Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Maison Blanche:

Sami and Lucas talk. She asks Lucas should they really have the amnio. Lucas thinks they should saying he is tired of EJ always being in their lives. Lucas points out how he even followed them on their honeymoon. Sami points out how he claimed he was here to check on his house and to apologize. Lucas tells Sami he sure hopes she is not buying all that. He tells Sami he overheard her little talk with EJ and his claim that he would get out of their lives if the baby were not his. Lucas likes that idea. Sami asks Lucas what if it is his? She tells Lucas it is just too dangerous. She says she can’t put their baby at risk. She tells Lucas it is only five more months and then everyone will know. Sami points out how they are newlyweds and if the baby should be EJ’s he will never leave them alone. At least this way she says they will have the next five months all to themselves. Lucas finally agrees. Sami asks Lucas is he ready to go tell EJ no amnio.

Meanwhile in the family cemetery EJ and Celeste talk. She tells him she has a message from Tony. EJ wants to know when she started relaying messages for Tony. She tells him since they stole her child. She says she has no choice if she wants Lexie back. She tells EJ that Stefano needs the stem cells now if he is to be saved. Then she points out to EJ how he promised to tell her where Lexie was after the wedding. EJ tells her the wedding didn’t go as planned so she will have to wait. Celeste is mad saying she thought he was only going to torture Sami a little. Then Celeste suddenly realizes the truth. They want Sami’s baby. That is where the stem cells are coming from. She asks which of them came up with this sick plan. EJ says he owes this to Stefano. She says Stefano gave him nothing and he does not. She says there was a time Stefano would have never hurt someone that was his own blood. Now she says he is capable of anything. She tells EJ that baby could be his and if he cares at all about Sami or the baby he needs to stand up to Stefano.

Sami and Lucas enter the cemetery and see Celeste and EJ. She says she is here on family business. Lucas asks her which family. Sami tells EJ she will not be having the amnio. She says they will just have to wait till the baby is born. EJ says he is not waiting. Sami tells him he has a lot to learn about being a father. She says she is doing what is best for the baby. She tells him that is what being a parent is all about. EJ finally agrees to quit pushing for the amnio.

Lucas and Sami head back the mansion. They wonder if they can trust EJ. Sami then remembers what Lucas said about teaching EJ a lesson. Lucas says he will and it will mean the end of EJ Wells. He reminds Sami about the books for Mythic being cooked. He tells here there are at least 6 SEC violations plus EJ committed fraud against Billie. He says he has copies of all the papers. Sami says he will get off, as he is a DiMera. Lucas doesn’t think he will. She asks what happens to his mom? He tells her Kate is a big girl and will have to fend for herself.

Back at the cemetery Celeste asks EJ if he was telling the truth. EJ says he was. She asks him what he will tell Stefano. EJ says he has no intention of waiting 5 months. She asks how he plans to find out without a DNA test. He says he wants her to do her voodoo things and tell him who the father is.

Tinda Lau:

Bo and Steve argue. Bo says yes Shawn did sign the statement and he is going to use it to take EJ down. Steve says he can’t let Bo do that. Bo asks Steve how is he going to stop him. Steve pulls out a gun. Steve tells Bo he really needs that statement. Bo tells Steve he knows he was sent there to kill he and Shawn. He tells Steve to admit it. Steve tells Bo it doesn’t have to be this way. Bo says even if he gives him the paper he and Shawn are still a threat to EJ. He again tells Steve to admit he is there to kill them.

Steve has flashbacks and remembers being tortured and ordered to get that statement and kill Bo. Bo says he knows Steve is still in there somewhere. He says they are family and he knows what they mean to each other. We get a flashback of Bo saving Steve’s life when he almost drowned. Bo then asks what about Kayla? He asks Steve will he turn on her as well? Steve says Kayla is better with out him. Bo keeps needling him. Steve yells at Bo that he is not his friend that he was the one that put his eye out. Steve says he should kill him for that. Bo reminds Steve they worked through that. We get another flashback of Bo and Steve working together and Steve saving him. Steve says plans are in motion. Steve this takes the controls and puts the plane in a nosedive as he tells Bo if he doesn’t give him the statement they both die.

On Philip’s boat, Philip is telling Belle he will protect her and Claire. He says he is tired of all the fighting. He says he just wants to go home and work it out. They hear something up on deck. Philip goes to look and finds Shawn. Philip can’t believe it. Shawn tells him he told him that he would always find him. Shawn gets up and says he is taking over the boat. Philip asks is this a mutiny. Philip points out he is in charge and Shawn obeys or swims home. They fight. Belle comes out and see them fighting. Shawn passes out. Belle rushes to him and says his wound reopened. He helps Belle get him below.

We see Belle tending Shawn’s wound. She asks him what he was thinking. Philip says he wasn’t he was doing what he had too. Belle says it almost sounds like Philip admires him. Philip says he does have to give it to Shawn. Shawn then wakes up and asks about Claire. Belle says Claire is safe.

Later Shawn and Belle talk alone. They hear the engine make a weird noise. Belle says that can’t be good. Philip comes in saying he is trying to outrun the storm. Shawn says you can’t push the engine and tells him it is better to take it slow. Philip reminds him they are being chased by a typhoon.

Later you see them up on deck looking at the smoking engine. Shawn looks it over and says they threw a rod, and he can’t fix it. They head down to give Belle the bad news. She asks them what now. Shawn says the only things they can do is wait and pray.

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