Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Tinda Lau:

On the plane Steve has them headed into the water. He is demanding the paper from Bo. Bo asks Steve if he wants to keep on being EJ’s puppet. He tells Steve this is his chance to break the hold EJ has on him. Steve is still screaming at Bo, this is his last chance, the paper or they die. They keep yelling till Bo says he will give it to him, and Steve pulls up on the throttle and saves them. Steve tells Bo he better not be playing him. Bo asks Steve will be really put a bullet in his head? Steve says no one tells him what to do. So Bo asks him to prove it by flying to Guam and then back to Salem. Steve says there is nothing back home for him. Bo says there is but Steve doesn’t listen. Steve says once he is holding Shawn’s statement he knows what he has to do. Bo says so does he as they both have their orders.

Bo and Steve get back to the bar. Gabby rushes up asking if Shawn is ok. Bo says he is not sure but he assumes he probably is. Gabby says she put out an SOS with the Coast Guard. Bo tells her that was good thinking. Steve is getting impatient and Bo asks Gabby to give him the paper she put in the safe for him. Gabby gets it. Bo stares at Steve who wonders what he is looking at. Bo says he is remembering all the good times they had. Gabby hands Bo the statement and Steve demands Bo hand it over. Bo says no. Steve pulls out a knife and Bo pulls out one of his own but puts it on the bar. He tells Steve he is not giving him the paper. Steve calls him stupid and puts the knife to Bo’s throat. Bo says Steve will have to take it from his cold dead hands.

Kayla comes in and yells Steve no. Kayla tells Steve to put the knife down. Bo yells for Kayla to stay back but she doesn’t listen. Steve tells her she is making a mistake. Kayla tells Steve he will have to kill her too. Kayla tells Steve he is her husband and starts reciting their wedding vows. Steve begins to fall apart and lets go of Bo. Kayla holds Steve while he falls to his knees sobbing.

Later when Steve is asleep Bo says he needs to go find Shawn. Kayla tells him to go saying Steve is not up to a long trip so they are going to stay on Tinda Lau. Bo is worried saying when Steve gets into the dark place he can’t be reached. Kayla says she just did. Bo tells Steve to take care and listen to Kayla. He then tells Kayla goodbye. Gabby runs in and tells them all that she just heard Philips boat went down with all aboard.

On the boat Shawn is telling Belle that the boat can’t be fixed. Belle asks what now? Philip says they can ride it out but Shawn is not as optimistic. Shawn says it doesn’t look good. Belle tells Philip and Shawn if they don’t make it and they lose Claire it is their fault. Shawn goes to get them all life jackets. The one they have for Claire has a GPS beacon on it. Belle says she hopes they don’t have to use it.

Belle tells Philip she needs to tell him something. She apologizes to him. Philip says this is not the time telling her they will not die. Belle tells him she was wrong taking Claire from him. Philip tells her they all messed up. Shawn comes back with Claire listening to them talk. Belle says if she could do it again she would let him be in Claire’s life. Shawn says he would too. Philip tells them he kept insisting Claire was his daughter and he knows now he isn’t. Belle says all the DNA tests means is you don’t have to share blood to be family. Shawn hands Claire to Uncle Philip. Philip apologizes too for his part in everything saying he put them all through hell. They all put on their life jackets.

They keep talking all saying how sorry they are. Belle says the make a promise if they survive they will go home and work it all out. Belle says they all three love her and they can all raise her. They all agree. The boat starts to rock worse and the power goes out. Claire starts to cry. Belle starts to sing Amazing Grace as Philip and Shawn join in. They all huddle together around Claire.


Lucas and Sami’s Apartment:

Lucas and Sami get home. Lucas thinks they should have a quickie but Sami says some things shouldn’t be rushed. Lucas points out Will, will be home soon. Sami asks how Will sounded on the phone. Lucas says he’s great and can’t wait to get home. Sami is worried Will is still mad at her. Lucas says he explained everything. Sami hates will had to know what happened. She says all Will wants is a normal family and she is more like a one ring circus. They talk about EJ and Lucas says he turned EJ into the SEC. He says he bets the feds are already swarming all over Mythic. Sami worries EJ will know it was Lucas. Lucas is not worried. He tells her they had a deal and EJ didn’t stay away from Sami like he said he would. They talk more about the future when Kate comes barging in.

She yells at Sami saying she is a lying manipulator and how dare she blow the whistle on her company. Lucas tells Kate he did it. Kate doesn’t believe him at first and then says that Sami must have forced him to do it. Will comes in at this point asking what did his mom do now. Kate starts to tell him and Lucas stops her dragging her out in the hall and telling Will to go hug his mother.

Out in the hall Lucas yells at Kate. He says he was only after EJ and it was her choice to work with him. He says he has a right to get EJ out of Sami’s life. Kate says maybe Sami should stop sleeping with him. Lucas gets really angry now saying EJ raped Sami. Kate doesn’t buy it. Then she reminds Lucas if EJ goes down so does he. She thinks Lucas on did it because she hates Sami. She asks Lucas how long has he been plotting his revenge? Lucas says EJ got what he deserved. Kate says it is not fair none of this was her fault and Lucas tells her life is not fair. She says of all her kids she thought they were the closest. Lucas says that is the problem she would never cut the cord. He tells her now it is sink or swim time. Kate slaps him calling him ungrateful. Lucas says she did everything she could to humiliate them on there wedding day. He tells her she has not been a good mom at all. Kate says they are too upset to talk and she will come back tomorrow.

Inside Sami and Will talk as she gives him all the gifts she got him in New Orleans. HE thanks her. Sami tells Will she owes him an apology. Will tells her it is ok. She tries to tell him the truth but he stops her saying he knows that Lucas told him. They hug and Will gives her an album of their wedding pictures. He says not to blame him for the one’s Maggie took showing her one where she cut off Kate’s head. Sami smiles and says she never looked better.

We later see Sami listening at the door to Kate and Lucas fight. He tells Kate he can’t trust her around his family so she needs to stay away. Kate leaves and Sami goes out in the hall to talk to Lucas. She says she is sorry and that Kate will come around. Lucas says it is her loss if she doesn’t.

Maison Blanche:

In the DiMera cemetery it is dark and Celeste has a big fire going. EJ comes back and Celeste tells him to take off his shirt. He does. She asks if he has the things she asked him for. He says yes he has something of Lucas’s and Sami’s. She holds up two peacock feathers and tells him one represents him and one Lucas. She hands to them EJ telling him to blow on them and then wrap everything in his shirt and throw it in the fire. He is skeptical but he does it. She tells him when the fire burns out whichever feather doesn’t burn is the father.

While it burns Celeste asks him if he is the father will be protect his child like a true father? He doesn’t answer saying he just wants to know the truth. He pulls out the feather and asks her which one is it? Celeste looks at it and says he is the father. She asks him what will he do now? He says save his father.

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