Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/24/07


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EJ enters and sees a man behind a curtain with a machine beeping. Tony comes out and EJ is less than happy to see him. EJ tells him that he heard he had been released. Tony says yes he was and was watching after Stefano. Tony tells EJ that Stefano is fighting for his life and wonders why he is there without Sami or the baby. EJ wants to know how he got released. Tony tells him he had a compassionate judge review his case. EJ asks how much did that cost. Tony ignores him and again asks why he doesn’t have Sami with him. Tony tells him if he wants to see Stefano again he is to do as he is told. EJ points out he is Stefano’s son too but Tony asks him who has been the most loyal. He calls EJ a failure and an embarrassment. They argue over who has done more. Tony points out that Bo, John, Patrick and Shawn are all still alive. EJ points out that there is more to this saying that his child is at risk. Tony is angry and yells at him for putting that bastard above the life of their father. Tony tells EJ if he doesn’t get those stem cells there will be hell to pay for he and his unborn child. Tony tells him if Stefan dies so does he. Then he gives EJ one hour to bring Sami to him.

Sami and Lucas’s Apartment:

Sami and Lucas are sitting on the sofa trying to feel the baby kick. Finally Lucas feels it. Sami says how much she loves this, just the two of them and the baby. Lucas says they need to enjoy it while they can. Sami says she knows soon their will be crying and diapers and late night feedings. Then Sami says she worries still that EJ could be the father. Lucas tells her the baby is theirs no matter what. He teases her some and tells her to think positive.

They talk about the future and how Lucas will need a new job. He says he doesn’t want them taking money from Will’s college fund. Sami tells him that after all that has happened to her before she saved money. Lucas says he wants to provide for her. He starts to worry that maybe he made a mistake going after EJ. He says if EJ gets off he will come after them. Sami says she is tired of worrying and she will not be EJ’s victim anymore. She tells him all she cares about is the baby. She also tells him she is happy and likes how he life is going and she is not letting anyone take it away.

Lucas and Sami start to fool around but a knock at the door stops them. Sami opens the door but sees no one there. She looks down and sees an envelope. Inside is a copy of The Knot magazine and a letter from Carley. It asks her to meet her at Chez Rouge right now, as she wants to do a follow up interview about their New Orleans honeymoon. Both Lucas and Sami find it odd that she would contact them this way, but Lucas thinks it’s great about the interview and tells Sami to hurry back. She leaves.

Celeste shows up. She wants to see Sami but Lucas says she is out. Celeste says EJ knows the baby is his. Lucas says Sami didn’t have an amnio. Celeste says there are other ways of knowing. Lucas is skeptical. Celeste begs Lucas to listen. She tells him how the baby was conceived for only one thing, to save Stefano’s life.

Sami heads to her car. She gets in and as she closes the door EJ pops up in the backseat and puts a handkerchief over her mouth. He apologizes as she passes out from the chloroform.

The Brady Pub:

Hope and Marlena are there talking. Both are upset over Claire. Hope asks why does God keep taking our children. Marlena says they have to stay strong. Victor comes in and Hope angrily asks him why he is here. He says Bo told him Philip was coming home. Hope tells him he is not welcome here and orders him to leave. He tells her he loved Claire too. Hope says everything is his fault.

Bo and Philip come in. Philip says he did what he could. Victor hugs him. Bo tells them that Belle was admitted to the hospital and that Shawn is with her. They leave for the hospital.

Victor tells Philip he has hired the best team money can buy. Philip tells his dad that the GPS is not giving off a signal. He tells him that Claire is gone. Victor will not give up but Philip insists she is gone. Philip then says she died because of him. Philip blames himself for not keeping her safe. They talk and Philip says they have to accept she is not coming back. Victor says he just wishes he had more time with her.

Philip tells his father how Shawn and Belle and Claire had become a real family on the island. He says but on the boat they all put aside their differences. Victor tells him that is admirable. Philip says he wants to honor Claire by making things right. Victor tells Philip he is making a mistake. He asks Philip if Claire is alive are you willing to give her up? Victor tells him not to hang out with the enemy until they are sure she is dead. Then he says he thinks she is alive and will not rest till she takes her rightful place in their family.

The Hospital:

Shawn is sitting with Belle. He tells her had they gone home like she asked Claire would be alive. He says he doesn’t know how he will ever forgive himself. He asks Belle can she hear him.

Belle dreams. She sees a man coming towards her. She asks where is Claire. She begs the shadow to give Claire back. She says God she have taken her and not Claire. The shadow gets closer and we see it is John. He hugs Belle as she cries. He tells Belle Claire is alive. She asks how he knows that. He says he has been hovering between life and death and he has not seen Claire crossover. He says Claire is still on earth. Belle ask him where. John says he only knows she is alive. He disappears as Belle begs him not to go.

Belle wakes up. Shawn gets the nurse. Marlena and Hope show up. The nurse explains that she gave Belle something to relax her. Shawn apologizes to Marlena. She tells him she is grateful he took care of Belle. Shawn says Belle had a bad dream. Marlena sits by Belle’s bed. Belle wakes up and looks at her mom. Marlena tries to tell her Claire is at peace now. Belle says she doesn’t understand. She tells them Claire is alive.

Hope and Shawn leave so they can talk. Belle tells her about John coming to her in the dream. Marlena says she believes her. She explains that she has also have dreams of John. Belle says he was right about Steve and that maybe he is right about Claire. Marlena agrees it is possible. She then tells Belle about finding the coin in John’s hand.

Meanwhile in the hall Hope tries to console Shawn. She tries to hug him and he winces. She finds out he was shot. She demands to know how and why. He says he is fine and it is no big deal. She wants him to see a doctor but he says he has more important things to worry about. He tells how he thought they were all going to finally be a family. He is afraid now that they lost Claire he will lose Belle too. Hope says Belle loves him. They talk about Zack. Shawn tells her at least they had closure. Bo shows up and Hope asks when he was going to tell her that Shawn had been shot.

They go in to see Belle. Belle tells them all Claire is alive and explains how John told her that in her dream. Bo, Hope and Marlena go out into the hall. Belle tries to convince Shawn she is not crazy.

Out in the hall Hope says she is really confused and asks why Marlena is encouraging Belle. Marlena tells her it has happened to her too. She looks at Bo. Hope asks them to say something. Marlena says she had a visit from John. Bo chimes in that Marlena told him about the dreams and they were all dead on target. Hope says she is not sure they should get Belle’s hopes up. Marlena says she would not lie to Belle and leaves to see John.

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