Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/17/07


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Maison Blanche:

Lucas and Sami are working. Lucas has a sledgehammer and is pounding on a wall. Sami gives him a bottle of water. Lucas tells Sami this place is a little bit creepy. Sami says she thinks it is romantic. They kiss and then Lucas tells Sami he needs to get back to work. He tells Sami happy honeymoon calling her Mrs. Roberts. Sami says she loves that they are doing this, rebuilding homes. Lucas teases her she is not working as hard as he is and Sami starts to say it is not her fault she is pregnant but stops and becomes upset over the baby. Lucas tells it will be ok. He also adds that it feels great to help people. Then he teases her and say not to get too goody, goody on him.

The foreman Rodney comes by in time to see them kissing. He teases them. Then he reminds them of their job. They explain they are on their honeymoon. Rodney tells Lucas then to get the job done by sundown and go make his girl happy. He leaves.

Lucas and Sami continue to joke and tease and Lucas tells Sami when they are done he wants to go get some gumbo. Sami talks about how ugly their hotel is as Lucas swings at the wall again. This time they hear something inside.

They find a black box hidden in the wall. It’s locked. Sami wants to open it but Lucas says it could belong to someone. She points out it could be buried treasure. They finally get it open and find a letter inside. It is in Italian. It is very old and dusty. He gives it to Sami as he goes back to work. Sami freaks out over what she finds. She shows Lucas the signature, DiMera. He says a lot of Italians could have lived her but Sami knows it is Stefano.

Rodney comes back to check on them. Sami hides the letter not wanting to show it to him. Sami asks Rodney about the house. She asks who owns it. Rodney looks and says it is called Maison Blanche and owned by someone named DiMera. Rodney leaves again. Sami tells Lucas her parents where here and there was a fire and this is Stefano’s house.

Bo & Hope’s:

Billie comes to see Hope. Hope asks Billie if she will watch Ciara for her till Maggie gets here. She says she has to run and errand. Billie asks her what is going on and where is she going. Hope says she is going to Tinda Lau. Billie tells her that is really bad idea. She points out that Steve is dangerous and she could get herself killed. Hope reminds Billie she is cop and adds she can’t abandon her family. Billie says ok but she is going too. Hope says no. Billie points out if she goes then Steve will have them all. She tells hope to think about Ciara. They argue about her going. Hope says she can’t just sit here and wait. Billie promises to stay with her so she will not be alone. They argues some more and Hope finally agrees not to go. Billie tells her they will have their chance with EJ and when the time comes they will kick some DiMera butt.

Philip’s Boat:

Belle is pacing. She finally tells him she doesn’t know what it is. Philip says he knows it is a GPS. She asks him did he really think Shawn wouldn’t try to find them? Philip thinks she planted it. Belle says she did and she knows Shawn is on the way. They argue and Belle tells him it is over. She tells him to yell, scream; to even hit her if he wants. He says he would never hit her. Belle tells him he has become a bully. He tells her he is just trying to get his life back and it starts with Claire. He tells her Claire is everything to him and takes her up on deck. Belle yells for Philip to put Claire down.

She follows him and he is talking to Claire about how quite it is out here. She tells him he is too close to the edge. He tells her he is not going to jump overboard with a child. She says Philip pushed them. Philip ignores her and keeps talking to Claire. Belle begs Philip to hand her Claire. She says she is sorry it came to this and if he is trying to scare her he has. She yells at him to look at her. He finally does as he yells at her saying she seems him as a villain. Belle reminds him that she carried Claire and that she almost died. Philip says Claire is as much his and hers. He says in the past they always worked out their differences until she sided with Shawn. Belle reminds him she had a miscarriage and asked him for time. She says he is the one that convinced himself she was leaving him. Philip tells Belle she is good at running away.

Belle gets Claire to sleep. She tells Philip he was right. She says she did take sides and did walk away. She tells Philip they could have worked it out but he wanted full custody. Philip tells Belle he had nothing left. Philip tells her when he was in the hospital all he could think about was her setting up house with Shawn. She tells he ran away from her and Claire. Philip says he couldn’t take it, as all he could think of was her. He tells they were not perfect but that Claire was proof of their love. He says Belle is the one that turned her back on her family. He says she broke his heart.

Belle hugs him and says she is sorry. She says he left and then came back demanding it all. He says he thought it would be easier if he left. He says when he got wounded all he could think about was Claire. He says he came back ready to fight and win. She says because he had nothing left to lose and she understands now. Belle says they need to end the war. She tells him they need to go back. Philip says he can’t because of Shawn. She reminds him that he and Shawn used to be like brothers. She says that bond is still there. He says it feel pretty broken to him. She says Claire would be lucky and have two fathers that love her. They are interrupted by the radio. Philip tells her something is wrong. He finds out a level 4 typhoon is headed their way. Philip says they have to make their way to an island. Philip goes to secure the boat and Belle tries to use the radio to call Shawn.

Tinda Lau:

Bo tells Steve to go home. Steve says no. Bo tells Steve he doesn’t think it was his idea to come help them. He says he thinks EJ sent Steve their to kill them. Steve asks Shawn what he thinks. Shawn says he thought he was here to help. Steve says he is. Bo says this is his decision and Steve asks Shawn is he doing his dad’s bidding. Bo tells Steve it is about what he was programmed to do. Steve says he changed the channel. Bo asks him if this is a peaceful mission and Steve says yes. Bo asks him why he brought and hid a gun then. Bo says he can’t be sure if Steve will watch his back or stick a knife in it. Steve says he brought the gun because Philip will not be playing nice. He tells Bo to thin about all they have been through. Bo tells Shawn they will do this together. Steve says they have no choice and pulls out a gun. He then gives the gun to Bo to prove his is fine.

Gabby comes in and tells the GPS is no longer showing on the radar. Steve says Philip must have found it or the boat went down. Shawn is upset. Steve says the need to get going. He says they can get on the plane and head for the last known coordinates. Bo thinks Steve is too anxious. Shawn does not care and says he is going with Steve. Bo wants him to listen and Shawn says no. Bo says he is not thinking clearly. Shaw says he knows he is not. Bo suggests calling the Coast Guard. Steve gets mad and tells Bo he kicked his ass before and he can do it again. They start to fight and Shawn stops them saying they need to find Claire. Bo begs Shawn to give him an hour. Bo says they can call the authorities. Shawn says one hour and if nothing happens he is going with Steve. Gabby comes back and says Belle is on the radio and in big trouble.

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