Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/15/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope’s:

Hope is busy doing laundry when Chelsea comes home. Chelsea helps her wit the laundry. Hope suggests they talk. Hope asks her what is going on with her? Chelsea says things are good right now. Hope asks if this is about a boy. Chelsea asks her how she knew that. Hope tells her she would know the look anywhere.

Chelsea explains she and Nick talked and things are good. Chelsea then asks hope can she asks her something embarrassing. Chelsea asks her how do you know when you are ready to lose your virginity. Hope is shocked. Chelsea says she is sorry for asking. She then offers to go clean the kitchen. Hope stops her and apologizes. She tells her that she was just surprised by the question. Hope tells her she is flattered that Chelsea came to her. Hope asks would she rather talk to Billie but Chelsea says since Billie was with Nick it would be weird. Hope asks her when she Nick got back together. Chelsea tells her they recently talked and Nick makes her feel comfortable. Chelsea tells her Nick is a good person. She tells Hope she knows Nick lied but in fairness she says she didn’t make it easy for him to be honest.

Hope tells Chelsea how mature she sounds and what a long way she has come. Hope tells her this is a big decision and there is a lot to think about before taking the next step. Hope points out she could get pregnant. Chelsea gets flustered but Hope says they cannot talk about sex without considering that possibility. Chelsea assures Hope they would use protection. Hope then asks her as she talk to Nick about this. Chelsea says no but this is Nick and she knows him. She tells Hope that she knows Hope thinks she is not ready. Hope tells her she just wants her to really think about it first. Chelsea says she has and she thinks she is ready. Hope asks her how many of her friends are having sex. Chelsea tells her when she sits in class on Monday all she hears is who did what. Hope asks her does she want to have sex just because everyone else is or because she loves Nick? Chelsea says no on is pressuring her. Hope then asks does Nick know she is a virgin? Chelsea tells her that she may have led Nick to think she is not. Hope tells Chelsea to tell Nick the truth. Chelsea asks her what if she says something wrong? Hope again asks her does she love Nick. Chelsea says she thinks so. Hope tells her that is not a good enough reason. They talk about how Chelsea and Nick are opposites like Bo and Hope and how opposites attract. Hope says she and Bo balance each other. Chelsea says she thinks of Nick like that. She says she feels safe with Nick. She thanks Hope and takes off to go see Nick. Hope yells for her to come back saying that is not what she meant.

Later Hope calls Adrienne over since she can’t reach Kayla. Adrienne apologizes to her. Hope asks her where Kayla is. Adrienne won’t tell her. Hope tells her it is important as Steve is on Tinda Lau and she thinks Shawn and Bo are in trouble. Hope tells Adrienne she knows something. Adrienne finally tells her that Kayla asked her to buy her a gun. Adrienne says she knows she should not have done it. She tells her that Kayla was going to Tinda Lau to stop Steve. Hope asks from what. Adrienne says from killing Bo and Shawn.

Hope calls Bo back and tells him what Adrienne said. Bo says his suspicions were right. We see Steve hiding and spying on Bo.

Maggie’s House:

Nick is on the floor in a sleeping bag looking at Chelsea’s picture. Willow is in his bed snoring. Nick finally shoots her with some toy gun. He tells she needs to leave. She says she didn’t think he would mind her crashing at his place. He says she broke in after he gave her money for a hotel. She tells him it is cozy here. He tells her again it is time for her to go. She says first she needs time to read the paper and take a bath. He tells her to go now. Willow asks him why he is freaking out. He says because if Maggie finds her she will freak out. Willow says she is not leaving without a bath. Nick says no and she says fine she will take a shower. She says no and that it is his fault she is in the mess since he stole the brush for Chelsea. Nick says no he didn’t.

Maggie knocks and asks if he is ok. Willow hides in the bathroom. Maggie comes in. Nick tells Maggie his back hurts and she goes towards the bathroom to get him aspirin. He stops her saying there is none in there. Maggie says she knows she has some and leaves to get it. Willow comes out and again Nick says she has to leave but before he can get her out Maggie comes back. She offers to put the bottle in the bathroom and again Nick stops her by saying it is a mess in there. She doesn’t care so Nick fakes a muscle cramp to stop her. She says maybe he should stay home from work but Nick insists he has to go. Maggie leaves to make him breakfast.

Nick again tries to get Willow to leave and she won’t. Chelsea shows up. She tells him she knows he is late for work but this is important, as she has made a big decision. He tells her now is a bad time. She wonders why he is cranky. He says he has not had his coffee. She says he can cheer her up as they hear the shower come on. She tells Nick he is wasting gallons of water. She starts to go and turn it off and Nick says he can’t as his unmentionables are in there. Chelsea laughs and asks what could be more embarrassing than the boxers he is wearing.

He puts on his pants and Chelsea heads to the bathroom. Nick stops her by pretending his phone went off. He practically throws Chelsea out. Willow hears them arguing in the call. She hides under the bed when they come back in the room. She marches into the bathroom and Willow pops up from under the bed. Nick tells her to stay there. Chelsea comes back with a pink bath scrubby. She says now she knows how he keeps his skin so soft. He tells her to keep it a secret. She tells Nick she has been thinking about the two of them. She thinks they should take their relationship to the next level. They start kissing and Nick sees Willow. He tells Chelsea she has to leave. Chelsea misunderstands and storms out yelling at Nick he would have been her first. Willow crawls out from under the bed and Nick yells at her that she ruined everything. He tells her to get out.

Tinda Lau:

Steve comes into the bar. He says he heard he had family here. Steve jokes about working on his tan. Bo asks him does Kayla know he is here. He says she sent him as she thought they could use the help. Bo asks about the deprogrammer. Steve says he is the new and improved Steve. Bo asks where he got the plane. He says he got it in Guam but only has it for 24 hours so they should go look for Philip now. Bo says hold on and tells him Shawn is not going anywhere with him. Bo says he needs to know Steve is in his right mind. Shawn is upset but Steve says it is ok. Bo still wants to know about the deprogramming wondering how he could have done it in hours. Steve makes a joke about having a can of spinach. Shawn says they do not have time for this. Steve insists he just wants to help. Bo then goes to Gabby for help. He says his cell is dead and he needs to call home.

Bo reaches Hope. He tells her Shawn is ok but Philip got away with Belle and Claire and is headed for Australia. Hope is worried about Shawn. Bo tells her Steve is there. Hope tells Bo that Steve was kidnapped at the hotel. Bo says he knows it was EJ and tells Kayla to talk to Steve and see if he can be trusted. Bo says at the moment he is their best chance of rescuing Belle and Claire.

Meanwhile Steve and Shawn are discussing a plan. He says they could drop Shawn about a mile away from where Philip is and he can sneak up on him. Steve then asks Shawn about the cops needing his help to get EJ. Shawn says no one has told him anything about that. He thanks Steve. Steve says that’s what family is for and tells him he can always count on Uncle Patch.

Bo asks Gabby to distract Steve so he can talk to Shawn. Gabby says no problem. She goes to talk them and says Steve you must be exhausted. She offers him a room on the house. Steve takes her up on the offer. Gabby says maybe he will tell her one of his wild stories. Once they leave Bo talks to Shawn about Steve. Shawn won’t listen. Bo says he talked to Hope and she going to find out from Kayla what is going on. Bo says Shawn is not going anywhere with Steve till they know.

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