines but Nick says it is his Aunt and Uncle’s house. Chelsea says she knows. She notices that Nick has a place circled in the classifieds. She notices the look on Nick’s face and tells him to relax. She says it is nice he will have a place of his own where they can be together. Nick says he has not made up his mind, as it is kind of expensive. Chelsea comments since she will be there a lot she can pitch in. Chelsea wants to call the place but he stops her. She asks him what is wrong. He says he just wants to do the right thing. Chelsea worries if he still wants to move out. He says yes. She asks him why then is he acting weird. Willow shows up and Chelsea asks why she is there.

Willow comes in saying she forgot her newspaper. Chelsea says your paper? Willow grabs it and tells Nick thanks. Then she says if Chelsea finds any more panties they are hers too. Willow leaves. Chelsea is mad. Nick explains that she slept here one night when she had nowhere to go. Chelsea asks why he is helping her. Nick says Willow knows he stole the brush. Chelsea says so what no one would believe Willow. Nick says they might since he would have stolen it for Chelsea. Chelsea says Willow is blackmailing him. Nick says he would do anything for Chelsea even if it means helping Willow. Chelsea says she is not ok with it. She tells him he needs to tell Willow to get lost. Chelsea asks if believe she didn’t set the fire. He says at first he was not sure but he knows now she didn’t. Chelsea says she believes him but this does not let him off the hook.

She warns Nick Willow is trouble and tells him to stay away. She tells him that means no more helping her. She says next Willow will be asking him to get her an apartment and pay her bills. Nick says she already asked him to sign a lease. Chelsea asks who would pay the rent? Nick says that would be him. Chelsea gets mad telling him to stand up to Willow and tell her he is not someone to mess with. He tells Chelsea he is not EJ. She tells Nick to be more like him. She says he tells Willow to take a hike or she’s gone.

The Hospital:

Belle is showing Marlena pictures of Claire. Belle says she is sure she is alive. She tells her mom she knows they will find Claire. Shawn comes in. Marlena leaves saying she wants to visit John. Belle says she wants to as well but Shawn thinks she needs to rest. Marlena agrees with Shawn and she leaves. Belle tells Shawn he needs to leave too. She says he needs to get better so they can find Claire. Shawn tells her Claire is not coming home. Belle gets mad and reminds him her dad says she is alive. Shawn says it was a dream but she says this is real. She tells Shawn if he loves her to please keep an open mind. She tells him Claire is out there and they have to bring her home.

Shawn tells Belle the storm was strong and he struggled against it. He points out how he is a lot stronger than Claire. He says it would be a miracle if she were alive. Belle says he once believed in miracles. She asks him has he given up on miracles? Shawn says he does saying it was a miracle they found their way back to each other. She says they are getting another miracle now. Shawn says it is not the same. He tells Belle maybe she needs someone to help him through this. Belle gets mad thinking that Shawn thinks she and her mom are crazy. He says that is not what he is saying. Belle tells him if he gives up on Claire he is on his own. He asks if she is ending things between them. Belle says she is fighting for their daughter. She leaves to go see her dad.

Meanwhile Marlena is sitting with John. She tells him he sure knows how to create a stir. She tells him that Belle is home and she is alive and safe. She says Belle says he visited her in a dream. She asks him if he told her Claire was alive. Marlena says Belle needs to deal with the truth, but now Marlena is not sure what that is. She tells John he needs to tell her. She tells him she needs him to wake up. She tells him she knows he is still in there and he is still the same person he always was.

John’s doctor comes in to talk to Marlena. She says she is not giving up on John. They go out in the hall to talk. Dr. Tucker wants to send John to a clinic in Maine. Marlena says no way. While they argue out in the hall we see John move his hand. He touches the call button and knocks it to the floor. Marlena comes back in but does not see the button. When she goes to leave she finally sees it. Belle comes in. Belle sits by John and tells he she is back. She says she needs sign what he told her is true. Marlena tells Belle that is enough she needs to get back to her room. Belle tries to go but John is holding on tight to her hand. Marlena and Belle think it is a sign he is coming back.

Willow shows up at the hospital. She tells Shawn she heard he was back. She says she thought he might like to know about his baby. He doesn’t want to listen to her. She tells him since he just lost his daughter she would have thought he would care more about his unborn baby. He says the baby is not his. She says it is but she doesn’t need him anymore. She says she has someone to take care of her. She says she will not let him near they baby.


EJ comes in with Sami on a gurney. Tony tells him it is about time. EJ says he wants a guarantee no harm will come to her or the baby. Tony says he only cares about Stefano. Sami starts to wake up. EJ tells her to be quiet. She wants to know what is going on. He tells her no one is going to hurt her. She asks what he wants. He tells her to clam down and listen. He explains they need the baby’s stem cells. He tells her Stefano is dying and the baby can save him. Sami says no way. EJ says Stefano’s life is at stake. Sami says she doesn’t care about anything but the baby. EJ tells her their child is the only thing that can save Stefano. Sam says they don’t know he is the father. He tells her about Celeste and the ritual. She thinks he is crazy to believe that. Sami tries to leave but EJ stops her.

She finally does get free but two men stop her. He tells Sami to stop the nonsense. He begs Sami to show some compassion. Sami asks him where is compassion was when John was shot or when he killed Lexie and Tek or when he raped her? EJ tells Sami he has no choice. She asks why. Tony walks in. He says it is because EJ is not calling the shots. Sami asks Tony why he is not in prison. Tony says he was and now he is not. He tells her congratulation since the curse is broken and she got married. He says he missed her and comments good things come to those who wait. She says she is still waiting for he and his family to die. Tony says thanks to her they don’t have to. He tells her just need a few tiny cells. Sami says they are not touching her or the baby.

Tony orders her taken to surgery and Sami begs EJ not to allow this to happen. EJ tells Sami he is sorry. Sami calls him a coward. Tony says she is wasting her breath. Sami yells at EJ that if Celeste is right what kind of man is he? She screams for EJ to stand up to Tony. Tony tells Sami after the procedure the child is theirs to do with as they please. EJ tells them all to get their hands off Sami. EJ asks Tony what he just meant. Tony says the need future access to the stem cells so they are taking the fetus for safekeeping. EJ tells Tony he will have to kill him to get a hand or Sami or his child.

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