Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Tinda Lau:

Kayla puts up lots of pictures of she and Steve together. She tells him she put up their family tree. She tells him each face is looking at him with love and each one is a memory. Steve decides to get coffee and wonders if it is drugged. It is not. Then he sees Kayla holding a syringe and he ask her what it is. She says it is good medicine. He says he is fine but she says he is not. Steve says they have coffee, pictures and each other so they don’t need the shot. She says he does. She gives him the shot. He accuses her of playing dirty. She asks if he is ready for a walk down memory lane. He tells Kayla all the pictures are just faces. He asks when the medicine will work and she says it will take a few minutes. He asks to see the syringe. She says it will make him better. He says that is what they always told him in the “pen.”

Later we see Steve playing his harmonica. He tells Kayla how beautiful she looks and then kisses her. She stops him saying that is over the doctor/patient line. He says he doesn’t need a doctor just his wife. She tells him he has both. They kiss some more. She tells him the next few weeks will not be easy and he says it can’t be worse than the last fifteen years. She says they are not leaving till she has her husband back.

Steve is still lying in the bed. Kayla warns him the next few days he may not like her much. She tells him to look at the pictures and try to remember the people in them. She says to remember with his heart and not just his head. Kayla makes him recite the names of all the people in the pictures. He tells her he is tired of this. They talk about Stephanie and Steve says she can’t decide if she loves him or hates him. Kayla asks if Steve loves her. He doesn’t answer. Kayla mentions EJ and Steve starts ripping the photos from the wall. Kayla orders him back to bed. She tells him she is staying till one of them breaks and it won’t be her. He gets in bed and they talk as she says most men could not have survived what he has. She finally tells him to sleep.

Bo is trapped on the island since everything is grounded due to the storm. A message comes in. Gabby reports that they found them. Bo asks her to find out all she can. She radios back to the Coast Guard trying to get the status of the survivors. Gabby says they are all fine and she Bo have a drink to celebrate.

Gabby checks again and finds out they found, Philip, Belle and Shawn. It breaks up before they can find out about Claire. Soon they learn they couldn’t find Claire.

They hear a helicopter coming in and they hope for good news. It is Shawn, Philip and Belle. Bo goes to Belle who is silent. Shawn tells Bo he lost his daughter. Shawn is upset wants to go look for Claire. Bo says he is too weak. Shawn says she had a vest on it with a GPS tracker. He says there has to be a signal. Bo tries to reassure him and asks what happened. Philip says he was holding her last and it was his fault not Shawn’s. Philip says he remembers holding on to her tight and they got pulled under. He says then a wave hit and she was ripped away from him. Philip swears he never let go. Philip and Shawn hug.

Bo tries to tell Belle this is not he fault. She tells him she should be the one out there and not Claire. Belle talks about how no one is there to hold her. She says how Claire is alone and how the water is very cold. The rescue team contacts Gabby, however it is bad news. She says they could not find her and the seas are worse so they have to give up the search. She says they are changing the mission to a recovery mission. Belle falls apart. Philip tells Bo to do something but Bo says he has no jurisdiction here. Shawn refuses to believe that Claire is dead and he holds Belle.

The Brady Pub:

Hope and Chelsea talk as she waits to hear from Bo. Chelsea says she has some good news. She says Nick is going to make things perfect for their first time. She promises Hope that they will use protection. Maggie comes in. She asks to talk to Hope alone. Chelsea takes Ciara for a walk.

Maggie tells Hope there is something she needs to know. She tells here she found a pair of Chelsea’s panties under Nick’s bed. Hope asks if they could belong to another girl. Maggie says but he is Nick. Hope says what about Billie. Hope however agrees to talk to Chelsea about it.

Chelsea comes back and wants to know what Maggie wanted. Hope tells Chelsea that she told her she and Nick never had sex. Chelsea is confused. Hope tells her about Maggie finding the panties. Chelsea says no way, as she and Nick didn’t sleep together. She gets upset with Nick. Hope asks if he is seeing someone else. Chelsea says if he isn’t then he has a lot of explaining to do. Hope suggests they get the facts first. Chelsea says she not sure who she hates more, her or him.

Later we see Hop talking with Caroline. She says she talked to Bo and they found the kids but not Claire. Caroline says they will find her. She says they have to believe that.

Maggie’s House:

Nick is in his room looking at the note Maggie left about the panties. Willow shows up. He tells her she can’t keep doing this. She asks where Maggie is. Nick says she is not home. She tells Nick she left some clothes behind. Nick tells her how Maggie found her panties. Willow realizes he is upset telling him how the evidence says he is guilty when he isn’t. She says it is the opposite of her situation. Nick tells her he doesn’t have the brush. He tells her to go.

She tells him she will be spending the night on a park bench again. Of course Nick feels bad. She thinks if he told Maggie he was helping Willow she would be proud of him. Nick says he doubts that. She the want ads and before Nick can stop her she looks and realizes he is looking for his own place. She says how nice he will have to roofs to stay under and she has none. He says it is not his problem. He tells she is out of jail and needs to take care of herself. She tells him she would love a job but can’t get one. Again he points out she is out of jail. She says only until her trial. He says then she will be back in jail and have place to live. She slaps him. She goes to leave but tells him first the good thing about babies is they don’t know the difference between a park bench and a soft bed. Nick stops Willow and says they will figure something out. She drops her bag which she tells Nick is everything she owns. Nick finds a place in the paper and tells her to take it. She says he has no references or money. Nick says he will take care of it. She hugs Nick and thanks him. Nick tells her the blackmail has to stop. Nick gives her a check and says aren’t there programs out there for people like her. Before she can say much Chelsea shows up and bangs on the door. Nick tells Willow to go but she doesn’t want to. Finally Willow leaves.

Nick lets Chelsea in. She asks what took so long and he says he was cleaning up. She asks if he got all the extra panties. He asks her did Maggie tell her and she says no Hope did. Chelsea asks who she is. Nick says there is no other girl. Chelsea says they can take the panties to the lab and run a DNA test. Nick tries to say maybe they were Abby’s. Chelsea says then Maggie would have recognized them. He swears he is not cheating on her. He tells her he loves he and then kisses her.

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