Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/16/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/16/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo & Hope’s:

Nick beats on the door and begs Chelsea to talk to him saying she misunderstood. She yells he rejected her and he says he didn’t. She opens the door and asks him why she kicked him to the curb. She slams the door and hits him in the nose. When she still won’t open the door he begins to sing very loudly. She opens the door and yells at him they have neighbors. She finally agrees to let him in for 5 minutes and begins counting down.

Nick talks fast. He tells her he wants her. She tells him that was why she went to see him that she wanted to be with him. He tells her wanted that too but it was bad timing. Chelsea explains she talked to Hope about why she loved him and the number one reason was that he never gave up on her. He says he hasn’t but Chelsea thinks he has. They argue and Chelsea thinks he must be sleeping with another girl. He says he isn’t. However he does admit there is another woman. Nick tells her it is Maggie. Nick says she does everything for him. He says she thinks he can’t even tie his own shoes. He says he didn’t want her to walk in on them this morning with a glass of juice. Chelsea says could sneak out before juice time. They talk about what her dad would think of that. Chelsea finally tells Nick she loves him. Then she says she has a solution. She says he needs his own place and then he could hold her all night long. Nick says he needs to think about how much that would cost and grad school too. Chelsea thinks he is just making excuses. Chelsea asks the real reason Nick kicked her out and he says he doesn’t want to sneak around like kids. He finally promises to look at real estate adds after work.

Maggie’s House:

Maggie takes some laundry to Nick’s room to put away. Willow is still hiding in the bathroom. Maggie finds some panties. She wonders about them and if Nick has some kinky little secret. Once she leaves Willow grabs her stuff and leaves via the window.

Later when Nick gets home he finds a note Maggie left saying she found something under his bed and wants to catch up with him. Nick sarcastically says that is just great.

Philip’s Boat:

Philip is up on deck and yells for Belle to come see the beautiful night sky. Belle is looking for the GPS. She finds it and it is still working. She hides it back in her duffle bag. Philip comes down and again asks her to come look. She wants to know why. He says she used to love to look at the stars. She says that was a long time ago and she is tired.

Philip starts talking to her about when he was a kid and how he would dream about traveling to the end of the universe. She says too bad he didn’t but then feels bad and apologizes. She asks what was at the end of the universe? He says it was the feeling that he could do anything. He again asks her to come up on deck but Belle reminds him this is not a vacation and that he wants to take her daughter. He reminds her he has legal custody. Philip reminds her they had a chance to share custody and she didn’t want to. Belle says she was wrong.

Philip asks her can he take Claire up on deck. She is surprised he asked her for permission. He says he just wants a few minutes alone with her. Belle though is still mad about Shawn being shot. Philip swears he didn’t want that. Belle tells him to cut the crap that the truth is he is holding her and Claire hostage. Philip says that makes he feel lousy.

The boat rocks and Philip falls. Belle catches him but he tells her he doesn’t need her help. Philip tells her he just wants back what he lost. They sit down and talk. Philip says when he got back from war he could not just switch gears over night. He says when he lots Claire it felt like he went to war with her and Shawn. Philip says he just wants everything right and to find peace. Belle says he is still at war and Philip agrees that Claire deserves better. Belle says Claire is part of her and Shawn. Philip protests that he loves Claire and what is so wrong with wanting to show her the stars. Belle says they can end the war and he can let she and Claire go. He says sorry he can’t. She says they are prisoners of war then. He says that Belle has been running so long she forgot what it was like between them.

She says they can’t go back and that Shawn will never give up looking for them. Philip tells here there are new rules and she is not to mention Shawn to Claire nor talk about him at all. He says if she doesn’t follow the rules Claire will be the one to suffer. Belle is furious. She demands he tell her where they are going and for how long. He tells her they are headed to Australia. He tells if they go back to Salem the war starts again. He tells he needs time for Claire to get to know him. Belle asks what is she supposed to do. He says he doesn’t care what she does and tells her he has custody and a fortress for he and Claire. Philip says he is waiting for Claire to say the word Daddy and when she does it will be to him.

He says once he is the only father she knows he will go back to Salem. Belle says that is not what a good father does. She tells him she can’t stay in Australia for months. He tells her to go back to Salem. She says she can’t leave Claire. Philip is angry and says he is taking Claire up on deck to see the stars. Philip says she needs a sweater and before Belle can stop him he digs in her bag and finds the GPS. He demands to know from Belle what it is.

Tinda Lau:

Bo hangs up with Hope. Shawn is still insisting there is no way Steve would hurt them. Bo insists he can and will. Shawn argues that Steve is there to help them but Bo says no he is there to help EJ. Bo says if he gets on the plane he will die. Bo says they have to stay one step ahead of Steve or they will never leave the island alive. Steve spies on them as they argue. Bo tells Shawn that EJ is the one calling the shots and that is why Steve got there and has a plane. Bo tells Shawn about the crimes Steve has been involved in lately. Shawn asks why isn’t he in jail. Bo says because they could not prove it. Bo says Shawn has the power to bring EJ down. Bo explains how Shawn is a lose end for EJ. Shawn still doesn’t care. He says he just wants his family back.

Steve comes back and says they need to go. Bo tells him they need a plan first. Shawn says his only plan is to get his family back. He tells Bo the plan to drop him near the boat from the seaplane. Steve tells Bo not to sweat the details. Bo tells Steve to go fuel the plane up while they figure out Philip’s location. Steve tells Bo this is not how he operates. He says if they don’t want him here to just tell him. Bo and Steve talk and Steve assures Bo he is ok. He says he wants to be a man his family can count on. They have a toast and down some shots and Steve heads off to the plane.

Gabby comes into the bar and shows them the gun she found in Steve’s room. Shawn finally gets that Bo was right about Steve. Bo tells Shawn he needs his signature on the paper as that is what Steve is there to stop. Shawn goes to sign it but Steve comes back so they hide it.

Steve asks are they ready? Bo says the plan is not panning out. He says they need to go after Philip another way. Bo says they need to use a boat as the seas are getting to rough. Steve protests. Bo says they made their decision. Steve says then he will go with them as backup. Shawn says they can handle it and Bo tells Steve to go home. Steve says he is not crazy and he came a long way to help and will not be stopped. Bo says this is not about him. Steve says it is. He says they don’t trust him. Bo tells Steve to leave or he will escort him off the island.

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